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    Hello everyone.

    Some of you may remember me, maybe not. I haven’t really been active since last fall.

    Good to see you all again.

    I see that we have relocated and that many of you have moved your archives over to this board, so I figure I should do the same and maybe I’ll even come up with something new or update some old ones.



    Actually, good to have you back, CPrime. I remember usually liking your designs.



    Glad to see that you made the move over and are back posting. Looking forward to seeing what you have to post.


    Welcome back CPrime. Looking forward to more of your excellent designs.



    Thanks, gents.

    First thing’s first.

    Amp. Nick Nguyen. Power and ability amplification.

    Apex. Matt Spiner. Ability to grow to epic proportions. Member of the New Force.

    April. One of three headhunters for the Arena of Champions personally recruited by Charlotte Chase to kidnap targeted superhumans.

    Aquara. A long-lost member of Pelagios’ race. Member of the Squadron Prime.

    Aquawoman. Tina Green. She is a 31-year old young mom who protects the waters from eco-terrorists using her hydrokinesis powers and make sure her son gets his homework done on time.

    Araneaeus. Robert Jones. One half of the Arachnid Bros, along with his brother Michael.




    Asclepia. Angelina Powers. Healer.

    Ashes. Jane Wilder. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.

    Attalim. Ninja bunny.

    Atmo. She controls all aspects of the atmosphere including temperature, moisture, weather, chemical composition, etc. One of the Elementals.

    Avalon. Kris Grenier. Generation of one end of a teleportation portal. The other end is generated by her husband, St. John.

    Aviana. Cousin of Haliya, Ettia and Tania. Member of the Angels. Flight due to natural wings.

    Azura. Jeri Stevens. Optic blasts. Member of the New Force.




    Bandit. Jason DiSalvatore. Charming, mysterious, thief/antihero. Involved in a secret relationship with Vanguard despite being distrusted by her brother, Guardsman.

    Blacklight. Jack Norton. Former assassin who has since reformed into a hero. His armor can either create a blast of light or a shroud of darkness around him. Leader of the Redeemed.

    Blaze. Jenny Garcia. A mutant pyrokinetic who channels her flame around her sword. Member of the New Force.

    Bluebolt. Glenn Finley. A heroic super speedster who creates static electricity when he runs.

    Blue Tiger. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime. Mutant reflexes of a tiger. Master swordsman.

    Bluehawk. Ryan Nash. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime. Flight due to natural wings.

    Bluestreak. Amy Rush. She is a master swordswoman and has super speed. Member of the Heroes of Tomorrow and reserve member of the Squadron Prime.

    Bombshell. Isla Dixon. She can create psychic “bombs” which contain explosive force. Former villain, now a member of the Redeemed.




    Breakdown. Elizabeth Lipton. Matter dissolution, which is the possession of a molecular distortion power that allows you to move through solid matter by disabling binding forces. This causes the matter to crumble, or break down around as you pass through it.

    Brimstone. A villainous pyromaniacal pyrokinetic with no other alias. Wanted for dozens of counts of arson. He is currently being pursued by various superhero teams.

    Bronya. Vira Biletska from Ukraine. She has psychic armor. Member of the Global Girls.

    Caedere. Lydia James. Member of the Sisterhood of the Shadow.

    Candystriper. Cindy Connors. Anatomical Perception, the ability to physically or empathically sense the anatomic structures and physical functions of a living being; Intuitive Diagnosis, the ability to intuitively assess bodily anomalies to diagnose biological issues; Healing.




    Capri. Olivia Lee. Ninja. Partner to Crimson. Member of the Kunoichi.

    Captain Prime. Colby Primeaux. Power bestowal and activation.

    Carmine. Carmine Nguyen. Member of the Squadron Prime. Archnemesis of Majestrix.

    Cat. Inez Avila. She has cat-like agility. She always lands on her feet, no matter the height from which she falls. Member of the New Force.

    Censor. Real name unknown. She possess the ability to psychically censor someone or something by either rendering something that she believes should not be seen or heard invisible, blurred, blank or mute, or blinding or deafening whoever might see or hear it. All that is known is that she is housewife driven insane by what her teenage children see and hear in the media. She first tried to attack several of the world’s elite supermodels before turning her attention to various superheroines that she deems are too sexy for public viewing. Her own nudity is not apparent to her although she subconsciously censors her naughty bits.

    Charlotte Chase. No superpowers, just super rich. She is the ruthless and seductive owner of an illegal underground fighting circuit for superhumans. She uses her team of capekillers, Apriil, May and June, to kidnap competitors. She is looking for a new marquee fighter.

    Charmer. Katherine Hibeck. Music-based magic powers. She sings a specific sequence of notes to activate each spell.

    Checkmate. Eileen Wells. Villain with a brilliant strategic mind and expert in many forms of combat.

    Cinder. Claire Johnstone. Pyrokinesis.




    Coldburn. She controls energy that is comprised of both ice and heat. One of the Elementals.

    Coldferno. One half of him is a cryokinetic and the other is pyrokinetic. He channels each power into its own blade.

    Coldstone. Jewel Meyers. Cryokinetic powers.

    Comet. Cecilia Drake. A young heroine who can create explosive blasts that can be used both offensively and for propulsion.

    Conduit. Elisa Todd. Electrokinesis, the ability to manipulate electric energy.

    Cosmic Man. A mysterious alien warrior from a distant galaxy imbued with the combined cosmic power of his entire race.

