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    So, Sam’s tattoos. The first one she got was the one on her left shoulder and upper arm. She wanted to get a tribal design like Lili, but her own style. Lili helped her design it and went along with her to the studio (Danni was there as well, but Lili had her sit out in the car because she wouldn’t stop fussing). The one on her left forearm is the three main characters (the third behind on her inner arm, so therefore out of view in this position) from the cartoon series which won her so far her first animation award (well, technically it was the team she was on who won the award, but it still counts right?). The red stars on her right shoulder are the logo of her favourite band, Hostile Intent, and winged demon was from her final year project at university, where she did an animation course (obviously). She also has a Storm Trooper on her left shin, being a massive Star Wars nerd (she got that from Lili as well, Danni’s a trekkie), and the heart on her right forearm she got done with her best friend on her last day of uni. They may or may not have been slightly inebriated when they decided to do it.
    Also, there are a total of 14 different heromachiners referenced in this picture, a prize will be given to the first person to name all of them (and that’s just because some of them are quite hard to read and some of them you really have to know your stuff). I am particularly proud of the one on the bottom row far left (Sam’s right). Also, the Marvel box set contains every Marvel studios movie up to and including The Avengers 7 (the one where they fight Kang The Conquerer). Unfortunately it still doesn’t include a good Spider-Man film. The DC box set contains all of the films in DC’s Justice League series. They’re mostly underwhelming, and some are plain bad, but completionism right.

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    A little thing I did of Nug’s character Supermom



    Age: 31
    D.O.B- 22 June 1985
    Height- 5.9 ft
    Family: Dannielle “Danni” Dartford (Wife), Samantha Marcell (Daughter (by marriage)), William Marcell (Father, Deceased), Amanda Walker (formerly Marcell, Mother), Jason Marcell (Elder Brother), Katherine “Kate” Marcell (Sister-In-Law)
    Occupation: Graphic Designer and freelance artist
    Likes: Video Games, Drawing, Sci-Fi, Purple
    Dislikes: Being Called Lilith, Being Called A Goth
    Favourite Movies: Blade Runner, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Iron Man, Terminator 2, Cabin In The Woods
    Favourite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Flash/ Arrow, CSI: Las Vegas, Lost
    Favourite Musical Artists/ Bands: Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Pierce The Veil
    Favourite Games: Mario series, Zelda Series, COD series, Fallout series, Splatoon
    Favourite Food: Pizza
    Random Fact: The first tattoo Lili got was the one on her back. She got it when she was 19, around about the same time she started dying her hair purple. Her mum did not approve and, as their relationship was not in the best of shape at this time (due to Lili’s parents divorce), it started a huge row. However, when Lili went away to university a few weeks later, they made up as they realised how much they missed each other.

    Age: 30
    D.O.B- 7 October 1986
    Height- 5.6 ft
    Family: Lillith “Lili” Marcell (Wife), Samantha Marcell (Daughter), Thomas Dartford (Father), Samantha Dartford (Mother), Stacy White (Younger Sister, Twin of Zoe), Zoe Dartford (Younger Sister, Twin of Stacy), Matthew White (Brother-In-Law)
    Occupation: Data Analyst (and unpublished novelist)
    Likes: Reading, Anime/ Manga, Cats, People-Watching
    Dislikes: Bugs (a lot)
    Favourite Movies: Ghostbusters, The Lion King, The Lovely Bones, Lord Of The Ring- Fellowship Of The Ring, Spirited Away
    Favourite TV Shows: Breaking Bad, Star Trek: Next Generation, Faulty Towers, Miranda, The Big Bang Theory
    Favourite Musical Artists/ Bands: Earth Wind And Fire, Michael Jackson/ Jackson 5, Green Day, Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Favourite Books:  To Kill A Mockingbird, The Lovely Bones, Harry Potter Series, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Ranma 1/2 manga
    Favourite Food: Stir Fry
    Random Fact: Danni wears the hair on the right side of her face long to hide a scar on her right temple. She got it when she was 6 and she was out playing in her back garden, where she tripped and hit her head on a low wall. She had to have stitches and the scar is still quite visible to this day, something which Danni is quite conscious of.

