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    Ice pulled on a shirt and looked at Omega with contempt. Closing the door behind him, he slowly approached her and took off his mask. For someone who acted as cocky as Omega he wasnt extremely handsome as one would have expected. He wasnt ugly either. Mary Cranes article “fans” which ranged from women aged fifteen to forthy would classify him as “Average” or “bland”. That being said he somehow had the confidence of a model. Ice wondered was he always as confident or did it come after he got his powers. The silence was broken when he spoke.
    “So…you met Cap..” Omega said now maskless.
    “Whose Cap?” Ice asked until it hit her he was talking about Capsule.
    “Um…yeah..why did you take your mask..” Ice said confused as to his actions.
    “I apologise for his actions and I am sure when the berserker effects wear off he will be sorry too” Omega explained.
    “Berserker effects?” Ice asked questioning Omegas involvement.
    “Yeah see…” Omega started.
    “Earlier today I was checking out the city. Since Alpha went home I got none to have any…”He stopped for a minute and then continued.
    “..Well not fun he’s kinda a boring know it all asshole… but I don’t have any companionship. So anyway I was beating the crap out of some thug who tried to rob an old lady when I look across the street and there’s Cap. I hadn’t seen him in about a year and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say Hi.” Omega went on before Ice cut in.
    “How do you know Capsule?” Ice asked looking at Omega.
    “Oh we met about a year ago in GridLine city. He and I teamed up for a while and became good friends as a result. He had to leave after a while and continue his search for whatever he’s looking for.” Omega said as he looked at Ice.
    “But back to the story. So we got to talking and decided we would go have a few drinks. So after about the tenth round some redneck comes over and says ‘Hey freaks! Comic book shops three blocks away”. This of course pissed off Cap. he took two pills to out of his jacket and told me if he got any crappy power take care of the redneck. I agreed because at the time we were quite drunk. So he took the pills and he got the power of a berserker. In other words when he got angry his strength increased one hundred fold. So after the fight we came back here and I sobered up enough to stop him from killing you…” Omega finished looking at Ice
    “Why?” Ice asked.
    “My face was itchy” Omega said as he got up and walked towards the door.
    “What?” Ice said annoyed.
    Omega put on his mask and walked out the door leaving Ice on her own in the room. Her body still feeling extremely hot she fell back on the bed trying to get some sleep.



    It was dark when she woke up and Ice felt better than she had earlier that day. It was about this time when she heard some shouting from the other room. As she opened the door half asleep, she was greeted with the image of Raven and Cap in what appeared to be a wrestling match. Raven had been grounded by Cap who was swearing and shouting something at Raven. What made this even more interesting was that Omega and Tech were watching the whole thing go on. It came to the point where it looked as if Cap was about to kill Raven Ice jumped in almost as if she was driven by instinct and ran over to the spectators.
    “What the hell are they doing?!” Ice asked as she watched Cap get scratched across the face by the Ravens talons.
    “Fighting”Omega said still watching the fight.
    Upon closer inspection Ice saw that there were bruises and marks on their faces as if they had been at it for hours.
    “How long have they been at it?” She asked as she started to worry about the two of them.
    “About 2 hours.” Omega said as he finally broke his concentration to look at Ice.
    “Actually..More like 1 hour 53 minute’s and 30 seconds” Tech said looking at them beat each other their fatigue showing.
    “What about? Furthermore why haven’t you two stopped them yet!?” Ice asked starting to worry about the idiots fighting.
    “We tried but they just wouldn’t listen to reason. Its like my mother used to say “If you dont listen to reason ya might as well beat each other so bad ya get all the anger out”. So we kinda just let it happen.” Omega said watching the fight.
    “I for one think its a fight over who is the dominant male as they do in the animal kingdom. Of course its actual origin does not interest me and frankly unlike Omega I need to talk to these two idiots when they are done.” Tech said looking at the men and then pulling a small ball out of the drawer.
    “What is that?” Omega asked as Tech pulled the pin out of the now clear grenade like sphere.
    “It’s the solution to this problem. Now I would say something Cliche to make you feel more at ease but I dont want to take that pleasure away from you Omega.” Tech said as he threw the object at the fighting heroes.
    In a flash the two men where electrocuted and subdued in what seemed like a steel rope. Both men began to struggle and scream at Tech as he got up and looked at the two men.
    “Ice I will be here a while. Be a good girl and go and do some errands for us will you?” Tech said as he slapped the men behind their heads the same way a father would to his sons.
    Thinking that this was the perfect opportunity to collect the chemicals she needed to keep her identity secret she agreed to go and police the area while making a stop off at Alice’s home.

