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    I think this little tutorial help everyone how start to think outside of the box and made a cool hand pose not more than 5 min.

    1. Use this type of hand

    2. Use this type of glass upper a layer on the hand

    3. Choose a head and resize like the thumb size what we cover for the glass

    4. Give more head to imitate the fingers.

    5. Coloring (Everyone use that own method)

    6. Transparency the glass color (i use 40% off transparency and very lighter greys.)

    7. Use the half circle insignia (try to reach this form)

    8. Masked on the glasses and give a circle insignia to the picture and coloring all to dark red with the darkerst red outline

    9. Move the circle insignia to the center of the glass

    10. Give another circle insignia and move to the top of the glass and give 2 transparent white and the glass color outline color.

    11. Give this type of insignia in the bottom of the glass to make the “glass plate” (i use translator)

    After we finish and here is the hand what take the glass of wine. Not a hard to make it.

    And a little p.s. Not suffer to thanks something if you use it. THANKS



    That’s great. Sometimes I can figure out what you have done on my own, but it is nice to see your step-by-step thought process. Thank you.



    So how did you do that rubber effect with latex tutorial?

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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