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    Like, where we can create our own characters and just see how stuff plays out?

    If not, I’ve got a couple weeks break coming up, could possibly be game master.

    Couple of ideas, I mean, there is your standard Heroes-esque strangers who have powers are gathered in one place and they discover together who they really are?

    Splinter group of perhaps the US Army who are disenchanted with the crumbling home economy and the growing hegemony of China, breakaway from their ties with the State and build an army based on new advances in cybernetic technology, and stage their first tier of their invasion – the island of Hong Kong.

    Perhaps we could have character archetypes on each side, which the players could flesh out, and assign their own power to, as and example:
    The Local Street-kid: (Who has the power to, say, summon to him any item which he’s touched – starts as petty thievery, evolves to dropping trucks on top of enemies)
    The Traveller: Wrong place at the right time.
    The Peace Keeper: Foreign diplomat who does what she can to stop the escalation of violence
    The Cyborg General
    The Idealist
    The Political Pawn Master
    The Reluctant Augmented Anti-Hero
    The Band of Awesome-Cool Wannabe Heroes

    And of course, integrate HM with our characters (Pre War, During, Oooh – we suddenly need costumes!) and things that need defining visually.

    Y’know, start with tropes, each player picks one, then the setting and the story expand from there.

    Anyway, just an idea, see who is keen?



    Herr D

    Well, instead of under Pub, try Gamers. Maybe you’ll have more success than me. I have started a thread looking for beta testers of a new type of casting module–no volunteers yet.

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