    Ice pulled up to Alices home and slowly got off her bike. The door swang open and an angry Alice stepped out of the house with a very ‘what the hell are you doing’ look on her face. Ice walked towards Alice and was waiting for anything Alice had to give to her. In the past when Mary had gotten into trouble Alice would respond in two way. The first being her caring sister approach. She would run over and hug Mary and tell her everything was going to be ok. After that she would make her some tea and they would talk about it and come to a solution together. Then there was the reaction that she was about to get. The angry nun approach. Alice stormed over to Mary and slapped her so hard that it would put a bus to shame. Mary hit the ground and looked up at her sister.
    “What the hell is wrong with you?! Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” Alice said looking at Mary.
    “Really? The judgmental bitch approach is the way you wanna do this?” Mary asked as she rubbed the side of her face.
    “I am not apologizing to you for acting like a complete idiot and almost getting yourself killed” Alice barked looking at Mary.
    “Nice to see you too.” Mary said as she got to her feet.
    “Get your ass inside before I give it a well deserved beating.



    “You got me a new outfit?” Ice said looking across the table at her sister who was now pouring their tea.
    “No mask I see…” Mary said as what Alice said hit her.
    “I told you your other outfit is a little too biker fetish so I thought combine Mary’s hard on for leather with some more traditional when it comes to heroes.” Alice said smiling as Mary looked at her ‘new’ clothes.
    “How many heroes do you know besides me?” Mary said sipping her tea.
    “Oh lots. The second I saw you guys on Tv I started researching some of them.” Alice said sounding like a teen pop stars biggest fan.
    “Okay shoot. You have my interest.” Ice said as her sister was waiting for that response.
    “Oh well there’s a guy over in a city just a little west of here calling himself Captain Solar…” She said smiling before continuing.
    “Guess what his power is?” She said chuckling at her own joke.
    Ice sat there unimpressed by her sisters joker.
    “Oh fine be that way. There’s another guy from Silvetip Valley calling himself The Clock.” She said continuing her spouting of heroes she had looked up.
    “I never understood why they call that huge city a Valley. Couldn’t they just call Silvertip City or something?” Ice said drinking her tea.
    “Who cares?” Alice said as she looked at Ice.
    “So I’m gonna wash some of those chemicals out now if you don’t mind. Ya know, so I don’t go too white after I put some new chemicals in.” Ice said as she finished her tea.
    “Okay just don’t make a mess. I’ll get rid of these old clothes.” Alice said as she picked up Mary’s cup and walked towards the kitchen.

    The warm water ran down her body as she turned the heat up and pulled out the chemical that would wash out her hair and skin colouring. It was reliving to wash out all the chemicals off her body for the first time in a long time.As water rained down onto her body she noticed some of the wounds the nano machines must have missed. She sighed as she realised that she was still no closer to finding Samantha’s killer and clearing her own name. Any lesser woman would curl up in a ball and cry to herself until she would decide to seek help from some help from the authorities. She was not like any other woman though. Her body went from a snow white to a pale peach colour and her hair went from silver to raven black all within the thirty minutes she had spent in the shower. She stepped out of the shower and rubbed the steam covered mirror with her hand. Ice’s face had disappeared and the face that remained was that of Mary Crane. Mary sighed and looked at herself for a moment. This had been a good talk with her sister and she was now going to have to leave as soon as she washed in the new chemicals. The chemicals however could not be
    put one for at least an hour or two after they had been washed out. She was tired and could use a day off. She wrapped a towel around her body and stepped out of the bathroom. As she approached the stairs she heard something from downstairs.
    “Miss we are looking for our associate Ice” The deep voice recognisable voice said.
    “I am not sure what you are talking about.” Alice said as she became nervous.
    “Miss we are in no mood for lying as we know that is her bike outside and we dont want to have to get violent” The other voice said.
    “Dont worry miss..he wont hurt you.” The first voice said.
    “Who the hell are you guys?” Alice said as Mary listened in.
    “Sorry Mam. I am Omega and this ‘gentlemen’ is Capsule” Omega said as Ice gave a sigh of relief.
    “And I would rather not wait any…” Cap said before he was interrupted by Mary.
    “The hell are you Idiots doing here?!” Mary shouted from the second floor.
    “We came to tell you that Tech wants to talk to you” Omega shouted.
    “Yeah! Get your ass down here!” Cap shouted following Omega’s words.
    “I am naked Asshole!” Mary shouted.
    “Even better” Cap said laughing at the joke he just made.
    “I am gonna count to three. If you guys dont leave and let me get dressed Im gonna freeze you both to the ground and then shatter your legs into pieces!” Ice shouted as she waited for them to leave.
    “1”She started.
    “2”she continued.
    “3”she ended and waited.



    “Okay Okay! Tech just wanted us to tell you we are taking over the patrol…Something about an attack on the east side.” Cap shouted as he left the house.
    “We will see you later Ice” Omega said as he ran out after Cap.
    Knowing the had left Mary walked down the stairs and saw her sister looking a little bewildered. Mary looked at Alice in her ‘I am so sorry’ look. Alice put down what Mary assumed was her new outfit and walked into the kitchen. She sat down and waited for Alice to return. She couldnt help but think how nice it was to see her raven black hair again. She liked her white hair but also liked her black hair. It was like that universal symbol of peace. White and Black. The symbols name escaped her but it didnt really matter. Alice came back into the room with some tea and scones on a tray. A sweet smell filled the room as the pastries and tea entered.
    “Okay. Lets talk” Alice said as she sat across from Mary.
    Ice began explaining everything that had happened to her in the last few days to her loving sister.

