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    So I’m basically a habitual lurker who’s finally decided to join the fun….

    I decided to start by sharing some characters I’ve created for a web comic concept that popped into my head one day and decided to set up shop. The idea is a sprawling superhero/black ops epic , basically D.C.’s “Checkmate” meets H.B.O’s “The Wire” . The main story revolves around a covert unit of the fictional G.S.O (Global Security Organization) lacking an official name(officially it does’nt even exist) it is referred to by those who have knowledge of it as “The Deck”. The operatives are a mix of spies , soldiers , former superheroes and villains and the operation utilizes a ranking system based on playing cards . The first story arc will be about the creation of a new team of “ACES” the top operatives who take on the toughest jobs. I will be using Heromachine to create the character models for an artist I am working with . Looking around the forum , there seems to be allot of knowledgeable people here when it comes to comics /writing/character creation . It would be cool to get your take on these concepts and characters,so I could tweak or drop anything that might not be working . I have a really thick skin , so feel free let loose . I only ask that you keep a couple of things in mind. (1) The characters I create are just basic models for the artist to go on so they may look kind of raw. (2) Right now this is just something we are doing to exercise our long neglected writing/drawing/web skills , we are two long time comic book fans who always wanted to create our own world and now where just going for it.
    So enough talking lets get to the art!!



    So first up is Ne’na Fatal “The Dealer” she runs the unit and acts as a liaison for G.S.O



    Next is Logan “The Joker” He is Ne’na’s enigmatic assistant.



    As the “Ace of Spades” former black ops tech genius Lucas Rook is the Aces team leader and Ne’na’s second in command.



    I like the concept, here is a concept that could go with it:
    if an operative by some fluke takes on a mission (or find that the mission changes while in progress to) over his/her grade, that would either be called a trick or a trump!


    Dionne Jinn

    Nice works you have there, son4! Good to see you around posting, welcome to the forum.



    Welcome in the forum. Nice start.


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen! Good stuff. I like the use of a hammer head as a floating tech cube.



    Cool characters, welcome to the forums.



    Welcome and fantastic start so far. The three you have up are excellent and especially Logan. I also like The Dealer, she reminds me of a cool mix of Nick Fury and Integra Van Helsing.



    Thanks for the welcoming words and the comments , I have to say that considering some of the stuff I have seen all of
    you come up with I’m am very flattered by the compliments….

    Keric – thanks for the idea man, I have been putting together a mental inventory of playing card terms and will add that
    to the list . I am planning allot of twists and turns for the story so there will be a few trump/trick missions in store.

    Atomic Punk – I’m glad you’re feeling the cube , I was kinda worried that some people wouldn’t get it , but I should have known better
    with this crowd. I will be posting more info on it and what it can do in the Writer’s thread so be looking out for that.

    Vampyrist- Not sure who Integra Van Helsing is (please don’t make me turn in my geek card) but I was
    going for a cross between Nick Fury and the Baroness from GI Joe so good call on that one.



    like your original style and your “outside the box” use of items,especially with the cube.anyway great start keep em, comin’.



    Consider it tightened. Smile



    The “Ace of Clubs” is also known as the vigilante/reality t.v. star “Strike” aka Jared Chase




    This is Jessica Milan “The Ace of Hearts” she is a pyrokinetic graffiti artist and ex supervillian


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