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    This isn’t really a contest, per se., but I figured this was the best place.

    The idea is simply to share pictures from your designs from before they were finished, so that we can see the work that went into them, and understand how you made them.

    I’ll show mine, you show yours!



    Started with the face, wanted to get it right.

    Continued with boots, I knew I wasn’t satisfied with any of the boots in the Footwear section, scavenged these from a Companion.

    Started working upwards with the clothing and the armor.

    Once I got the clothing and pose the way I wanted, I color-coded the different items so I knew roughly which pieces would get similar colors. This helps me get an idea of the work ahead.

    Finalized the colors and tweaked the design a little, narrowing the shoulders, etc.

    The final result, after adding shading and some other minor tweaks.



    I’m looking forward to seeing how you do things.



    The first thing i do is put down an anchor body, the first part you put down will always be in the centrer of the frame.
    It is where every thing re centres to, both on export, if you move the view or when you reset movement.
    So put down a part body you’re not going to use and give it a bright pink out line.

    Here we have what i mean, i want to add in a second person to this pic.

    Now i could just try and put them in, but working with them so far out of shot is difficult, so lets move him over.

    The pink torso has to stay in the center but we can move the other parts, one at time over to the red body, the blue is where the second person goes.

    And here he is in his new home, now on to blue lady.
    I like to work in the centre and have an uncluttered view, so the next step is to screen off the rest with a big square from background and create another body.

    So theres not much to see but here she is.

    Shuffled over and cleaned up.



    Since my newest design, Petrus Holt is physically identical to his brother Nicodemus, I could use my earlier design as a base.


    After a shave and a haircut and a diet, I started working on Petrus’s outfit. I borrowed boots from this nice pirate lady.

    Once the aspects started coming together, I color-coded the parts so I could easily see which parts belonged together.

    My first attempt at coloring him didn’t work so well. A bright purple like this is not a Warhammer 40k color at all. I also gave him armored trousers to show he’s wearing armor underneath all this high fashion.

    After I felt I had a good color scheme, I started working on the shading and making some last-minute tweaks (like his nose).

    More shading…

    And the final version, with an added collar, power cord for his hellpistol, and a tweaked color scheme for the boots and the armor.


    I think it turned out pretty good. I’d still like to see how your works progress from start to finish.



    Yep it’s new art and heres how it was made in a dozen crappy print screen pics.
    The first and most important step is as Sveirj’s a viking is to put on some  Amon Amarth.


    As i’ve said before i like to put all my masking behind a big back ground.

    The robot body go’s to the back and a human body head and face is put on the front.

    The feet come next, you’ll note that there off set with one foot being forwards.

    Weapons come next but will be moved for better fit later, the purple box is for masking.

    Weapons fitted and a hand added.

    Basic out line of here armour, this is going to have mail masked to it, hence the blue out lines.

    Now some Hair.

    Added the shoulder of her cloak and the start of her mail face cover.

    Helmet Spectacle

    And the Helmet.

    The Helemt’s plume.

    Cloak time.

    The bottom of her mail.

    All three parts in and ordered.

    Start of the trousers

    Centrer part

    And masked in place.

    Boot details.

    Used hammer parts for thors hammer.

    Belt to keep her cloak on.

    And one for her sword scabbard.

    Decided on just useing eyes.

    mask on face tattoos.

    Helmet’s had Spectacles not sunglasses.

    A bit of colour and reordered and i hace to do some more work.

    A change of face veil

    masked another pair of head in front of the hair.

    Some work on the sword.

    more colouring, note that the boots are different shades.

    Wings added to the helmet.

    Masked on male mail to each part, some parts are shaded darker.

    Now on the the shield.

    With the rivets covered up and an emblem we are done.

    Ok there’s still no background or shadowing but it’s done for now.



    Christi S

    I’ve had my eye on this thread for a while; actually picked up some good tips from yall!

    So, seeins I finally have a piece I saved frequently enough to SHOW my progress, thought I’d do a post!

