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    Herr D

    Mmmm–Foxtress’ knife in her hand should be between her fingers. In that pose you might not need to mask if it’s positioned perfectly? Good matching arcs from glove to boots on Dynafox. You might match it even closer by masking part of a second black curve to the appropriate place on each glove cuff.



    Princess Serpentina looks like she means business. Nice designs, bro!



    @Herr I was thinking about that actually! I was trying to figure out a way to position the knife in accordance as to how she’d actually would throw it, but it makes more sense to display it between the fingers for a display sort of like!

    @Vector Thanks for the awesome comment dude!



    I’ve never really done more than one hero to a creation, but I do like how this one turned out! I didn’t want to highlight nor shade it because it just gives it a cartoonish look I was going for. I present to you all, the duo of The Foxtress and Dynafox! The power couple of the Elementals, they are stronger together with their ways of fighting. I think I may focus more on The Foxtress and Dynafox when it comes to the story development because just from judging from my creation I could definitely build a story from it. Haven’t seen that many couple heroes here on HM, so I’d thought I’d take more of a different route. As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated! Thanks!

    The Foxtress and Dynafox



    @mattisagamer said:

    Figured that be the route to go. xD It’s nice to have an awesome community that can give great feedback and advice. It’s a great way to express imagination and creations with other people with the same interests!

    I just thought I’d leave this number here just to include in my portfolio of art. The Angels of Vindication. I entered it in one of the contests hosted on here and it isn’t my best, but I hope to integrate it into my story arc of the Elementals! Any feedback and criticism is always appreciated!

    The Angels of Vindiciation: A Single Angel

    Today was a slow day for me today. It’s not my best, but it’s something I manage to conjure up with my imagination. Give or take an hour or so. I would like to introduce the newest villain I’ve created, dubbed by the feared name: Dogma! In league with the Angels of Vindication, Dogma is an ex war-mechanic turned rogue. Using his knowledge of mechs and parts, he has pieced together his own suit of armor with an extending outer of protection, giving him a Quadruple Bladed advantage in battle. Known for his affiliation with the Order of the Fox (the Order that The Foxtress and Dynafox are apart of), he dons the Mask of Allegiance in great disgrace against the Order that took away everything he once held dear. As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated. Thanks!




    Really liking Dogma, if you make him again try changing up the reds, it could make him “pop” more…Laugh



    Thanks Keric! I might just go back and do that! Time is a bit scarce to find (as I posted in the contest). I’ll do it as soon as I can! Thanks!



    Welp, it’s been awhile! Haven’t had much free time to work on HM Creations. But even when I do… I can’t think of anything. Every time I would go on to work on something, I’d just stop in the middle of it, hit clear and start over. I don’t know, maybe I don’t have the drive or confidence to finish anymore pieces. Any ideas I could work on? I could use some help. Thanks everybody.



    @mattisagamer said:

    Welp, it’s been awhile! Haven’t had much free time to work on HM Creations. But even when I do… I can’t think of anything. Every time I would go on to work on something, I’d just stop in the middle of it, hit clear and start over. I don’t know, maybe I don’t have the drive or confidence to finish anymore pieces. Any ideas I could work on? I could use some help. Thanks everybody.

    You could always take a stab at Friday Night Fights! Go to the blog page to find the post on it and read up on the rules of the contest!



    @Kaldath said:

    @mattisagamer said:

    Welp, it’s been awhile! Haven’t had much free time to work on HM Creations. But even when I do… I can’t think of anything. Every time I would go on to work on something, I’d just stop in the middle of it, hit clear and start over. I don’t know, maybe I don’t have the drive or confidence to finish anymore pieces. Any ideas I could work on? I could use some help. Thanks everybody.

    You could always take a stab at Friday Night Fights! Go to the blog page to find the post on it and read up on the rules of the contest!

    Thanks Kaldath! I’ll be sure to check those out. :D



    Welp, the imagination train has been down for quite sometime. I actually went to a character idea generator. This is what I got back:

    “This secretive ninja is tall and has a masculine build. He has no skin. His deep-set eyes are violet. He has teal hair worn in a style that resembles a flame. He uses a weird form of martial arts that emphasizes knocking one’s opponent out and using punches. His preferred weapons are axes. He is skilled in juggling and lockpicking.”

    I actually like this generator thing. Yes, generator thing. It helps whenever I can’t think of something! When I thought about it, if he has “no skin” he could be a spirit or soul projection. I turned my character into a sort of ghost like ninja, but still has the physical characteristics of a human being. I drew some imagination from characters like Ryu Hayabusa and the ninja from Mark of the Ninja into the idea of my new character, Astral. Being an apparition, he can’t be stopped by physical attacks. Only other forms of combat can stop him, and with little to no information on how, he is virtually unstoppable. For now at least. I used a Tyrian purple for the eyes and a teal blue for the armor. I do like the Hex Code option. Definitely brings those colors that aren’t in the pre-sets to life! I think I might build form this character more to get back into the gist of machining. It’s been too long, so it isn’t my greatest, but I’m working! As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated! Thanks!




