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    Ginger sideburns- awesome! All of the W.I.L.D agents look cool, and I’d love to read a comic about them.



    Thanks. I was thinking Rho would be irish, but I’m unsure which came first, the ginger-sideburns or the irishness.
    It’d be cool do do a comic about them.

    Anyway, next agent (and only alien member)




    only one left after this one




    last one




    I love your posing! Totally awesome how you add so much attitude by a subtle twist of a limb there, a slightly raised fist here. Awesome!



    Cool set! I’m sort of curious about Tau. What are her powers?



    Thanks guys. Now for the group shot and a run down of the characters.



    Agent Zeta
    Name: Yuri Kararov
    Nationality: Russian
    Powers: Cyborgnetically Enhanced Strength, Speed and Intelligence

    Agent Delta
    Name: Tara Jade (TJ) Wallis
    Nationality: Australian
    Powers: Telepathic Control Via Contact

    Agent Rho
    Name: Eamon O’Connell
    Nationality: Irish
    Powers: Wind Manipulation

    Agent Beta
    Name: Craig Pietersen
    Nationality: South African
    Powers: Kinetic Absorption and Release

    Agent Omega
    Name: Mattias Steffensen
    Nationality: Swedish
    Powers: Energy Absorption, Conversion and Release (e.g. light energy in, heat energy out)

    Agent Alpha
    Name: Lindsey Howard
    Nationality: American
    Powers: Invulnerability, Enhanced Strength, Senses and Agility

    Agent Gamma
    Name: Pedro Guerra
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Powers: Super-Strength, Semi-Invulnerability, Earth Manipulation

    Agent Theta
    Name: Aashif El-Amin
    Nationality: Afghan
    Powers: Plasmic Morphing, Minor Shapeshifting

    Agent Sigma
    Name: Sigma (Real name unpronounceable in any human tongue)
    Nationality: Alien (Born in China)
    Powers: Heightened senses, inferred/ ultra-violet sight, can taste certain types of radiation, claws that can cut through almost any earth substance, Superhuman Longevity

    Agent Tau
    Name: Jang Cho Dae
    Nationality: South Korean
    Powers: Danger Precognition, Power Mimicry/ Negation, Psychometry, Reactive Adaptation (in extreme cases)



    Quick question guys. I’m working on a new team, an all female team called The Angels, and I struggling with the colour scheme.
    I’ve done red, black and gold, and I’ve done blue, black and white, so I need a different set of three, but I’m not sure which. It needs to work on an aquatic heroine, a shapeshifter, a sonic manipulator, a gadgeteer and a darkness manipulator, but still stick with the idea of an all female team.
    Any ideas?



    How about white and violet? I mean is violet is kind of a universal colour for psychics and darkness. Also, I feel it might look good as an uniform. Simple gold and white, with a touch of silver might be cool too, fitting with the ‘Angel’ theme. Hope this helps.



    @Maaz said:

    How about white and violet? I mean is violet is kind of a universal colour for psychics and darkness. Also, I feel it might look good as an uniform. Simple gold and white, with a touch of silver might be cool too, fitting with the ‘Angel’ theme. Hope this helps.

    I like the idea of white and violet. I might throw the gold in as well.



    Ok, 500th post and a new team, The Angels. Starting with the team leader.


    Name: Violet Sonique
    Alias: V-Sonic
    Age: 19
    Affiliations: The Angels (Team Leader)
    Powers: Sonic Scream, Sound Wave Manipulation
    Info: Smart, brave and reliable, Violet is the leader and cornerstone of The Angels, an all-female super team. Born with her powers, like her team-mates, she tried to live a normal life, going to university, dreaming of becoming a fitness coach. However, she was unwillingly thrust into the world of super heroics when the Negadroid attacked her university, wrongly thinking that Star-Girl (of the Justice Guard) was a student there. Violet teamed up with two other powered girls from the campus, Tamsin North (Aura) and Isabelle Rhainer (Dream Weaver), to take down the cyborg, thus forming the first incarnation of The Angels.



    I really like her regular/secret identity look.



    @Bad-People said:

    I really like her regular/secret identity look.

    Thanks. I wish I’d included the secret i.d hair on the costumed look, but I did the costume first.

    Next up:


    Name: Tamsin North
    Alias: Aura
    Age: 19
    Affiliations: The Angels
    Powers: Shadow Aura, Flight, Energy Blasts
    Info: The party girl of The Angels, she spends as much time in the clubs as she does studying for her history degree or helping people as Aura. It is hard to tell if Tamsin’s powers are through mutation or something more dangerous, as the aura she generates when using her powers seems to have a mind of its own, a dangerous and violent mind, which she struggles against whenever she uses it. She prefers to just use her other powers, reserving her aura for life or death situations.




    Name: Isabelle Rhainer
    Alias: Dream Weaver
    Age: 18
    Affiliations: The Angels
    Powers: Innate Capability, High Intelligence, Technical Ability, Dream Manipulation
    Info: A brilliant inventor and a physics honours student, Isabelle has created a number of weapons to help her fight alongside the other Angels. She prefers to use two spray guns that utilise knockout gases that can send her opponents to sleep instantly, allowing her to use her dream manipulation techniques. She is the quiet one of the team, she loves burying her face in a good book rather than partying.




    Name: Cameron Hardy
    Alias: Beast Girl
    Age: 21
    Affiliations: The Angels
    Powers: Shape-shifting, Heightened Senses, Enhanced Strength & Agility
    Info: A fashion design student and the oldest member of the Angels, Cameron joined the team after the original battle with the Negadroid. She designed the teams costumes, using materials from her course to create them. Her powers allow her to shift into a more powerful white beast like form, with the strength to withstand being hit by a truck. Even when not in beast form she is still stronger and more agile than a normal human.

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