    Before she knew it an hour had passed and she began to put back on the chemicals that changed her appearence, while still talking to her sister.
    “Remember Bobby Regan? Cute guy. Asked you out all the time?” Alice said as their conversation topic had changed from vigilante antics to old times.
    “Which one was he? The broken nose or the black eye?” Mary asked as her skin began to grow pale.
    “Neither. Hes the one whose fingers you broke for kissing you” Alice said laughing.
    “Oh yeah. Where is he these days?” Mary asked rubbing the cream into her skin and then spraying her hair.
    “Hes the mayor.” Alice said laughing.
    “How many women can say they made out with the mayor then broke his fingers?” Alice said as she looked at Mary.
    “I feel so special” Mary flipped her hair to the side smileing at her sister.
    Ice looked at her earpiece and realised it was off. Tech would be pissed off now because she was not answering him. That she could live with.Ice put on her new outfit and did a little twirl as the outfit fit her like a glove.
    “Wow. Comfy”Ice said as she ran her hands down her body.
    A feeling of unease came over her. Like all the good things that had happened today would be gone in the next five seconds.
    “So-” Alice was cut off when the front wall had exploded and was now set on fire.

    Alice screamed and bolted up the stairs in fear. Ice followed her not sure who was out there and what they wanted.
    “IIIIIIIIIIICE!!” The warped voice shouted as it entered the room.
    The voice was familiar and that scared Ice more then it should. The reason this scared her was if it was who she thought it was ,then Alice would be in great danger. Ice only noticed now that her headset was not off, but was burnt out by some kind of electric pulse. She was backed into a corner and there was none there to help her.Suddenly a flash of light appeared and Tech was there.
    “Tech?” Ice said confused over the appearence of the Nerd.
    “Ice-*BLURK*” He suddenly vomited in a familiar way.
    “Tech!” Ice said looking at him as he pulled out a needle.
    Injecting himself he got up slowly,but he still looked like he had been sick all day.
    “How did you do that?” Ice asked the now heavily breathing Tech.
    “I used a teleportation device so I could make it in time” Tech said looking at Ice.
    “Who the hell are you!?” Alice said in fear.
    “This is Tech. A friend.” Mary explained rubbing his back.
    “Im her boss” Tech said.
    “Still a smartass? Even when your chocking on your own tonsils?” Ice asked with a light smile before remembering what was happening.
    Below a huge man covered in molten rock entered the living room, followed by a huge metal suit. Golem and some machine were attacking them.
    “Im fine.*cough* We were set up. There were crimes set up across the city to isolate me.” He said looking down at the iron suit.
    “Why the hell are they here!?” Ice asked feeling fear rise inside her body.
    “Revenge and Information” Tech said and gulping he looked at Ice.
    “We have to get out of here.” Tech said as he looked down at the two Monsters.
    “Cant we use that device.” Alice asked looking at the sick Tech.
    “It needs to recharge”Tech explained looking at Alice.
    “Screw it.” Ice said and rose to her feet in view of the two men below.

    Ladies and gentlemen the following are the winners of the first two rounds of my contest Interpretation of My characters. Scatman’s Omega and Herr D’s depiction of Ice getting sick. Great work from the both of them.




