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    I think it time i actually collect this.

    And that mean i have to go and recreate some of the older pics, other’s might get a polish.


    It had happen suddenly one minute Genovefa was sleep, the next there where dozens of Romans every were.

    Flames licked her family’s house as shouting filled the night.

    “Run Genovefa run!” her father shouted as armed men broke in the door.

    She ran her heart pounding, he sped to the darkness with the men behind her.

    And then it happened, her foot sank in to rabbit hole and with a bolt of pain her ankle twisted.

    And so it was that Genovefa of the corieltauvi awoke to find her self in chains headed towards an unknown fate.

    Genovefa freely cursed, calling on the gods to strike down her captures.
    After weeks of endless walking she arrived at city, Londinium they called it, sh!th*le is what she called it.

    As day light dawned a pair of servant girls came, after washing her they gave her a pale blue dress.
    Still in chains, Genovefa was sold like a beast, that much she understood.

    It was later on the next day that she learnt just what she had been bought for.

    Her clothes where replaced with a mix of rags and armour, armour that she noted only covered one side.
    Then a trident was thrust in to her hands as she was pushed out in to the arena.

    As her opponents life blood ebbed away in to the sand, something clicked inside Genovefa mind.

    The god’s had not been deaf, here in this “arena” she had a chance to learn, to grow and to be come a warrior.

    She was sent southwards to live her new strange life.
    It was simple, she would enter fight before the crowd, hearing there howls of lust and fury.

    In time, her victories grow and could not easily be counted, as tallys of men and women fell to her great war flail.
    And so it was that the days turned in to a weeks, the weeks in months and the months in to years as Genovefa grow in to a powerfull and attractive woman.

    Genovefa smiled, her plan had worked, now all she had to do was ready her self for the escape.

    The armoury was cold and dark with only a single torch for light.

    As they rounded a conner Genovefa saw the most exquisite panoply of armour see had ever seen, a shinning breast plate of bronze, and the helmet had wings of sliver.

    She dressed quickly in the torchlight, as the dusk and the finale step approached.

    From her on there plan was much less detailed, with blood and iron they would battle there way to the outside of the walls and split up.

    A grime smile crossed Genovefa lips as she saw the lone guard
    Genovefa sighted the lone guard and smiled in anticipation.
    As she walked closer she eased her blade from it’s scabbard.
    She let him draw his blade in the second before she struck, it opened up his arm to attack.

    In a flash her blade carved a bloody arc, hewing flesh and bone as she severed his sword arm and leg.


    Sadb smiled at Genovefa as she approached.
    “It has been far to long old friend, Come walk with me, Spot doesn’t bite.”
    Thay both walked up the hill, talking as Sadb throw a stick for Spot the dog.

    “So what was so impotent that we had to me in secret?” asked Sadb as she leaned in closer to Genovefa.

    “I’m planing to fight make, make them pay for the past 5 years, i’ve spent in chains.” Genovefa explained.

    “A that’s what you dragged me out here for? of course i will.
    Now we should get started, you’ve keep worm lord well feed theses past years, it’s time you wore what you have earned.”

    Sadb’s camp was a simple log lean-to at the top the hill.

    “I spent years learning this on the Sacred Isle, so Just lie back, and don’t fidget or i’ll cut you wrong.”

    Genovefa clamped her teeth shut as the druidess started her work.


    As the sun rose, Genovefa headed for home, her chest was still a little sore, but Sadb had do her work well.

    “What did i say Comhghán has the goods.”Sadb grinned.
    The good’s where a shirt of iron plates and bronze small sword.
    She fastened the shirt and buckled up her belt.
    “Well where do we start?”

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