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    Albert Turner ran down the street thinking he had just got away with murder. His wife had been cheating on him for weeks, maybe years, he didn’t know. It was simple and quick, more than she deserved in his opinion. He stood at a corner and looked at the gun he had used to do the deed. She and her lover had been lying on the bed asleep, thinking Albert was out of the city for the night. He snuck in and pulled the gun out. He used her favourite pillow as a silencer and killed her in her sleep, but that woke the lover. He had to shoot the pistol without a silencer so the gunshot was heard. His belief now was that he was safe; he had done what most people could never do. He killed someone, and had their blood on his cloths. But, what he didn’t know was that he was being watched by someone who was just waiting for him to cut down that alleyway. As Albert walked down the alley way he heard something.
    “Someone’s been a bad boy.” the voice said and Albert drew his gun.
    “Who’s there?!?!” Albert said as he felt a cold breeze.
    He heard noise’s from the fire escape. He lifted his gun high and tried to see what was up there. Breathing heavy he didn’t want to sound cliché and say who was there. He knew the cops would be around soon and he would be screwed. He stepped further down the alley and wondered who else he would have to kill. He was beginning to get a taste for it; he was in control of life and death.
    “You know what happens to Bad boys who do naughty things like murder?” the voice said.
    Albert was now sure it was a woman, but why the hell was she playing the hero. Nobody in this city does that, saving people was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Wraith City was the kind of big city that was a lost cause, something that probably would have gone under years ago. Course now Albert saw the appeal in murder and crime. He looked around as he stepped further down the alleyway like he was out of an action movie. As he stepped closer to the dead end he heard something drop behind him. Turning around like a bad ass he stared at the shadowy figure.
    “The answer is they go to prison and after tonight you will be calling that place home” the lady said as she stepped closer.
    Feeling confident he aimed the gun at her as she stepped out of the shadows. She was wearing a mask, red goggles on her head and a weird looking outfit. Her hair was white as snow and her skin was as pale as a ghost.
    “What do they call you hmm? I thought freaks with capes were meant to be stories. Well I guess I’m going to have to kill you. Shame since you are actually one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen” he said as he was about to shoot.
    Suddenly his body froze. Not out of fear or anything like that it was as if his whole body was encased in a block of ice. At this point she was right next to him and smiling.
    “What’s wrong? Cold? They call me Ice dumbass. And I don’t take kindly to being called ‘sexy’ by some murderer.” she said as she circled the man.
    Albert watched as she talked down to him as if he was a toddler. He tried to talk but it didn’t work, his mouth was sealed shut. His body was completely frozen.
    “So should I kill you or leave you for the cops? Tough decision. I mean I could freeze the blood in your body and cause you to die a very, very painful death or I could just freeze your body and let you die of hypothermia, if the thugs don’t get you first that is. Soooooo many decision’s. Then again. I’ll be no better than you if I did that. So I’ll leave you here…” she said.
    As she stopped in mid sentence she put her hand to the ground and suddenly a trail of ice appeared in the ground leading down the alleyway and around the corner. The sirens started getting louder and closer, the police were coming.
    “And let the cops find you. Unless their complete idiot’s, the cops will follow my little trail of ice and find you with blood on your cloths and find that the bullet in your wife’s head and her lover’s abdomen matchs the one in your gun. I’d start thinking of a hell of an alibi before they get here if I were you” She said as she climbed up the fire escape fast and like an Olympian gymnast did a hand stand on the railings and lowered her way down on to the top of the building. She then ran out of site, this women who had trapped him called Ice.

    As Mary Crane woke up in the morning she looked out the window she smiled. Sure she didn’t have a great night sleep since Sam left her. Hell Sam had a good reason to leave and was right. Mary did keep too much from Sam and they never had a real date it was only ever coffee and passion with them. Mary looked at herself in the mirror and saw she needed to wash the chemicals out of her hair. Her sister missed sending her the chemicals this month and as a result Mary had to go out on patrol less to spare some of it. Mary was gonna be late for work, but she really didn’t care if she was late or not. If the people down at the magazine knew what she really liked to do they would not only fire her, but call the cops on account of her being a vigilante. She didn’t really mind being single either, in fact she preferred it. However, she would now and then get into one just because she wanted to have someone there for longer than a night. Getting dressed, she made her way outside and stared at the sky for a minute. She walked down the street and went into a shop to buy a newspaper. She smiled as she read the headline.
    She smiled as she bought the paper and checked out the woman at the register. She didn’t have the same tastes as Mary but it was fine for her to at least look. She walked outside and hailed a cab expecting the day to be a good one.