    “Hey Magma Mouth!” Ice shouted as she slowly walked down the stairs.
    Ice wished she had come up with a better insult then “Magma mouth”, but she was in too tense a situation to really focus on what insults would be the best for this kind of situation. She gripped the bannister as Golem looked up at her with anger in his eyes and the brain in the suit motioned towards her. From what she saw the brain did not have any eyes, or any other organs in view besides his brain.
    “Word through the grapevine is your looking for me. Any truth to that?” Ice said faking a smile as she looked down towards them.
    “Oh I have been looking for you snow bitch.” He stated with a disturbing laugh.
    “Yeah keep laughing rocky at least I’m not like a ken doll where it counts.” Ice said to the no longer laughing Golem.
    “Oh such a smart mouth un this von” The brain in the suit shockingly said.
    “Holy crap you can talk?” Ice said looking over at the brain.
    “Oh Vhere are mien Manners?” The suit said with a chuckle.
    “Dr. Alexander Von Schwarz. Now known as Ze Titanium Brain. Me und my associate’s do not vish for a fight…”He continued before being interrupted.
    “YOU don’t want to fight. I want to burn this bitch to ash!” Golem said licking his lips.
    Sighing Dr. Schwarz started typing something onto the monitor on his wrist. Suddenly the Golem began to scream in pain as even began to punch himself. His warped screams of agony caused filled the room. Ice took a few steps down the stairs towards the two.
    “Now now Golem. Mien first rule vas do not act against me.” Dr.Schwarz said as he turned the knob on his wrist device.
    “OH GOD MAKE IT STOP!” Golem screamed in pain as the good doctor started fidgeting with his wrist again.
    “You vant me to stop?” He said as Golems screams grew louder and his movements began to mimic that of someone having a seizure.
    “YES! PLEASE!!”He screamed in agony.
    Dr. Schwarz pressed a button on the monitor and turned towards Ice who had made it to the ground floor. Golem suddenly stopped screaming and slowly rose to his feet looking ashamed.
    “Now vhere vas I?” He said returning his attention to Ice.
    “Oh yes..I vish for your employer’s location. Mr. Tech. As he can help with mien…situation.” He explained to Ice.
    Ice didn’t like this guy. There was too many questions that needed answers about all this that she doubted the brain would answer. Concentrating, she was getting ready to freeze the now rambling Dr. Schwarz and his molten rock companion. Suddenly two metal tendrils erupted from the back of Dr. Schwarz suit and grabbed onto her arms dragging her towards him. Heat emitted from the tendril’s burning her hands and stalling the use of her powers.
    “Now Now…vas that really necessary? Cryo Kenisis is impressive, this is true. BUT! You rely on it far too much. Now. If you do not help me I vill release golem on you and watch as he rips you apart piece by piece. Like a dog with bone.” Dr. Schwarz said as his tendrils began to twist Ice’s arms.
    “I vonder vhat vould happen if I broke your arms?” He said as he continued to twist her arms and Ice began to shout in pain.
    “You promised me the girl!” Golem shouted at the Titanium brain.
    “Und I am in charge!” The brain said towards Golem. Ices screams now filled the room. She was powerless now. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but the pain she was now in.
    “I have just dislocated your arms. Now…vhere is Mr. Tech?” Dr. Schwarz asked pulling Ice closer to where his face would be.
    “HERE!” Tech said from the top of the stairs.
    Tech looked weaker than he had earlier. Alice seemed to be helping him walk as they came down the stairs. Ice was now really pissed off at Tech. She had just gotten her arms dislocated defending the son of a bitch and now he gives himself up.
    “Guten Tag Tech. You look vell.” Dr.Schwarz said dropping Ice as if she was a doll.
    “I know what you want me for Schwarz. If I come with you…- cough-” Tech began only stopping to cough.
    “If I come with you…You leave her alone.” Tech finished trying to keep face in front of the man bot.
    “Deal!” Dr. Schwarz said folding his metallic arms.
    Ice barely lifted her body off the ground and saw Tech weakly activating the teleportation device.
    “TECH NO!” Ice screamed but was quickly silenced by the cold metal hand of Dr. Schwarz.
    Everything went black as Ice fell unconscious.

    Ice awoke to voices. Voices that she recognised almost instantly as Cap, Raven and Omega.
    “Ice wake up!” Raven shouted.
    Ice sprung up and noticed her joints were fine and realised that while she was out the guys must have used the nano-bots on her body to heal. Or they just re-located the joints.
    “Hey guys…” Ice said smiling at the concerned men.
    “Oh thank God! She’s awake.” Cap said in a rather rude manner.
    “She has a name and the ability to freeze you” Ice said smiling at cap.
    The family moment was quickly forgotten when the memory of where she had been beforehand quickly struck her. Tech wasn’t here!
    “Where is Tech!” Ice shouted springing up from the table.
    “That is a question we were hoping you would answer my dear.” The new voice entered the room.
    “Who is that?” Ice asked watching the doorway.
    “We met briefly. I am the Marauder” The gas mask wearing man said while entering the room.
    “He can help us.” Raven said folding his arms at Ice.
    “How?” Omega asked.
    “Tech and I share a…link if you will.” The marauder said as if revealing a huge secret.
    “What are you Twins?” Cap said laughing a little
    “Actually in a way yes.” The marauder said.
    Suddenly the room went quiet. The marauder removed his mask to reveal, under the brown hood and gas mask was a dark skinned man who looked almost identical to Tech.
    “I suppose explanations are needed?” He said in a thick south African accent.



