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    Hi there everyone! Since I only made myself known in the UGO-forums I just thought I’d present some of my pics in this forum.

    I’d be happy to here your comments about them, praise is as welcome as criticism.

    Recently I had way too much to do at work to be really productive, but I hope to be able to post newer stuff in the future.




    Welcome aboard Nathanyael. I remember your Myriam pictures from the Ugo forum.



    Hi Myro, yes I remember your work, too. Cool kinda down to earth characters, I like the “look and feel” and story about them…

    I’m a little embarrassed to present nothing new but my old ones… Embarassed

    So I hope you don’t mind. By the way… are here the same guys present as in the UGO-forums?



    i just love the sorcery one!



    Your Myriam work was always fantastic, my favorite of course being the Fire Elemental duel and the Faun in the forest. Great lighting on the latter. It’s good to see another of us old UGOians heading to the new frontier. Glad to see you over here.



    Hey FRM, thanks for the compliment…

    And HELLO to Vampyrist, another fellow UGOrian!!!

    Oh my god, when I think about the “Making Of” of the “Sorcery”-shot I’m getting goosebumps all over… I don’t know how many hours I put into this… this picture has so many layers in it my machine starts to freeze up when I try to change something…

    Seems I have lost a little bit of my creative drive over all the normal work I had in my real life the last few months…

    But when my RPG campaigns all start rolling again I hope my muses will arrive and give me tons of new ideas…

    ‘Til that time I’m willing to be inspired by your continual artistical efforts!!! So KEEP UP HM’ing!!!!

    P.S.: Just for all those who are not familiar with my work so far, I post some other old shots of mine…



    Great to see you over here! I’ve always liked your Myriam pictures, especially the duel one.



    Hello there Nathanyael in this forum.



    Welcome to the forums.


    Welcome back Nathanyael.



    Hi to all of you!!! I’m just working on a new shot… hope to finish it ’til next week… Laugh



    So now – just to get in the mood – another shot of Myriam… this time in a rather desperate situation…

    In this shot I just wanted to experiment with a posture where you see the characters from behind.

    For now it’s finished… but after looking at it for a while I think I should change something about the lightning… although I wanted to create a dense, dark & “smokey” feel about it…

    So here it is…



    Well done. Kind of creepy.



    Good stuff – I realised I’d seen your stuff before when I saw the bath image!

    The prison image is very well done. These low-light images are tricky in HM (still working on some myself!). The challenge is that you want the female figure to be shaded and murky, but she still needs to be catching our attention. I would suggest lowering the level on the torch light and moving it quite a bit to the left, as it’s probably more prominent than it needs to be. You can then do some shading work on Myriam and the monster to make the scene look like it’s being lit from that side (highlights and lowlights!).

    Hope that’s not too much advice… looking forward to seeing the next one.



    Hi fuzztone! Thanx for your advice, i really appreciated some of it and went straight to work… I like the end result MUCHO better in regard to the the overall light efx!!!

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