    Started off with the base pose, using insignia shapes to mask a couple items:

    Then added clothes/accessories/details, using a LOT of masking:

    Next I colored Everything:

    Then added gradient patterns:

    Added shading and highlights:

    For finished product: hid the masking shapes and finished the scene with a couple accessories and a shadow.



    @Christi S- That is amazing perspective work. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen perspective that good on Heromachine.


    Christi S

    @JR19759: TY! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a piece from this angle for a min; ended up using reference pics which I linked here:


    Christi S


    The very first thing I did was find a good reference photo for the kind of pose I wanted to do:

    TO start off, I got all of the elements positioned in the right location and on the right layer (for the most part).

    Then I cleaned up the pose by masking onto insignia shapes.

    For a more 3D coloring effect, a positioned gradient backgrounds over their costumes, using the line details of the body items to help figure out placement.

    Then I colored in the pose pieces with the darkest color of the gradient circles they were behind (all one color; primary, secondary, and line color) and made some of the colors for some of the gradients transparent, so they’d blend together better.

    Repeated the previous two steps for the rest of the coloring, except I actually masked the gradients on here to keep the shape of the heads as well as show hair details. Didn’t like the way the hair was looking on the man (tried several colors/transparencies) so I just made it entirely invisible and added a pattern to act as his hair.

    To finish the piece, I added some highlighting and shading to their faces as well as patterns on their costumes and the woman’s hair. Then I hid the masking shapes, added a background, and called it good to go! For now least, might tinker with it more later.



    Made a little more progress, as in her husband his turned up and there’s a background.



    This shows the progress of the Veiakere design.

    I started with the pose, moved on to the armor and the sword, then the colors, then the shadows, then the highlights, then any additional tweaks I had. That’s about it!



    Here’s how Anchor was made.


    Started out with an angled pose

    It didn’t work, at all, so I threw it in the trash. Just too difficult to find the right parts and adjust the clothing to fit the pose. So, switched to a symmetrical forward-facing pose.

    Added the tail of the coat. Found out that the color scheme makes the coat, the sleeves and the hair a bit difficult to figure out.

    Finished the clothing and figured out a close enough color scheme.

    Tweaked things all around and added shading.

    The pose still seemed off, the foreshortening wasn’t quite right. I decided to make the pose a little less extreme in order to fix his anatomy.


    And here we are! What we learned: You might end up scrapping all your work and starting over at some point, but it can be for the best.



    A breakdown of the different parts in Anchor’s coat.

    The yellow part is the tail of the coat, simply a cloak from the Backplane section. The red parts were used to make the back of the coat, or the “hump”. The teal parts are the front of the coat. The blue parts are the shoulder pads (they helped hide how badly the parts fit together!). The  pink bits were used for the collar. The green ones are the sleeves (the bent elbows can be pretty tricky to get right).


    Christi S

    “Agent Couture”

    Did the basic pose first, masking onto insignia shapes where needed.

    Then did the same to add accessories/details/clothes/etc.

    Next I hid the insignia shapes and did the base color for everything.

    To finish the character herself, I used gradient background items to add highlighting/shading.

    Repeated the first four steps on making her gadgets.

    For the finished product, I added text from the fonts category, graph-directs made of insignia shapes, and colored/patterned the background.


    Christi S

    “Robin Who?”

    First off, reference photo:

    Next, got all the items for the pose positioned on more-or-less the right spot and layer.

    Then cleaned up the pose by masking onto insignia shapes and adjusting position/layer where needed.

    Gave him a base skin color, hid the masking shapes, cleaned up linework I didn’t like by hiding it behind solid-colored insignia shapes, and added a little detailing here and there.

    Added tattoos, shorts, hair, and accessories, mostly by masking directly onto the body pieces. But a few were just placed over or masked onto insignia shapes again.

    Filled in the rest of the elements with their base color schemes and once again cleaned up the image by hiding the insignias used for masking.

    Highlighted/shaded with gradient background items.

    Threw up a simple background n called it good!



    You continue to amaze me. The way you constructed the pose from different body parts is pretty phenomenal.

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