    Silence filled the room. Ice and the other heroes stood staring at the face of the Marauder. Removing his cloak and setting it down next to his mask, he walked closer to the group. He looked like he could be Tech brother or even his twin. The only problem was that this man clearly was raised in South Africa due to his accent, while Tech spoke with a more intellectual American accent. This was getting really damn weird. And Ice thought that the weirdest part of today was going to be talking to a brain in a jar. The silence was finally broken by Cap.
    “Okay! What the Hell is going on?” Cap said towards the group.
    “Shut up Capsule!” Raven said as he removed his own mask.
    Raven was a rather handsome man. He was a little feminine looking which Ice found rather strange for someone who clearly had seen the worst of humanity. He actually looked like he belonged on the cover of the magazine she used to work for, Flamingo, rather than patrolling the skies and fighting crime. Something clearly had broken Raven in the past to cause him to become this man. It was at this moment that Ice realised that she knew nothing about her new friends, besides the fact that they were the good guys.
    “My name is Tafari Maalouf. At least that is the name I was given after for the first few years of my life. However, the name I was given at birth was number three.” Tafari Maalouf said only to be interrupted by Capsule.
    “Oh boo hoo! Get to the point!” Cap said removing his hat.
    “I am getting to the point. During the cold war the leading scientists of the world came together in an attempt to make the perfect being. This was all kept a secret among the leaders and scientist’s that participated. Project Adam. The sperm cells were a mixture of several healthy, intelligent and great men that were paid a large amount for a small cup. Each fertilised egg was given a different compound labelled A-Z and then the eggs were placed into the female volunteers.” Marauder stated.
    “That would mean there were 26 children born.” Raven said folding his arms.
    “Actually, only 16 were born and some died shortly after their birth. In a way the offspring produced were siblings, but the experimentation didn’t stop at the birth. They children who survived were tested for five years to see what the effect of the substances had on the aging children. Some children found they had extraordinary abilities and then the bidding began. Each child was sold to the highest bidding country as weapons that had to be moulded. The cold war ended five years later rendering the project obsolete. The children were still weapons and needed to be taken care of. They had to be eliminated. Operation Pacifier was implemented and the slaughter of the remaining children began. There were some that survived however, by hiding and running from the soldiers. How many I cannot say. And that is where the story ends.”
    “And what? You and Tech are survivors?” Ice said finally breaking her silence.
    “Yes mam. We do not share the same mother, our abilities are not the same, and we were raised in different parts of the world but we are brothers.” He said his face scarred and familiar.
    “So what’s the Titanium brain got to do with all this?” Ice asked causing the room to go silent again.
    She realised that this was the first time she had mentioned Dr.Schwarz since she regained consciousness. The others didn’t seem to know the name, but she could see from the look on Marauders face that the name meant something.
    “So he is alive.” Marauder said.
    “Who is he? What does he want with Tech.?” Ice asked.
    “Doctor Alexander Von Schwarz was the head scientist of the Adam project and unknown to the other men and women involved a former Nazi officer. He wanted to create the perfect race of beings to lead in the name of the Fuhrer. However, he was a victim of one of the children’s abilities and was confined to a small robotic suit for the rest of his days. I thought he was dead” Marauder said.
    “There’s also a high chance he isn’t working alone, and has some form of a contingency plan if we find him and attempt to stop whatever he is planning.” Marauder stated opening up a map on the computer screen.
    “So you’re saying he’s ready for us no matter what we do?” Omega asked.
    “In simplistic terms. Yes.” Marauder answers.
    “Wait…So we are dealing with clones and Nazi’s with super suits?!” Ice said feeling like she was part of a 80s B-Movie.
    “Omega! How did you get me into this shit?” Cap shouted towards his friend rather frustrated.
    “Hey! I didn’t see this coming. I was just doing a favour for Tech and now I’m part of this!” Omega shouted with fear.
    “Why isn’t Alpha here!? He would know what do to!” Cap shouted looking around the room.
    “Alpha is at home! Someone has to be patrolling Wave Valley!” Omega shouted.
    “Would you two shut up?” Ice shouted sounding like a mother.
    “You think Tech would want us to fight like this! No! We need to find him and stop whoever this psychopath is!” Ice continued taking control of the situation.
    “And how are we going to do that?” Capsule said turning his attention towards Ice who was now getting up from the bed.
    “I don’t know. But at least I’m going to try and not bitch like a bunch of teenage girls.” Ice said facing the group.
    Cap voicing his opinion said “So what you’re gonna magically find Tech and then somehow…”
    His opinion was quickly cut short by a fist. It wasn’t the fist of Raven, Ice, or Marauder, but the fist of Omega which sent Pill boy off his feet and to the ground in pain.
    “What the hell was that for Asshole?” Cap shouted rage filling his eyes.
    “Ice is trying! Unlike us she is trying to stop this guy and save Tech. It may not be the ideal situation but god damnit it is better than blaming everyone here….” Omega said offering a hand to Capsule.
    “This is our life buddy. The life of capes, super powers and insane assholes who think their owed something.” Omega continued helping Cap up.
    “So I say we stop acting like scared kids because daddy’s away ,and hunt this guy down and kick his ass!” Omega said trying to be inspiring and failing.
    “Okay…”Cap said rubbing his nose.
    “But not because of that speech. I’m only doing this because I wanna kick some Nazi ass!” Capsule said smiling at Omega.
    “Such a strange set of friends.” Raven said shaking his head.
    “Says the girly looking bird boy.” Ice said smiling at Raven.
    Then for the first time that Ice knew him the Raven began laughing. This was her team and she had just been appointed their leader. Suddenly something came to Ices mind. Tech was the smartest guy on the planet, he would have obviously had a plan in place in case something like this was to happen.
    “Guys! Has anyone checked to see if Tech left something behind for us in case this happened?” Ice asked.
    The Marauders and Ravens eyes widened and they bolted out of the room towards Techs computer. Ice, Omega and Cap shared glances and quickly followed them.
    “That’s a no then.” Ice said following the men.

