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    Friggin elves. Amirite guys?



    Indeed. We’ve all had days like that Scatman

    I’m now just going through my deviantart gallery looking for old stuff to upload.
    1: Background art (including my entry for the 100th character design contest)

    2: Demon Girl & The Wolf Hunter (Image and short story)
    “Are you coming Sam?” Asked Tracy. Her friend shook her head, causing her glasses to slide down her nose.
    “Not tonight, I’ve got a lot of work to do for Professor Rueben’s lecture tomorrow.”
    “Your loss.” Tracy said cheerfully, wink as her friend turned and hurried off back to the main college building. Tracy shook her head as she turned to her companion.
    “I don’t get her,” She said wearily. “Professor Rueben’s work doesn’t have to be in for another week. She was just lying to get out of coming with us.”
    “Can you blame her?” Azaria said, putting her books into her bag. “What we do isn’t for everyone. It’s dangerous and she obviously doesn’t want to be a part of it, she just helps you because she doesn’t want you to get hurt.”
    Tracy smiled as they set off towards Azaria’s house.
    “I know that,” She said, looking around. It was nearly sunset and the wind was picking up, blowing the leaves around. “She could have just said that.”
    “She probably didn’t want to offend you,” Azaria said as they reached the front door. “You know what Sam is like. She cares how everyone feels.”
    “I suppose,” Tracy said as the front door slid open, to reveal Azaria’s mother, standing in the thresh hold.
    “Oh, Tracy. Hello. I wasn’t expecting you to be coming.”
    “Hi Minerva.” Tracy smiled and gave the old woman a hug. She liked Mrs. Thomas. She was very like her daughter, kind, friendly and dependable. She also made awesome cookies.
    “I assume you girls are going out tonight.” Mrs. Thomas shouted after them as the two girls shot up stairs. “Considering what night it is.”
    “You got that right mum,” Azaria grinned down from over the bannister. Mrs. Thomas shook her head.
    “You girls,” She sighed. “I’ve just baked a new batch of cookies. Shall I pack some in a rucksack for you to take.”
    “Yes please,” Tracy squelled from Azaria’s room. Azaria smiled at her mother and winked. Mrs. Thomas shook her head again and walked back to the kitchen.

    “So,” Tracy said as she dumped her bag on the bed. “What are we looking at here.”
    Azaria picked up a rolled up map of the town and laid it out on her desk.
    “Well, we have a summoning over here at midnight,” She said pointing to the woods to the north of the town. “And we have a rogue wolfman living in the woods to the east of that, so we need to find him.”
    “Sounds fun,” Tracy said as she emptied her bag. She could feel the fur starting to prick through her skin. The sun was dipping below the horizon outside the window and she could see the moon starting to poke above the horizon. Her guns and numerous vials tumbled out onto Azaria’s bed. She grabbed the syringe from the side pocket and drew a green liquid from one of the vials. She winced as the needle pierced her skin, allowing the wolfsbane to flow into her veins and around her system. She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt her muscles relax. When she looked up she saw that Azaria was looking at her in an odd way. She looked down and saw claw marks in the wood of the bed where she had been holding.
    “Oh my god,” Tracy exclaimed. “Az I’m so sorry.”
    “It’s alright,” the other girl said calmly, covering the claw marks with the bed sheets. “I’d rather have scratches on my bed than a werewolf in my room.”
    Tracy smiled gingerly. The sun was completely gone now. She would never let it get this close usually, but the excitement had distracted her.
    Azaria had obviously noticed her friends expression, because she placed a comforting arm around her shoulder.
    “Don’t look like that, you’ll ruin all the fun,” She teased. Tracy looked up and gave her a smile.
    “Like I’d do that to you,” She replied, sticking her tongue out. “Now, are you going to get changed?”
    Azaria winked and removed her shirt, revealing a black leotard. As she removed her jeans she saw a definite red tint to her skin. She smiled as the warm changes of her transformation flooded her body with different sensations. She could feel her wing bones rip from her arms and the horns pierce through her forehead, extending until they where at least half a foot tall. Her spine cracked as it elongated and rearranged, the tail sliding through the hole that Azaria had cut in the bottom of the leotard. Her ears picked as they stretched and elongated. None of the changes hurt anymore, not like her first time. Then it was agony, now it just felt natural.
    Tracy smiled at the demon standing in front of her.
    “You ready?” She asked. The demon grinned, showing her long fangs.
    “Oh, I’m ready.” Azaria’s voice was much lower and more gravelly, but it was still recognizable as her. Tracy smiled and they both shot through the door and into the landing. Azaria leapt down the stairs, using her wings to glide to the ground, whilst Tracy slid down the bannister, holstering her guns.
    “We’re going out now mum,” Azaraia shouted towards the lounge.
    “Ok dear. The cookies are in the bag by the door.”
    Azaria grinned as Tracy quickly scooped up the bag and opened the front door, quickly checking to see if no-one was around, before flinging the door open. Azaraia shot into the air, giggling. She would never get bored of this.
    “Let’s go hunt.”