    So I convinced my girlfriend to a do an HM creation and this is what turned out!


    She has never attempted it before and when I saw it, I was, yes I’m going to use this word, flabbergasted. Granted, she is an artist… But she picked it up like it was easy as pie! In the picture, she created us as if we were superheroes. Except I’m not that buff haha. Maybe you could guys could give some feedback and I can tell her about it? Thanks! :D


    Herr D

    Astral’s cool, good story too. I would think the hair should be translucent too? Not as much as the skin, since it’s darker.

    Girlfriend’s scene: Which media are she used to? Good translation of skill. Smile I think the red clouds would look better translucent. Great work on the background otherwise. I would suggest a translucent Insignia Tech circle on her left forearm to make it look more natural. The male’s nocking hand and top could both use some masking practice. There’s a tutorial on here somewhere for making a top in two pieces to go with the 3/4-face torso. Great beginning.



    Thanks for the kind comments Herr! She’s an all around artist, but never worked with digital art! Thanks again.

    Also, here’s a revamped version of Astral if you’d like to take a look. I definitely did one too many highlights. xD As always, feedback and criticism is always appreciated! Thanks!

    Astral Revamped



    I have spent the last two weeks working on a new project that I think you all might like! I’m a big Mass Effect and Star Wars fan, so this idea came from those franchises! Well, they were mostly inspired by them. I hope you all enjoy! The story is some what explained in the first Dossier!

    Captain Mathias “Maverick” Valentyne

    Captain Mathias “Maverick” Valentyne (Dossier/Intro)
    Age: 28
    Height: 6’0″
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Blood Type: A+
    Iris: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Ethnicity: Asian American
    DOB: 5/27/2075

    -Master Marksman
    -Master Swordsman
    -Expert H2H Combatant
    -Negotiator/Political Consultant
    -Vyper Shields User
    -Unity Soldier
    -Captain of Valiance

    Captain Mathias “Maverick” Valentyne was born and raised in Washington DC in 2075. The son of a government diplomat and stock broker, he had political and economical standards of background throughout the majority of his childhood, making him an effective negotiator. During the Serenity Era of Earth, Valentyne enlisted in Unity at the age of 18 to be ready on reserves. Nearly two years later, the Infinity War began, marking humanity’s end. From the Infinity War, humans learned the technology of Time Manipulation to revert the Earth backwards in time at short increments to distance from the Xaidan Armada from Krajesh, an alien hybrid on a ruthless genocide of all races in the universe. The Earth manages to revert time fast enough to avoid the Xaidan Armada, but not fast enough. Valentyne served bravely, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in the Siege of Mars, Battle of London and the Defending of DC in the ongoing Infinity War.

    A master marksman and swordsman, Valentyne has trained under Jerry Jenson, an “Old Time” Veteran of the original USMC before it was combined with all other armed forces to establish Unity, humanity’s last effort to preserve peace and prevent chaos of the relationships between humans and aliens. With the formation of Unity, the Serenity Era began and lasted from 2047-2093. Humanity worked together to build relations with aliens that they have reached out to; with the advancement of space tech, humans were able to manipulate the environment in space to jump from one galaxy to the next. This form of manipulation would be enhanced with Time as a voyage that would take year would change to one minute, allowing for greater interactions with life forms bigger than humanity itself.

    During the Infinity War, many weapon corporations broke out to provide weapons and technology to Unity’s soldiers. The most effective (and controversial) company is Vyper Intelligence and their development of Vyper Shields. These shields were designed for protection and offense, serving the user as a barrier or weapon. However, many ethical violations were broken in testing prototypes of the Vyper Shield; to be a user, a person’s neural cortex is tapped and changed around to allow the pulsating energy of the implant to access the processes of the brain. Many failures have lead to protests against Vyper Intelligence, but was entirely perfected with one young, but willing soldier: Edwin Royce, best friend to Valentyne. Both soldiers were apart of the few successes of Vyper Shields before it was released to Unity; both are well adept with controlling the tech, but experience episodes of psychological disconnection.

    During the early theaters of the Infinity War, Valentyne was quickly promoted to Captain at the age of 24. By 28, he was commissioned to head Unity’s Lead Warship: Valiance. Valentyne was to travel and spread word for the need of galactic aid to defeat the Xaidan Armada, taking him to present day today.

    First Lieutenant Edwin Royce

    First Lieutenant Edwin “Savage” Royce (Dossier)
    Age: 28
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 235 lbs
    Blood Type: O
    Iris: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    DOB: 1/30/2076

    -Expert Marksman
    -Master H2H Combatant
    -Vyper Shield Champion
    -Guitarist/Comic Relief
    -Unity Soldier
    -Second in Command of Valiance

    First Lieutenant Edwin “Savage” Royce is Valiance’s Second in Command and best friends with Valentyne. Born in 2076, he was raised by a entrepreneur and hair dresser. Joined Unity at the same.Time as Valentyne, but lied on his age report. The first successful “Human Vyper”, he has gained commercial notoriety amongst humanity. An example of the “super soldier”, many look to Royce as the future of all Unity Officers. Little does anyone know he will play a greater roll than soldier in the Infinity War.