    Marauder was typing quickly on the computer searching for files or videos that would help them. He came across two folders that were labelled “Plan 652: Scorched ground” and “Teleportation Belt”. They attempted to open the folder “Plan 625” but ran into difficulty. A password was needed for access unfortunately. Ice watched as each of them tried to guess what the password could be. It would take years of research to find out what Tech would use as a password. Ice was so frustrated. She needed to find what was on the files.
    “Let’s try the other folder. Maybe there’s a clue inside of it that could help us.” Capsule said.
    Opening the other folder a video popped up of Tech using the belt Ice had seen him with earlier. He stated that it made him very sick after using it as a result of his matter being moved so fast that his body couldn’t take it. It was just a simple research video he was doing. But something he said caught Ice’s attention. The power of the belt was specific and therefore needed to be charged for a certain amount of time after usage.
    “Guys!” Ice said as an idea came to her.
    Pausing the video they all turned to face Ice. It was like someone was interrogating her now. The spotlight was on her.
    “What if we look for traces of large energy sources in specific areas.” Ice said trying not to sound like an idiot.
    “That…Might just work!” Marauder said as he got to work.



    It worked! There was a large energy signal from across town similar to that of the one at Alice’s Home. Zooming in on the signature Marauder found that it was a shipyard across town where they were keeping Tech. The taste of victory however was short lived as a video link began between Ice and her companions and the man who kidnapped Tech. There on the screen was the brain floating in the jar connected to the large metal suit.
    “Guten Tag” The Titanium brain said over the video.
    “Alexander.” Marauder responded.
    “I see you have found my location by tracking Techs Belt. This is True yes?” Titanium brain asked.
    “Damn right you Nazi Mother-” Cap said but was soon interrupted by the brain.
    “I VAS NOT TALKING TO YOU!” The brain shouted in what appeared to be anger.
    “Occam’s…razor Ice.” A voice from behind the Brain said.
    “Vhat vas that?” The brain said as he revealed Tech.
    “Scorched ground Protocol” Tech said again as the brain shouted for men to take him away.
    Silence fell over both sides of the screen. Ice had heard what he said and was thinking about what it could mean. Was it a clue as to the password and if so what did it mean.
    Suddenly alarms began going off and the doors to the exits slammed shut. Something had happened and not one of the hero’s liked it.
    “Now I believe I have hacked into Techs computer and naturally set zhe Self-destruct mechanism on. Oh how Clumsy. Enjoy your deaths Heroe’s. Auf Wiedersehen!” He said signing off.
    Panic came over the heroes as Marauder opened the folder Plan 625. This place was going to be their tomb if they did not activate the code.
    “God Damnit Omega!” Cap said as he punched Omega.
    “This is all your damn fault! If we die I’m never talking to you again!” He said sounding rather childish.
    Marauder typed ‘Occam’s Razor’ into the computer hoping it was the right password.
    “Access Denied.” The computer responded.
    Raven pushing Marauder aside started typing. With only 30 seconds left according to the big clock on screen Ice continued to think. Raven typed “Tech” into the computer.
    “Access Denied” The computer responded for a second time.
    Suddenly Ice remembered a conversation both Tech and her a while back in regards to Occam’s razor. She flashbacked to the moment Tech found out who she was.
    “I have a question. What’s Occam’s Razor?” she had asked.
    “It’s a belief that states that in situations that have many different solutions the obvious answer is usually the correct one.”
    Rushing over to the computer Ice began typing.
    “What the hell are you doing?” Raven shouted as panic continued over the two fighting friends.
    “Occam’s Razor means that in situations with many different solutions the obvious answer is usually the correct one!” Ice shouted at Raven
    “I know that but what’s the obvious answer!” Raven shouted back.
    Ice typed in the most obvious password she could think of. “Password”
    “Access granted.” the computer said as the screen went blank.
    Ice spun her chair around and smiled at Raven, Omega, Marauder and Capsule. The doors began to open and so did everything that was locked automatically from Techs console. Getting up from the chair, she shook her hips in pride towards the men whose asses she had just saved.
    “If you ladies need me I’m going to get changed into my costume.” Ice said smiling at her fellow heroes with confidence.
    “Why?” Omega asked getting to his feet.
    “Well we are going to save Tech or…” Ice said smiling feeling the adrenaline rush through her body.
    “Die trying” she said smiling.
    Silence came over the men as Ice stood there in there in the doorway. They had all experienced so much over the last number of days and now was the time to show the world what they were made of. Cap broke the silence.
    “I guess it’s time for us to take the stage. No more foreplay. This Nazi robot wants us to play rough and while I can’t speak for the rest of you I am in a good mood to give it to him.” Cap said to the group smiling.
    “But let’s make this clear we are not gonna lay down and take it. We are gonna make the Kraut work for it!” Cap said lifting a cigarette to his lips and lighting it.
    “Let’s go there and grind all his men down to a thin red paste.” Raven said smiling at the team.
    “That’s showing me you have balls.” Ice said smiling as she felt something slap her ass.
    “HEY!!” Expecting Omega she turned around to see a smiling Raven.
    “Just in case I die” he said smiling at Ice.
    Ice returned the smile to the flying pretty boy. The room began to fill with laughter for a moment. Marauder left the room amidst the laughter.
    “That’s all your gonna get you know.” She said as she walked towards her room.
    The men made sure Ice couldn’t hear them before they began talking again.
    “There goes one hell of a girl” Cap said smoking his cigarette.
    “That’s true. Far too good for the likes of any of us.” Omega said scratching his head.
    “If she dies tonight we are no longer men. We are snivelling cowards. Condemned for hell.” Raven said coldly returning to his usual tone.
    “Got that right.” Cap agreed finishing his cigarette.
    “I’m not going to argue with ya Raven.” Omega said smiling.

