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    I like that, lots of detail and lots of character!



    This time it more of fur clad barbarian Iarrarl.








    I’ve ready had a lot of trouble getting this one out, it’s too tall for default mode and wide screen rotates it round.
    I ended up flipping it round viewing it in widescreen and useing printscreen to export, hence the low quality.









    Ok so tattooed lady’s riding appearers have been a theme of late,and well why stop now?


    “Lillian, watch my tail, i’ve got this blood sucking trucker.”

    Emilie smiled to her self, he was dumb, all most moronically so.
    What chance did he have in running? he was in a 18 wheel semi truck.

    Now came the hard stoping him, with a flick of her wrist the bike roared in to life, carrying her faster and closer to the truck.

    She moved, first planting her heels in to the passenger foot pegs, then pulling her shot gun from its holster.

    Standing up right above the saddle, she racked the slide, the chain holding it to her wrist jangled as she brought it down.

    The front tire exploded as the shot tore it apart, the truck started to slide as the driver lost control.

    Her second blast tore apart the rear axle in a storm of sparks and shredded rubber.

    The truck skidded to a halt in a cloud of smoking rubber.

    Emilie slowed to a stop beside the wreck.

    With a practised grace she drew her pistols, her rubber gloves sqeaking as she griped tight on cold steel.

    Gravel crunched under her boots as she slowly approached the front of the truck.

    The driver snarled at her, his eye burning with vampiric rage as he tried to reach his attacker.

    Emptying both gun in a blaze of thunder, Emilie tore the bloodsucker apart in a storm of silver bullets.

    The phone rang loudly, awaking Emilie as the early morning light entered the room.
    “Agent Emilie Le Mort? this is control.
    Got a mission for you, hold for details.” the voice was cold, mechanical.

    Emilie clicked the phone on to speaker mode, holding music filled the room as she tighten her spiked choker.

    “Ok heres the details, its some kind of minor demonic intrusion in Dallas County.
    Local law enforcement has already cleared the site, you are to clean up it, shut mouths and make people forget.
    A local agent will meet you at the Dallas office.
    Oh and i hear that you new tattoo, i can’t wait to see it.”
    With a click the call ended.











    Two characters this time, the mysterious Skull Maiden and Bjarkmar the barbarian.
    Both are from my short story A trip to the nothen reachs which you can read here.

    First up is Skull Maiden, i like how the mask has come out and the spiked shoulder guards.

    Next Bjarkmar the barbarian, much less going on here and he’s a bit too static.



    The air was cold and still as Emilie approached the graveyard.
    It was all always graveyards, well sometimes it was old mental institutes or a slaughterhouse but mosty oculists where stereotypical at the best.

    Slowly they crept forwards nearer to the clocked figurers at the centre of the graveyard.
    Then she spotted her in the distance.

    She stood out a mile, completely different from the others.

    Standing alone, tall with long lean legs, her skin was pale and flawless with a slight glow.
    Her purple eyes flashed, cat like and with cold wickedness.

    Like a thunder clap it dawned on Emilie.
    She was a homunculus, an artificial being given live by a black fusion of science and sorcery.

    Emilie nudged the man next to her.
    “The redhead, in black pants with the sword, she’s a homunculus.
    At least her outfit makes seance now, all skin tight leather and rubber.
    Knee high boots with stiletto heels and a tight corset.
    That means one of two things, A and this is the worse case she’s a mature homunculus,fully aware and in control of her self.
    So she dressing like that because she wants to show off her body.”

    “Really? who chooses to dress like that” he questioned

    “-Huhm- (Emilie pointed to her self)
    That is unlikely so here’s the second, the cultists still control her and lets just say most of them don’t get out much.”

    “Well  thank you for the history lesson miss Le Mort.
    Now how do we kill it?” he asked.


    “What do you mean i’m to marry this Earconbert!?” Sveirj’s voice echoed

    “Sveirja dearist, we really do need to make this alliance and this is the best way to do it.
    I know he’s not what your after in a man, but he has other thing going for him.”
    Bjorgolf Vetrlidason tried to calm his daughter.

    “You know full well what i like and he’s not even close”

    “Dearest please keep is down this is England, Earconbert’s father is a christian and they don’t understand what it is you like.”

    “Don’t understand? What’s there to understand? I like other women that’s all”

    “I know you do dearest, but just try to get on with Earconbert, he’s a nice boy just gentle with him”
    And i haven’t got any story for this last two.
    Just an idea that its the same woman and she goes from a jungle warrior to a high tech spy.

    Well some how she loses an arm and gets those scars, any one got an idea how?



    “Kill it? She’s no it,and There’s no killing her.
    Not with normal guns anyway.” she explained.

    “So if we can’t use guns what do we do then?” Dominic asked

    “We can’t kill her, but no one walks way from a face full of triple-aught buckshot.
    I’ll go in first and try to draw them away.
    You save the girl and get out.
    Then we all meet up.” With a chunk Emilie ready her shotgun and headed in to the dark maze of grave stones.



    Yep it’s more art for A trip to the nothen reachs

    With the silver haired Iarrarl in her wooden armour.

    And hers an alternative attempt at Emilie with a shotgun.
    I like the red outfit and coat she ended up with better.

    An alternative attempt at Emilie’s evil sister Lillian.
    I liked this out fit but it seemed too complex, too much of superhero costume for an assassin.
    So she got a motorbike and the much more complex strap top in homage to
    Chaos! Comic’s Bad kitty

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