    Hope you like ’em



    Both backgrounds are spectacular! I’ve gotta say I love Dawn just a little bit more, but I’m a sucker for both the sunrise and cool blue-purple.



    Thanks Weilyn. Those backgrounds are really fun to create, but I could never get Midnight or Noon to work (not enough colour variation).

    Anyway, forum contest entries.

    Blueblazer’s Redesign Contest



    And dblade’s contest




    The background for the widescreen solaria shot from a couple of pages back.

    Hopefully you should see two text files below, one for the right side and the other for the left side, incase you wanted to use the background.
    Download In-The-Asteroids-Left-Side.rtf
    Download In-The-Asteroids-Left-Side.txt



    More old stuff

    Escape From Hell

    Ninja Escape

    Moon Gazing



    Dionne Jinn

    Oooo! Moon Gazing and Eclipse are wonderful!



    Thanks. Eclipse didn’t actually turn out the way I first imagined it. I wanted to have the couple in the foreground in the same sort of pose as the couple in Harlequin’s Love Is Always Win, but I’m not that talented.

    A few more bits of old stuff.

    This one is something I made to celebrate getting 3000 views on my deviantart page.

    Here we have development timelines for Golden Guardian and The Titan (from The Protectors) just to show how my style has changed.


    Far Left: 2007
    Top Centre: 2009 (Left Spring, Right Autumn)
    Bottom Centre: 2011 (Left- Golden Age Style, Centre- Silver Age Style, Right- Modern Age Style)
    Right- 2012
    Right Top- Civilian Clothing (Left- 2011, Right- 2007)



    My entry into dblade’s 2nd contest. Gigantica




    Another forum contest entry, this time for Blue Blazer’s contest.

    Electric Dragon




    dude I cant tell you how much I dig your shading style and creativity!just thought I would give you an ego boost.http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif



    @Scatman said:

    dude I cant tell you how much I dig your shading style and creativity!just thought I would give you an ego boost.http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif

    Thanks a lot mate.



    The Five Harmonious Ones


    Five immortal spirits who originally created the zodiac spirits. Each guard a point of the compass and represent one of the 5 classical elements of Ancient China.

    Xuan Wu the Black Turtle- Guardian of the North, wielder of the attribute of Wood. Creator of the Rat, the Ox and the Pig.
    Biahu the White Tiger- Guardian of the West, wielder of the attribute of Metal. Creator of the Dog, the Monkey and the Rooster.
    Zhuqiao the Vermillion Bird- Guardian of the South, wielder of the attribute of Fire. Creator of the Horse, the Goat and the Snake.
    Qing Long the Azure Dragon- Guardian of the East, wielder of the attribute of Water. Creator of the Rabbit, the Dragon and the Tiger.
    Huanglong the Gold Dragon- Guardian of the Centre, wielder of the attribute of Earth. Creator of Xuan Wu, Baihu, Zhuqiao and Qing Long.

    Huanglong can only exist if two of the opposite Spirits (e.g. Xuan Wu and Baihu) combine. The strongest form of Huanglong is created when all four other spirits combine. Huanglong can also come into existence if all twelve zodiac spirits combine.

    (Just for the record, we need a tortoise or turtle in the companion set)



    New original stuff now. This time it’s my Zodiac team, the subject of my current redesign contest. It seems that when I run the contest I have an urge to redesign the characters myself, but this time it’s been really difficult. Please people keep on entering the contest, it closes on monday so you have time, I need the inspiration.

    Anyway, here’s Anila The Dragon


    A member of a group of people possessed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac, Amanda Law is Anila the dragon. A fierce fighter, Anila frequently takes charge of the group due to her spirits dominant and driven personality. This often puts her at logger-heads with other members of the group, especially Sindura the rooster and Mihira the Tiger. Anila is currently the only one of the group to have defeated the Jade Emperor in a fight.



    Finally got my inspiration back. Never mind that I probably should be doing some urgent uni work, I have no desire to do that right now.
    The next member of the zodiac team, Sindura The Rooster


    Once a loving father and husband, now Lee Yung is Sindura, the zodiac spirit of the rooster. Sindura is a very proud and confident spirit, speaking his mind often, he likes being in charge and the centre of attention. He organises the group and hates it when his plans go wrong, usually due to one or other members of the group. He is very loyal and is good friends with Vajra the Ox and Sandilya the Snake.

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