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    Kunoichi is just awesome !love the colorwork and your kimono accents are so realistic.Nice work!Smile


    Thanks Scatman! I have to give credit where credit’s due though, your color work has inspired to try and up my game when it comes to colors Smile


    Here’s a slight upgrade of my Agent Viperess character. Truthfully I was perfectly satisfied with my previous version, mainly I was just trying to experiment with shading and simply decided to use her as the lab rat.

    Agent Viperess v2


    The shading on Viperess is pretty good. Only the one on her stomach doesn’t really fit, I think you should have made that shape a little bit wider. But otherwise you did a tremendous job.


    I was actually thinking the same about the stomach. I’ll probably try and tweak it a little.



    Kunoichi is b’dazz! Smile


    Thanks Legatus Smile

    Just some more oldies

    Porcelain Face

    Hell’s Executioner



    I dig Viperess’s design. I especially like the choice of the glowing around her belt.

    As for another possible nitpicky tweak, with how big her bust is, the strap going from the shoulderpiece to the hip looks like it’s just “there” to me. It’s probably a combination of it being more or less one tone and the slight give between it and her side. In my personal experience, in order to hold the shoulderpiece to her body, it would fit somewhat to the curves to her body. It doesn’t have to look skintight (in fact it probably shouldn’t, since it’s not spandex!), but if it starts toward the top of the breast, it’s going to curve to the body a bit.

    Alternatively, you could bring her bust size down a little bit, and that would probably do the trick too.


    Thanks for the critique Shiboreth, I really appreciate it. Actually I was thinking about shrinking her bust a tad to give her a more sleek look. I was also thinking of using a different strap for the shoulder piece altogether. The one I used was ment to give her a slight “ninja-ish” feel but the more I look at it, it more it doesn’t fit the with the rest of the character in my eyes.



    Makes sense! I guess what might fit as far as the body shape goes might depend on whether you want it to look like the red “skin” is actually skin or if it’s an outfit. What you’re using, in my eyes, gives more “skin” visual signals because of how exactly it fits the breasts. I know that when rendering the female body, comic books and other visual mediums will do things like that as an outfit, but as a woman who is for better or worse somewhat plentiful in the chest area, I can say that wearing a costume THAT skintight would be an experience in misery. Let’s just say, things would be bouncing. A lot. That hurts.

    This is my personal opinion, though, and it’s up to you what direction you want to take.

    Now that you mention it I also see what you mean about the look of the sash. I’m excited to see what you do with it!


    Haven’t been around in awhile. Anyway nothing new. Just an upgrade of my Princess Heavenwing character. Wasn’t satisfied with her wings the fist time around so I tried to make them look like they’re shining/glowing to give her more of an angelic feel. I also tweaked the colors a tad. Hope you guys like.

    Princess Heavenwing V2



    Sweet, the cloud city is awesome.


    I’m not sure if I’m breaking the copyright rules posting these ones. They are original characters based on a fan fiction I was writing a few years ago based on a certain sci-fi movie but never finished. If posting these are against the rules, mods please delete. Anyway here they are.

    Space Nomad

    Dark Cultist

    Dark Royal Knight

    I may try to write some bios fore these guys.


    @Hammerknight said:

    Sweet, the cloud city is awesome.

    Thanks Hammerknight!


    Just and update of the Space Nomad character and a new villain.

    Space Nomad V2

    Space Warlord

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