    As a hobby, Royce plays guitar and entertains the crew of Valiance with jokes and humor to keep morale high. Though highly popular and respected, he had yet to keep a stable, intimate relationship with a female companion. Valentyne uses this to mess with Royce to pump him before missions, typically saying “You’ll find a woman one day. Just try not to run her down”.

    Time Manipulator Rosslyn Odessa

    Time Manipulator Rosslyn Odessa (Dossier)
    Age: 27
    Height 5’9″
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Blood Type: B-
    Iris: Hazel
    Hair: Black (Natural), Dark blue (Dyed)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    DOB: 2/23/2077

    -Adept Marksman
    -Intermediate H2H Combatant
    -Time Manipulator
    -Unity Sentinel
    -Chef/TM Ward on Valiance

    Time Manipulator Rosslyn Odessa is one of Unity’s finest time manipulators and love interest of Valentyne. Born in 2077 to a White Collar Criminal and Money Launderer, her acceptance into Unity was processed longer than normal due to her family business. Though not associated with her parents, she is kept on constant watch to note any suspicious activity. A Time Manipulator, she is able to fragment herself through time and sneak past enemy defenses at the same time slow time down for a short period. She met Valentyne at the beginning of the Infinity War in the 44th Infantry Unit while stationed in London. Valentyne daringly rescued Odessa from a burning building along with 12 other soldiers, earning notoriety towards his Medal of Honor.

    An amazing cook, she and Old Timer prepare food for the crew of Valiance everyday. Not a single stomach goes empty when she cooks, preparing large amounts for several days and even gives some away to the human colonies across the galaxies. A caring heart, Valentyne cares about her the most on Valiance.

    Master-at-Arms Jerry “Old Timer” Jensen

    Master-at-Arms Jerry “Old Timer” Jensen
    Age: 55
    Height: 6’5″
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Blood Type: A-
    Iris: Blue
    Hair: None
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    DOB: 4/14/2048

    -Champion Marksman
    -Expert Swordsman
    -Anti-Vyper Supporter
    -Unity Consultant
    -Master-at-Arms on Valiance

    Master-at-Arms Jerry “Old Timer” Jensen is the oldest member of Valiance, hence being nick named Old Timer. A former USMC Marine, he served through the second Korean War and as a speaker for Alien Rights. Being Master-at-Arms, he keeps the crew updated with Unity protocol and procedure. Valentyne’s former trainer, he invited Old Timer to help train the newer Unity Soldiers. Valentyne also sees OT as a father figure since his biological father was never around, being away on diplomatic duties.

    Cecelia Queensblade

    Cecelia Queensblade (Dossier)
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 160 lbs (Mainly due to Cannon Arm)
    Blood Type: C-Neutral
    Iris: Hazel
    Hair: Brown (natural), Red (dyed)
    Ethnicity/Race: Cybersian
    DOB: 8/29/2081

    -Expert Cannonist
    -Adept H2H Combatant
    -Time Manipulator
    -Valiance Crew Member Priority

    Cecelia Queensblade was one of the first “Off Earth” births humans, living a life of seclusion and solidarity with 11 other members as apart of the Mission: Colonize Mars. She was 12 at the beginning of the Infinity War when the Xaidans attacked Mars. The last remaining survivor of her colony, she fled the scene in her family’s compact shuttle to an abandoned space station facility. Sustaining a devastating infliction in her left arm, she was in need of dire of help. She passed out in the med bay of the station, only to awaken nanobots have entered her body and began to repair herself. This space project was to design a new race of beings: The Cybersians, a cybernetic race of humans combined with nanotechnology to create the “Repairable Human”. The project was shut down at the inception of Unity and was never looked back on She has lived there for the majority of her life, waiting on that someone to rescue her from her confinement.

    Junior Engineer Mechanic Joseph Jester

    Age: 16
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 112
    Blood Type: AB-
    Iris: Green
    Hair: Blonde
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    DOB: 3/28/2089

    -Genius Engineer and Mechanic
    -Unity Engineer

    Junior Engineer Mechanic Joseph Jester was offered a place at the Smithsonian College of Innovator, but turned it down to pursue a military career at a young age. At the age of 8, Jester pieced together an RC car from scratch that could fly, fire a 9mm Pistol and become invisible when directed. This would eventually become to be known as the Jesterbot after Unity took on the project to produce it for the military. At age 16, he was admitted as a Unity Engineer, assigned to the Valiance. Though he may be the youngest on board, he is definitely the youngest, intelligent mind Unity has to offer.

    I have some Aliens I have also created that I will post tomorrow! As always, criticism and feedback is always appreciated! Thanks! :D

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