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    Herr D

    Jeff said something about a request to learn how to stripe a coat? Masking patterns is fairly easy, but if you don’t HAVE the pattern you want, you have to search for a close approximation and do a little ‘curve fitting’ or just play with it until you’re happy.

    In Figure 1-4, I’ve shown a selection [Tops/FemaleCoats Group2 upper 1] getting a partial treatment.
    Figure 1 is plain; figure 2 is shown with a sample of stripes–the U.S. flag from Insignia/Standard, last group, I think. In this case, I just chose transparent for a couple of the colors. Figure 4 shows some post-masking finishing ideas: sometimes you just have to cover stuff up!
    A purse or whatever makes sense in the pic can hide genuine problem areas. Insignia/Tech has some small basic shapes like the triangle I began to hide the collar stripes with.

    But wait–what about the sleeves? . . . well, sleeves never really line up, so you should probably mask an overlaid fully transparent copy of the same coat per sleeve and then mask some more insignia-shapes to make the wrinkled parts look consistent. That’s why I didn’t try to cover the whole coat at one go.

    But wait–there’s more! Why stop at plain ol’ stripes? Figures 5 and 6 show a couple of stretched items from Hair for the ambitious people out there.

    Of course, the problems I keep tackling, I’m more likely to have to mask a coat onto the U.S. flag–hmm . . . I may go try something like that . . .

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