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    Rounding off the Holy Knights: Uriel


    The scholar of the Holy Knights, Uriel is a master tactician. He prides himself on his intelligence and his ability to predict his adversaries’ next move. However, his pride is often his downfall, as he can underestimate his opponent, even if he is fighting one of the other Knights or a Demon Lord. Despite his proud nature, Uriel is also known for his kindness, he sees selfishness and greed as the most intolerable of characteristics.



    And before I move on, my now customary group shot at the end of a redesign sequence.


    Any comments are very much welcome. What do you find works, what doesn’t work, favourite pose, favourite costume, abuse, anything you want to say concerning this last group of characters.

    In the mean time, I shall get cracking on the designs for the Holy Knights mortal enemies, The Seven Great Demon Lords.


    The Atomic Punk

    A very solid, well-thought group. Great color choices. Looking forward to the Demon Lords.

    One critique is Samiel’s right hand over the axe. It just doesn’t seem to work. Ophan has a solid grip on her weapon. Samiel just seems to hang there.



    Thanks Atomic. I see what you mean about his hand it does look a bit weird. I’ll see if I can sort it out at some point.

    Now. Kicking off the Seven Great Demon Lords, the first: Asmodeus.


    The demon lord of lust and ruler of the 1st level of hell, Asmodeus is sadistic. She lusts after all things carnal and keeps an extensive collection of devises with which to sexually torture those under her rule. She is exceptional at manipulation humans, men in particular. Once these unfortunate souls fall under her spell they are her slaves for eternity.


    Cool! Love the shading.



    Thanks MDM

    Next Demon Lord: Beelzebub


    A gross demon, the ruler of the second level of hell, Beelzebub is the demon lord of Gluttony, a sin which he puts into practice every waking hour. He feasts on the finest foods that have ever existed, whilst the souls in his domain are chained up and forced to watch his gorging, having been cursed so that all food turns to ash in their mouths, they starve for all eternity. So vast is his hunger, no other demons live in his domain, his only companions apart from those tortured souls are huge swarms of flies, which he controls and sends to feast on the souls, earning him the title ‘The Lord Of The Flies’.



    And another one: Mammon


    The Demon Lord of Greed, Mammon is the demon lord with the most power over mortals. Selfish, deceitful and cruel, he desires material wealth above all else. He rules over the third level of hell, where the souls of the greedy are forced to lie face down, kissing the earth for all eternity whilst it slowly swallows them up, Mammons cruel jest at how easily mortals can be consumed by earthly goods.



    Next up: Belphagor


    The demon lord of Sloth, Belphagor has been in a cursed sleep since ancient times. It is said that if his chains are broken he will wake and break the doors of the lower worlds open, bringing about Armageddon. He is sealed in the 4th level of hell, amongst those damned for leading a worthless life, who are forced to run from the dogs of hell for all eternity.

    (I’m definitely guilty of this one)



    Wow! He is awesome on so many levels. I love the runes behind his limbs.



    Thanks Vampyrist.

    Now for someone who makes Hulk look like a kitten: Amon


    The demon lord of wrath, he is the son of the original demon and possess incredible power, even being able to drive away all other demon lords influence and replace it with blinding rage. He rules over the 5th circle of hell, where all souls walk around in a burning mist which eats their flesh slowly. He rages endlessly and will rip apart anything that crosses his gaze, so even the other demon lords keep their distance.



    And now: Leviathan


    The demon lord in charge of the 6th level of hell, he watches over the envious, all of whom have had their eyes sewn shut as punishment for their sin. He is the second most powerful of the demon lords and is known also as a Prince of Hell, an honour only bestowed upon Lucifer, the lord of Pride, of all other lords and the Fallen Angel, Abbadon. He was once an angelic being like the Holy Knights, but he became envious of them and plotted their downfall. For his treachery, Michael, the leader of the Knights, threw him out of the angelic kingdom, into the darkness. However, during his time in the darkness, he atracted many damned spirits, who he used to create himself a new body with which he could challenge Michael. This new form, a giant dragon, was trapped in a prison underneath the ocean, by the Holy Knights and he now watches the surface world, waiting to be freed on the apocalypse.



    Belphagor is effin’slammin’ and the backstory well… brilliant!



    Thanks Scatman, I’m quite proud of how Belphagor turned out. Which does provide me with quite a neat introduction to the final demon lord.


    Ruler of the seventh circle of hell, master of the proud and vainglorious and the most powerful of the seven demon lords, Lucifer is the enemy of everything pure and good. One of two demon lords deemed powerful enough to be known as a Prince of Hell, he is not truly a demon, rather a Fallen Angel. It is said that he was thrown from the angelic kingdom for leading numerous angels and demons, amongst them the Fallen Angel Abaddon, in a rebellion against the light. Like the Leviathan, Lucifer has a second form, that of a great dragon or serpent. It is said in Angelic legend that Lucifer will only take this form twice, when he fell from Heaven and when he arises again at Armageddon. He is truly a contradictory being, because he is half angel and half demon, one half loves all like an angel, whilst the other is a being of pure demonic malice. As a product of this, his greatest aim is to destroy the universe and replace it with a new one, thus completing his revolution of light.



    And to finish off this series, here’s the group shot


    As with each of my character series, critiques are encouraged, what do you like, what don’t you like, what improvements can be made?

    Also, I will be starting a new series of characters based loosely on an idea me and a mate had about two years ago. A group of ten ordinary people who are given the spirits of ten great elemental beings trapped in orbs. These orbs give the ten people the power to control one of these ten elements, whilst still looking like normal people. But I thought I’d throw this out there. Does anyone want to be included in this series. Either as themselves or a character they’ve created specifically for the series. I need people to take the orbs of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Electricity, Ice, Metal, Light and Darkness, I’m keeping the final orb for myself. I’m not expecting anyone to take me up on this but if you are interested PM me or comment below, including either a character design text file (headshot/faces only please, I’ll sort out the rest) and a short summary of the character (how their personality fits their element). I will be fleshing these out a bit but it would be nice to have other peoples input.



    Very nice! Hey, what program do you use for your group shots?

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