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    Great stuff1  How did you do the freckles on Danni?



    Looks like I have a LOT in common with these two ladies haha. Sweet



    @Viper- Oh, so you’re a lesbian couple from Milton Keynes as well 😉 Or where you thinking of something else?



    Another quick one, this time of Lull-Carae’s Lullasy



    Firstly, I like the posing on the Sam picture.

    Secondly, I thought I would try and guess the machiners, cause I like to think I know my machiners.

    Linea and Jeimuzu are easy because their names are in the pic.

    Battalion I think is AMS, because Canadian flag.

    Dragonfly is Anarchangel (almost went for Vampyrist.)

    AI metal jacket, I’m guessing is Stulte, because robots.

    Overkill I believe is Vectorman316’s signature character.

    vulcarae – lullcarae (need I say more?)

    Darkpaw chronicles, I gonna guess Kaldath.

    Silver siren I think is Nug.

    Omega Force might be MadJack, cause he does lots of super teams.

    That leaves, Chaos Kids and I Braganza, which I’m struggling to come up with names for. Djuby’s probably in there somewhere.

    SFWA – because it’s a series I think it’s a slightly more or less well known machiner (Cantdraw maybe?)

    And finally the Unknowns, which I would guess myself for, but I’m not entirely convinced.

    Anyway, great pics, and I like the reference sheet idea.

    P.S. I’m surprised the complete saga of Starwars is more than 6 films, unless she hase the new trilogy?




    Hahahaha na na but if I was suddenly turned into a woman I would most definitely be a lesbian.



    @Skoul- Let’s see;

    -Linea & Jeimuzu (easy), AMS (correct), Anarchangel (correct), Stulte (incorrect, for that one), Vectorman (correct), Lull-carae (correct), Kaldath (correct), Nug (incorrect, for that one), MadJack (correct), CantDraw & yourself (both incorrect unfortunately, although I’m now rather annoyed because I had meant to do CantDraw and forgot). But you got 8 out of 14, so over half.

    And as for the Star Wars thing, the rest of the set is behind her (otherwise the Wars and Complete wouldn’t be cut off).


    Mad Jack

    From left to right and top to bottom:

    • SFWA (“San Francisco Wrestling Association”) = Suleman
    • Battalion = AMS
    • Mech Suit Jeimuzu = Jeimuzu
    • The Chaos Kids = DiCicatriz
    • Linea and the first snow = Linea24
    • The Unknown (2) = Nug
    • My little Vulcarae = Lull-carae
    • Darkpaw chronicles = Kaldath
    • Silver Siren = Candruth (but CKnap also has a character with that name)
    • Omega Force = Mad Jack (yours truly)
    • Overkil(l) 316 = Vectorman316
    • (Maria) I Braganza = Stulte
    • AI Metal Jacket = Son4
    • Dragonfly = Anarchangel


    @MadJack- Right on all counts.


    Herr D

    Wow. I just came to look again at “I’m Ready,” and I found the contest already won. (Just as well, I’d have found things you didn’t intend.)

    You know, tribute pieces would make an interesting contest for the blog. You wouldn’t have to choose hm artists. You could have us play ‘hide the so-and-so’ with any non-copyrighted group of just about anything. I must say, I’m liking the challenge aspect of these contests a bit more than I expected.



    @Herr D- As per usual, I only have a clue about half of what you’re saying and that’s the bit about the tribute contest. If (big If) we were to do that, we wouldn’t be touching anything outside of the heromachine community, because that could spell all kinds of trouble if someone  picks a character that they don’t know is copyrighted. And to do it with just HM creators we’d have to make sure everyone is ok with it. I’ve just been doing people I know will be fine with me messing around with their characters.

    And on that note, I’ve been messing around with someone else’s characters. This time MadJack, because he’s a smartass (luv ya really MJ) 😉 he got all of the references in “I’m Ready”.

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    Mad Jack

    MadJack, because he’s a smartass (luv ya really MJ)

    Since I’ve been called worse, I take that as a compliment. :p



    You love me??? (*hastilypackshissuitcaseandrushestothenextairport*)

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