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    Good to see you back dude. It’s been way too long.



    It really has been too long. Feels good to create again. Here’s my next piece.
    This one took me quite a while because i had to make the bull head from scratch, meaning i used the shapes from backgrounds and slowly modeled the head and then using brows i added the details to the face, the horns etc.
    Same with the shoulder piece, the gauntlet,the belt and the nose ring.
    I think it ended up ok.

    Little bit of background story:

    The Minotaur managed to break out of his restraints, chains still bound to him and brought down the executioner mere moments from ending him. Now wielding the axe that was to end his life, he trudges through the sewers of the prison in search for a way out. Foes may wish to stay out of his way, for his wrath knows no limits.


    Herr D

    Uh, yeah, he can have the sewer ALLLL-LLLLLL to himself. It smells better out here anyway. Nice work. I’d love to see your Ice Mage and Minotaur fight. Who doesn’t like an extra side of beef in their freezer?



    Thank you!

    As much as i prefer brute force over magic, I think that Ice Mage would be able to take down the Minotaur very easily.

    Anyways, here is my next piece:



    Damn man… the perspective in both of these images are astounding. It really feels like she’s standing in a room!

    Gotta hand it to you for those color combinations too!



    Thank you! I originally had something else in mind for the background but in the end it turned out to be a bit more difficult than i imagined.

    Here is my next work:

    Heka, the undead guardian of the desert.

    Heka is said to protect the desert from trespassers. There have been many rumors as to why he protects the desert. The most popular one being that an ancient temple is hidden under the sands, where past inhabitants used to offer many treasures to the Gods. Only one person has survived the desert and lived long enough to warn others of his encounter with what he called, the Scarab of the Sandstorm.

    It is said that if you are out in the desert and you’re suddenly engulfed by a sandstorm, Heka, Scarab of the Sandstorm, is coming for you . Nobody knows the true identity of Heka, nor why he eternally protects the desert.



    Felt like making another one today.

    The Sinner

    No story for this one. It’s just an image that i had in my head for a while and really wanted to make.



    This next one is my attempt at a heroic knight.

    Mythas, the knight that rules the skies. He commands the sun and brings light to all living beings. But, he is in an eternal conflict with his nemesis and counterpart Selene, which has power over the moon and all evil beings that thrive in the dark. It is said that when the sun is suddenly covered by the clouds and it storms, that Mythas and Selene are fighting each other. But for what purpose, no one knows.

    The lightning comes from Mythas’ sword, which has a mind of it’s own and lives to serve him until the end of times. The thunder is said to be Mythas himself, produced either by his powerful strikes or his fierce battle cries.




    Kehadyr is said to be nothing less than a bloodthirsty animal. Able to shrug off the most devastating of blows and retaliate with an even more devastating attack than that of his enemy. He has become such a threat that not even the most skilled bounty hunters in all the lands could bring him down. Not even entire armies were able to cut him down and all that is left of them are their lifeless, barely recognizable bodies.



    Really like your work, excellent at making the backgrounds feel atmospheric and immersive, and great character detail.



    I agree with Speedforce, your work has really great atmosphere.



    Thank you guys! And sorry for responding 3 months later. lol

    But i’m back with another one.

    The Wendigo

    The Wendigo, was said to roam the frozen landscapes of an unknown, ancient land. It is said that it’s hunger was insatiable, killing hundreds of animals and people throughout an entire day, only to come back for more mere seconds later. Some say that it is a mindless creature, that only knows to kill and eat. However, some hunters who have survived their encounter with the creature, have said that they were lured in by The Wendigo when they got lost during a blizzard, by it mimicking the light of a fire. When the hunters approached what they thought might be a survivor near a campfire, they were only met by the glowing, terrifying eyes of The Wendigo.





    Lady Amaranth

    Love your environmental lighting. Minotaur and Moon Guardian are some of my favorite examples of this.



    @ Lady Amaranth : Thank you for the kind words.

    @ ams: Ice see what you did there……..i’m so sorry…

    Anyways, here’s the next one.

    The Screamer, a type of infected that alerts the hordes when they spot a survivor.

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    And a little “behind the scenes” :

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