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    Christi S

    You continue to amaze me. The way you constructed the pose from different body parts is pretty phenomenal.

    Thanks! Thats actually more-or-less how I do most of my non-standard poses; I look for pieces that have a contour I want rather than to represent a full body part.



    I deleted most of the in-progress saves I had of Agent Parrot, but I did save the original sketch I based it on. So here’s at least a little look at how it changed.

    The original name for the character was going to be Agent Boa, but I wasn’t satisfied with my attempts at making a snake headdress, so she became a parrot.




    So here’s a breakdowh of how Agent Albatross was made.


    Started out trying to make a completely different character, a charismatic pacifist who had lost her arms.

    Stole her boots from this… vampire pirate guy, whatever his deal is.

    Could not make the pose work as well as I hoped, so I started reworking the design into a sailor type. Rather than her arms, she had lost a leg.


    The pose still wasn’t quite right and didn’t seem balanced. So I tweaked the angles and swapped her legs.

    Once I got the pose like I wanted it, I started working on the colors and the background.

    The stars needed some work. I added twinkling to cover up the biggest ones, which looked a little out of place. I also added several gradients to break the monotony and create a rather pretty view of space.


    Started working on the shading, one item at a time. Breaking the process into smaller pieces like that helped my sanity.

    Once the shading was done, I saved the image and immediately closed the window so I wouldn’t be tempted to make further tweaks or changes.



    CantDraw’s post disappeared? It says he made the latest post in this thread, but I can’t see anything. Weird.

    Here’s a little picture series about my Heromachine ogre design was made.

    Started with the body. It’s important to get the ogre’s body type right! Only a coward would make an ogre who is not big and fat and strong.

    Arranged the ogre into a sitting pose. Like herding cats. Also gave him some fabulous hair.

    Gave this guy some body hair (you gotta give ogres some body hair, regardless of gender, else why are you even making an ogre?), some fantastic accessories and even some clothes for taste. Also started color-coding the pieces for later.

    Gave this boy an axe and pinkish hue. Ogres are fantasy creatures, make them look fantastical.

    Removed the masking lines and made a campfire, some other adjustments. One major thing I did was changing the line colors for all items slightly, away from black and into slightly brighter territory. This gives the whole design a slightly softer feel.

    Removed the pointless ankle guards and changed his hand position to emphasize his philosophical side. This dude is just a regular everyday normal ogre who likes talking and looking fabulous, not a warchief or anything. Sure, he’s got an axe, but it’s more of an accessory. If he wanted you dead, he’d just just eat your head.


    Gave him a chest guard like the other ogre had. It’s neat and practical and you can hang pouches from it. Also, it makes him look a little less naked.

    Made a background. It’s just you and him, talking in his cave. Super romantic.

    <p style=”margin: 0px; font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, HelveticaNeue, Arial, sans-serif;”>Started working on the shading. The outside world needs to look really murky since it’s nighttime and it’s far out of focus.</p>

    The fire shines really brightly on his body, so the shading’s got to reflect that, pun intended.

    Here’s the final piece again. Added some big gradients to make the rest of the cave darker and the area around the fire a lot brighter.



    So here the plan for part 9/10 of The Le Mort Files.

    It’s a multiparter, hopefully with a back ground.

    From the view of Dominic while Emilie  and  Nicolella kick open the door to find the villain.
    And some text, but that might be part 9 with this bit of Nicolella joining our duo.

    and this part of things being discovered, and evil magics at work.

    So the multiparter, on the left is Officer Alexopoulou, in blue and grey tiger strip camo.

    but i’m trying to keep the central chest rig of ammo and militarized look to her.

    Now as this is Progress of a design, i’ll admit that i raided this off printest.

    Center, is well someone or some thing, im not sure yet.
    But she bad news, the severed heart and skull belt might be a hint, and she’s color coordinated.

    And right is the titular protagonist, Miss Emilie Le Mort, well her back side.
    Probably going to put a car in front of her legs, maybe some more work on the jacket.


    So that’s the plan, subject to change and laziness.




    Finally done it.



    Once again, I go over the progress of a design. This time, we’re looking at the Mountain Climber.

    Started out with an idea of a character climbing some tall object with the help of a rope.



    Worked in a background, shifted from a forest to the mountains, tried to keep the clothing as basic as possible to avoid headaches if I had to change the pose or something. Color-coded everything so that I can see which items are part of which larger piece.



    Came to the conclusion that the rope didn’t look quite right, it needed to be more taut.



    Decided to change from the old rope-around-the-waist to a more modern climbing harness. Took a look at some online references and made a simple approximation of a climbing harness. Added fingerless gloves and a stubble, because this guy is just fundamentally obnoxious. Started assigning the base colors.



    Added all kinds of minor details: the clouds, birds, houses, sweater logo, hammer, drinking bottle, shoe spikes, glasses…



    Changed the line colors of each item from black to some lighter color to give the whole image a brighter look like it was being blasted with mountain sunshine. Started with the shading process from the background.



    Once the background was shaded, moved onto the sweater, since it’s the next-largest item in the image. Continued like that with the rest of the pieces.



    Finalized the image by shading the face. Made some minor tweaks and additions throughout the process.



    There you go! I hope this was either useful or entertaining to you.



    Well this one was more a copy

    pintest source



    I based the gun pose off this image, one the actress Traci Lords, promotional picture from
    Intent to Kill (1992)



    and this

    To this



    And here’s what some more work and a background does for the finished picture.



    While i should post what i’m working on really.



    Pose idea




    Theme touches.



    An here the finished work.



    Well heres my entry to the 3 item challange an where it came from.


    Ruffed top and corset that was the basic image,  adding the chains staps  should give some more contrast to shirt.


    Herr D

    I am actually baffled. Where IS the American flag? You might win this by default anyway, but, yeah–I can’t find it.

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