    Ice put on her costume and smiled at herself in the mirror. She picked up her blue lipstick and softly pressed it against her lips. Looking at her reflection she remembered everything that led up to this point. Raven breaking into her apartment, meeting Tech, fighting off those two bank robbers, meeting the other Superhero’s and fighting with them against the bad guys, Tech finding out who she was and finally meeting the brain. All led up from a single night getting high on morphine. She wondered if she could return to her old life after this, or was it even possible. She hoped it was. She still wanted to be Ice and perhaps take this on full time. Jesus she had come a long way. If you asked her back when she started doing this ‘would you do it full time’? She would have told you to take your opinion and shove somewhere where it matters. Of course now it was different. She was different.
    Finishing her make-up Ice readied herself for the battle ahead. Picking up her motorcycle helmet she walked out to meet the guys at the entrance.



    Ice walked towards her team mates in her new costume. Her bike was also waiting for her at the entrance. Her smile turned to a frown as she saw someone was sitting on her bike. Cap was sitting on her bike as if it was some kind of chair. Marauder was near a large object covered in a tarp. A similar tarp to the one that was once used to cover Ices bike.
    “You. Pill boy! Off the bike!” Ice snapped at Cap.
    “Come on someone’s got to give me a ride to the docks.” Cap said smiling at Ice.
    “Come on dude you just want to cop a feel” Omega stated smiling at Cap.
    “If you even try I am going to break your legs in half.” Ice said with a nasty smile.
    Marauder pulled the tarp off of a large desert vehicle. It was like something you would see in a movie. Marauder climbed in and looked towards Cap.
    “Looks like there’s enough space with Marauder Cap” Raven said as he elevated into the air.
    “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Cap said clearly not comfortable with the idea of being in a car driven by a man with a metal arm.
    “Where is the badass who was here a few minutes ago?” Ice asked smiling as she put on her helmet.
    Looking defeated and disappointed, Capsule climbed into the Dune Buggy and sat next to the Marauder. Raven began flying ahead of everyone. Understandable, since considering the fact that while Ice had a bike, Marauder had that off road vehicle, and Omega had super speed. Unlike the rest of the group, Raven had little to no way of getting to the warehouse at a great speed.
    Ice started up her bikes engine and listened to the old girl purr. Marauder drove off quickly and Omega dashed off after him. Ice was left alone in the warehouse with her bike running. Two things ran through her head at this moment. The first was that if there was ever a time to back out, now was that time. The second was how much these guys had done for her over the last few weeks. If she turned around and ran away now, then how was she any better than the villains that she was fighting on a regular basis?
    “Screw it!” Ice said as she started the bike and sped off after the rest of the team.

    They pulled up to the warehouse to see that Omega and Raven were already there waiting for them. Ice was surprised that this was actually happening. She had a strange mix of fear and excitement running through her body as she got off her bike. This was what real superheroes did. They saved those who needed help, stuck together, and stopped evil psychopaths. Marauder stepped up to the group and began talking.
    “Are you all ready? This is not going to be an easy task and some of you might die. So if you want to run. Do it now” Marauder stated as he pulled off his cloak and mask.
    Nobody moved. Ice was rather proud of the pill boy, bird brain and average Joe. They could have left and went on with their lives by now. Why they stuck around, she would never know.
    “Okay. Here is the plan. Omega. You’re our shield. Make sure we are protected by anything.” Ice said smiling at the guys.
    “Deal.” Omega responded nodding at the group.
    “Raven. You’re our air support. For the love of God don’t get shot down.” Ice told Raven as if she was some kind of general.
    “Understood.” He responded spreading his wings ready for flight.
    “Marauder and I will try to get into the warehouse and stop whatever’s going on.” Ice said waiting for the obvious question from Cap.
    “What about me?” Capsule asked looked over the other guys.
    “You just kick as much ass as you can dude!” Omega said patting Capsule on the back.
    “Basically” Ice agreed in a rather cool tone.
    “So we are really gonna be doing this?” Capsule asked as they walked up to the chain linked fence.
    “Why? Having second thoughts?” Omega asked as he patted Capsule on the back.
    “I hope you die here!” Cap said smiling at Omega.
    “Not gonna happen.” Omega said laughing.
    With this said, everyone scattered into the yard to face their enemy.

