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    Great job! I liked the way you used color to transition the moods with the changes in the music. I have no idea how you did the water effect, but it worked well flowing and mixing the colors together.

    A+ from me to you!




    Absolutely fantastic!

    This is a true piece of art. Congratulations!



    Super cool!



    Awesome work, mate!



    Thanks guys. That thing was a pain to make, because the wings at the beginning and end are stop-motion animated, within heromachine. So basically for the wings to rise and lower like they do I had to move each item that made up the wing (8 or so wing items plus the masked colour fade) by one degree of rotation and one place on the move tool. So it was; rotate by one, move by one, export, rotate by one, move by one, export. It ended up being 97 exports I had to do (that was just the beginning because the end is the same exports in reverse sequence) so if you take into account that each of those exports had around 50-70 layers and there’s 97 of them, plus all the exports that make up the colour fade and the original Rainbow Angel, I think I might have broken the ten thousand layer mark for one creation, which has to be a record. When you think about it, its no surprise that when I sat down to work out how long it had taken me to do, the eventual number came out at around 150 hours, or around 5 days if I didn’t need to eat, sleep or do anything else what so ever.
    @AMS- Technically that bit isn’t heromachine. The water effect and colour transitions were both done in Adobe After Effects. I stumbled across the water effect by accident and then I messed about with it and it all just came together like that.

    Anyway, now that that is all out of the way, here’s something else new for you. It’s strange where inspiration strikes. This one just sort of happened whilst I was listening to remixes of Michael Jackson songs. It has nothing to do with any of the songs I was listening to, but it’s just the feeling I got from the songs, ’cause that’s how my mind works.





    “The problem with the Veil is that they don’t understand life. They observe the lower species from their void, but they only interact with them when they have no other choice. Even then, the Circle never venture to the mortal plain, they leave it to the lower Veil like myself. So you wonder why the Veil would believe that it is justified to allow omnicide to save one reality? They see it much like you would see a nest of ants just before you sprayed the bug spray. And I could see this for what it was. Pointless. In all my many eons of interaction with living beings I have come to see life as a wonder, not just something that exists as an incidental by-product of a system that must be maintained. I spoke against the Circle and I went beyond the bounds of my duties, even defying direct instruction from the Circle. And for that I was banished to the mortal plain,. That is when I chose my name. Sempi, from the latin for eternal. Because as long as the Veil continue to threaten life, I will be here to oppose them.”


    Herr D

    Now THAT is an interesting blurb. Of course, the Veil reminded of some business owners I’ve known . . . Yell


    Delirious AL

    Good work on the animation, man! The patience involved there would push me to the brink of insanity cause me to act strangely and eat weird cheap off-brand foods! Or something like that. It would be unpleasant.
    Also, good work on the everything else you’ve done here too, man! Laugh
    Seriously though, I appreciate all of the work you do and time you invest here to make this a spit spot spankity spank site (and Jeff and the other moderators too)! Cool



    Thanks guys.

    Anyway, continuing the theme.


    Sempi: “I assume you didn’t ask me to travel three dimensions just for a social call. Something has happened, am I right.”
    Gade: “Indeed. Word is that the Circle has gathered again. They are displeased with your actions, Sempi, you should not underestimate them. Kail even believes they may be considering placing the first sanction on you.”
    Sempi: “Well, it was going to happen eventually. And it’s not like it affects my duties in any huge way. It may complicate them a bit further down the line, but it’s not something I hadn’t considered before I started. And anyway, I can’t stop now, there’s too much at stake.”
    Gade: “I know, you know I support you in this as I always have done. Just be careful. You remember what happened to the last of us to be sanctioned. It destroyed them.”
    Sempi: “I will old friend, its me we’re talking about here?”
    Gade: “That’s what I’m worried about.”




    “Sanction 1 is…… it’s hard to explain if you don’t know much about what the Veil are. The Veil might be beings of unknowable power, but we didn’t start that way, none of us did. Each and every Veil is paying penance for something, something they did in their mortal life. Pulled from their own time at the moment of their death, they are transported back to the very start of time its self, where their memories are sealed away, along with all of the darkness that their soul accumulated during their life, in order to prevent their power from being used for the wrong thing, and all emotion is removed as well. Each Veil carries inside them a well of darkness bound to their very being, that is slowly lessened over the eons they serve. As of yet, no Veil has been released, so that should give you and idea of how much darkness we are talking about here. What Sanction 1 does is it releases that darkness and allows it to take over a Veil’s body. That is why it is only used on the outcasts, all of that hate, rage, violence and sickness often turns those inflicted into a war zone, the good side, cultivated by those many eons of saving lives, and the bad side will go to war within the body, often tearing the Veil to shreds. Sometimes, the Circle use this punishment as a way to control renegades, only allowing a small amount of the darkness through and controlling the body through that, but this is rare. It is the worst punishment the Circle can impose, it effectively ends your existence, which is why we call those whom are charged with it Extants.”- Sempi Turner



    Very sweet.



    Thanks HK.
    I seem to be on a roll today. This next one just sorta came out of nowhere. I really thought I’d done something unique here, and then I remembered RobM had beaten me to it by a good few months with Moonrise. Oh well, still a cool effect.




    I see your still bringing it J cool effect



    @JR19759 said:

    Thanks HK.
    I seem to be on a roll today. This next one just sorta came out of nowhere. I really thought I’d done something unique here, and then I remembered RobM had beaten me to it by a good few months with Moonrise. Oh well, still a cool effect.


    Yes, that effect is quite striking. Glad I could contribute to the community’s tool kit.



    I’m a fan of that effect, as well. I like using it with buildings, especially.

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