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    Merry (early) Christmas, everybody! I’m back again, so I thought I should shake the dust off this place by posting a new picture.
    Bathing In The Moonlight

    Fast fact: Two of the first vampires written about in European literature, Lord Ruthven and Varney, had the ability to regenerate in the moonlight. I thought it was a shame that this seems kinda forgotten in most vampire universes nowadays, so I started using the idea in mine. 😀

    Now, back to the picture. My brother suggested that I shade the clouds, but I thought it would ruin the silhouette look. Whaddya guys think? 😛

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    Wolf Master

    Incredible, the mist is amazing!



    That’s amazing, that moon is beautiful!



    Thanks, you guys! The moon was my favorite part. The mist was kinda fickle, though. Darn masking. Speaking of masking, upon close examination, I noticed that I screwed up the graveyard. D’oh!

    I was working on something a little more festive, and I might post it later today if it’s finished by then.


    Herr D

    You want feedback? I’d suggest making the flames translucent on your first piece if you redo it, putting in more more-translucent layer clouds over your moon, and some translucent wave patterns in the water beside your ‘Lake Princess’  to break up that solid section to the left.




    Really solid work. I should try and imitate this latest one next time I’m doing a night background.




    Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely use the transparency idea when I  remake my first picture. As for the moonlight pic, I shall add the extra mist when I fix that little masking issue.

    Y’know, I didn’t think about redoing “Lake Princess”. I hope I still have the text for the original somewhere…


    I must see that. Please do it. 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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