    Nothing. There was none here. Raven hadn’t spotted anything from the air and was now on the ground. The place was deserted. Were they wrong? Was it too late? Ice felt somewhat defeated. Ice felt a hand on her back. Omegas hand was on her back as if to say “don’t worry”.
    “I’m sure we will find something here to help us.” Omega said smiling.
    Suddenly a loud noise was heard by all of the heroes. It was a loud firing noise coming from close by.
    “Everyone down!” Omega shouted as he was blown across the street by some form of wave.
    “Christ! I love this new toy!” The man announced appearing out of nowhere and leaping from the top of the warehouse to a crate just above them.
    In a red and yellow costume with pads on his knees and a mask on his face, he bounced from the crate on impact and flew across to atop a crane above them. His Australian accent and cocky attitude was known to Ice and she realised just how much trouble they were in.
    “RICOSHAY!”Ice shouted towards the cocky Aussie.
    “Present Love!” He said still holding the large weapon.
    “Ice! Omegas not getting up!” Cap shouted at Ice.
    Turning away from Ricoshay, Ice saw that this was indeed true. Omega had hit a solid iron container leaving a human shaped dent in the space he hit. But unlike every other hit he had sustained from a blast of energy, he was not getting up this time. Running over to Omega’s side, Ice quickly turned back towards the bouncing man.
    “What did you do to him?” Ice shouted at the Australian.
    “Shot him love. See the Brain has been studying this guy for a while. While having a bulletproof body he is not immune to everything. Turns out he can be beating to death, or in the case of this little beauty…” he trailed off as he lifted the large gun in the air.
    “Damage his insides to the extent of organ failure!” He said and began to laugh.
    “Come-on man you’re stronger than this!” Capsule shouted at Omega as blood ran from the wounded man’s mouth.
    “Bud. I am really tired…” Omega said as blood dripped from his lips and he let out a cough expelling some of it out.
    “Come-on…Stay with us!” Raven ordered Omega.
    “You said this wasn’t going to happen man!” Capsule shouted as he began shaking the limp body of Omega.
    Capsule took two pills and his hands grew bright. A bright light spread across his hands and illuminated the group.
    “What’s that?” Marauder asked.
    “I don’t know! But it might save him!” Capsule said placing his hands on Omegas dying body.
    “What do you mean you don’t know?” Ice asked as Omega just stared at the hands.
    “Its random okay!? I could be making it worse for all I know.” Capsule shouted in fear of losing his friend.
    “You can’t save him Capsule.” Marauder said as coldly as Tech.
    “I can try!” He shouted as his hands began to lose their illumination.
    After they had lost all their light,the group stood in silence. Omega was still dying and looked towards Ice.
    “Ice…am I dying?” Omega asked as Ice felt tears forming.
    Ice stayed silent just looking at the dying man. She felt tears running down her face as he stared weakly at her. Omega looked towards her and frowned.
    “Please…” He said coughing up more blood and grabbing Caps arm.
    “Just …win” he said as his head hung down and his grip on Capsules arm went limp.
    “I told him to die.” Cap said sadly in great despair. Ice placed her hand on his back.
    “He knew you didnt mean it.” Ice said trying to comfort him.
    “Aww. Aint that sweet!” The voice from behind them said.
    Everyone wiped their forearms across their eyes and turned towards Ricoshay. One by one.A look of anger on each of their faces.
    “Raven!” Ice shouted at Raven.
    “Right” Raven said taking flight into the air above them.
    “Where’s Tech!” Capsule shouted sound especially angry.
    “Oh he’s inside…But the boss man says that me and the boys can’t let you guys in” He said as three more men appeared out of thin air to greet them.
    Ice knew two of the men that had revealed themselves. Golem and Freezing point. However she did not know who the third man was. He smiled and pulled out a handle of what looked like a sword with no blade. He then pressed a button and a large laser like blade sprang from the hilt. The man wore goggles and seemed to be a rather large man in stainless steel.
    “And now let me introduce the boys.” Ricoshay shouted as he leapt down to the ground they all shared.
    “We all know Golem and Freezing point. But this fellow countryman of mine calls himself Silverback. And he wants a bit of the bird.” Ricoshay smiled and pointed towards Raven.
    Ice stared in anger at the bouncing man and his group of super villains. Golem looked like he had been waiting to get a hold of her for a long time and had a perverse look on his rock formed face. Both groups glared at each other from across an invisible line, waiting for the moment.
    “I want the bastard jumping bean.” Capsule stated through his teeth.
    “Boys. Time to go to work” He said as each hero and villain ran towards each other.



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