    Covert. Brian Simpson. Camouflaging armor. Lightsaber nunchucks. That’s right, lightsaber nunchucks. From the same point in the future as the Millennial Horde. Working to stop them from completing their mission. Has provided the Squadron Prime with minimal information so as to not influence the timeline.




    Crimson. Tina Choi. A long-time nemesis of Rising Blade of the Global Girls. The leader of a female band of ninja clan called the Kunoichi.

    Cryochon. Freeze technology. Member of the Millennial Horde. Additional information classified.

    Cyblur. Cybernetic speedster. Member of the Millennial Horde. Additional information classified.

    Cybrax. Member of the Millennium Horde. Can upload new weapon forms to her cybernetic axe. Additional information classified.

    Cyphy. Martin Hernandez. Technopathy. The ability to mentally communicate with mechanical and electrical machinery.

    Cyrus. Cyrus Quinton. A mysterious ninja hero. He is a target of the Kunoichi clan. Ally of Royale and Kukri. He’s an expert with the nunchuku and the staff. The three have formed an uneasy alliance with Solomon Cade and the Agents of Change.

    Daisy. Daisy Marie Turner. Cute and psychotic. Even worse, she doesn’t miss with her guns. Ever. Nemesis of Eagless and Wildbird.

    Damsel. Katherine Fitzgerald. A female knight. Expert jouster, swordfighter and martial artist. Member of the Ladies of the Realm.

    Danger. Amanda Fisher. Member of the Sisterhood of the Shadow.




    That’s A through the beginning of D. Many more to upload. I will do more later.



    Darkbird. No one knows the identity of this masked vigilante, except him. His name is Eric Mitchell. Three years ago, he was in a car accident where he lost his wife, Laura. He prowls the streets at night and glides in on his metal wings. He saves the innocent and punishes the guilty before disappearing just as fast as he arrived. No one knows how, but he always seems to know where he is needed most. As a result, he is a most reliable ally to the Squadron Prime, though he has turned down membership numerous times.

    Dash. Candice Noble. She has super speed, but only in short bursts. Member of the New Force.

    Delegate. Charles “Chuck” Baxter. Personally trained Guardsman of the Squadron Prime after he made the decision to hang up the tights. But could a new villain (or maybe an old one) be forcing him to come out of retirement?

    Doubletake. Jayden Ramey. Self-replication.

    Duskflower. Serena Evans. Adept at all bladed weapons and mistress of stealth.

    Eagless. Brenda Mendez. Younger sister of Wildbird. One half of the Sisters in Flight.

    Ed. A member of Nightmare’s group of “freaks.”

    Einherji. Kal Stefansson. Superhuman physical attributes imbued by the souls of the honored dead of Valhalla.

    Elastix. Lena Reynolds. Can stretch body to unknown proportions. Retired member of the original Squadron Prime.

    Emerald. Jacqueline Owen. She has telekinetic diamond-hard armor. Member of the New Force.




    Ettia. Member of the Angels. Cousin of Tania, Aviana and Haliya. She controls plant growth.

    Falconess. Emily Wilson. Flight and telepathic communication with birds of prey.

    Felissa. Melissa Hall. Feline transformation.

    Fiamma. Rosa Vitelli. Pyrokinetic sword fighter and martial artist. A young heroine from Italy.

    Firestarter. Derek Ingram. Pyrokinetic as well as flame body and flight. Member of the New Force.

    Flare. Kalli Starr. Solar-powered pyrokinesis, the manipulation of fire when charged by heat from the sun.

    Flourish. Lily McAllister was born in a small Pennsylvania town. When she was 13, she witnessed her cousin, Dani, being bullied at school. Enraged, she went to defend her cousin but unwittingly unleashed a violent psychic attack. Since then she has been honing her mutant abilities to create weapons out of psychic energy. Her favorite weapon of choice is her psychokinetic knives. Her cousin Dani would manifest her own mutant ability and has since become the heroine Nightlight.




    Flurry. As a young girl in Montana, Kelly Wilbourne loved to skate and play in the snow in the winter months. One snowy day when she was 12, Kelly was caught in a blizzard and became lost in the woods. She was saved by a mysterious snow spirit. The spirit her powers over ice and snow as long as she used them to save others in peril. Kelly became known as the heroine known as Flurry. She is a member of the Squadron Prime. Attracted to Seraphim, the mutant who has become trapped on Earth-2486.

    Force. Ellie Taylor. A superstrong fighter in the Arena of Champions.

    Friction. Anna Vale. Friction and inertia manipulation.

    Glide. Amber Spears. Member of the New Force. Technological-based glider.

    Global Boy. A shapeshifting alien child with no memory of his origin, race or identity, discovered by the Global Girls. Taken his current form to assist them. Views the Girls as a big sisters/little brother relationship. They call him Geebee, as he has no actual name. Puppy love crush on Haliya.

    Goop. A member of Nightmare’s group of “freaks.”

    Graceful Dragon. Lung Xiu was a fantastic martial artist in Taipei. She was winning multiple martial arts tournaments against women but was not allow to compete against the men. Furious, she retired from fighting. It wasn’t long before she received a mysterious job offer, containing a check and a plane ticket to Houston. Curious and in need of money, she went and was greeted at the airport by two American women, Colleen Clements and Lana Graham, who told her of their organization of premiere female fighters. Although she scoffed at the idea of being a superhero, but intrigued nonetheless, Xiu took the translation of her name, Graceful Dragon, and joined as the newest Global Girl.


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