    Mary walked into work, drinking the coffee she had bought on her way into the building, she wondered why the hell she was still working here? She walked past the security guard who was snacking on doughnuts and reading a sleazy magazine. Sighing in a disappointed manner she got into the elevator and pressed the fifth floor button. She hated the music on the elevator, it was always something cheery and upbeat, as a result she always felt like breaking the speakers. She remembered there was an incident once where someone had killed themselves at work, the next day while everyone was grieving they played some of the happiest music Mary had ever heard. Granted it wasn’t the companies or elevators fault, it was just one of those small things in life that annoyed people. It was normal. Mary was not normal though. She was a lesbian working as a relationship writer for a magazine called Flamingo. She wasn’t allowed to reveal she was gay to her co-workers as their bigot boss would find some reason to fire her. She was greeted by the usual bunch, Pam from accounting with another story about her damn cat, Stan with another embarrassing attempt at asking her out and her assistant Chloe. William was one of the few men that she enjoyed the company of, not because she liked him or anything but because he and she had tons in common. William was in fact the only one at the office beside Chloe that she could tolerate; he was kind and funny and didn’t talk down to her because of her position. Her job was to respond to letters addressed to her other alter ego “Mrs. Hawkins”, an old fashioned but wise woman. She would have to write in a tone that sounded like an old woman who was knowledgeable of current relationships and how to fix problems. So not only was she not allowed to express her sexuality she had to write solutions to idiotic problems, while sounding like an old woman. She couldn’t complain though, at least she had a job. She sat at her desk and began reading some of the letters and thinking about last night. Between responding to letters as Mrs. Hawkins and fighting crime as Ice, there was hardly ever any time for her to be Mary. There were other heroes in the city, two others to be precise, she had only met one and heard of the other. She read a letter from some girl named Sandy from Spiral city, she was thinking that her boyfriend was involved in some sort of gang or worse and what should she do? What Mary wanted to say was:
    “Kick his ass to the curb and don’t look back if he’s in a gang, in fact go ahead and call the cops. If he’s not stop being paranoid.”
    She had to; of course write something a little nicer and comforting.
    An hour of reading letters complaining about subjects that varied from cheating lovers, to sex tips, to erectile dysfunction cures had Marys patience and sanity on thin ice. She stepped out of her office for a drink of water or something stronger. As she walked across the office William came up to her. Crossing her arms she smiled as William stopped. He pointed his finger to the window and shouted.
    “THE RAVEN!!”
    Mary turned around and saw him flying there. The Raven was one of the other heroes in the city. A Real Nerd too. He was inspired by both a murder and the poem by Poe. He trained in combat and made some toys to fight crime with. His tech was quite ingenuous actually. His wings were connected to a device that was connected to his spine allowing him to control them through mental thought. He also had an anti-gravity device attached to them to enable flight. His weapon of choice were his hands which he wore talon looking cloves, maybe to intimidate maybe cuz he thinks it matches his outfit, Mary didn’t know. What really got on Marys nerves was whenever he caught a criminal he would say ‘Never More’, she thought that was just stupid. All her irritation towards him aside he was a good hero and saves lots of people. But why come here? Looking at the office he flew away.
    When she got home, she sat down with a glass of wine and looked at her choices for the night. She had laid out her costume and the chemicals to change her hair, and on the other side her morphine and vodka. Was she going to patrol the streets or relax for the night? She took out a syringe and filled it with morphine, the thick liquid pushing up from the needle and filling the syringe. She did this so she could relax from the world and forget all her responsibilities to this city or its people. The pinch of the needle stung but the drug began to take effect and her body felt limp. The last thing she saw was the morphing having just enough for a second douse for when she woke up.
    It was dark when some irritating noise from the window woke her up. She staggered to her feet and tried to get a hold of her surroundings. Outside the window the super bird was floating in the air, The Raven had come to visit her. She quickly hid the chemicals and suit while in the darkness. Walking over to the window she let him in.
    “What do you want?” Mary said hoping her voice wouldn’t give her away if he didn’t know who she was already.
    “You are Mary Crane Correct? You work for Flamingo Magazine?” He said landing on her carpet.
    “Yes I am and you’re the Magpie right?” Mary said looking at the Raven
    “I am the Raven and you know it Ms. Crane. Very lavish apartment for someone who works at a magazine, mind telling me how you afford it? Now I need you to come with me.” The Raven said.
    “Have I done something wrong?” Mary asked looking at the winged idiot.
    “I am not at liberty to say Ms Crane but if you come with me I am sure the law will handle it and give you a fair trial.” The Raven said.
    “I’d prefer we do this the hard way” Mary said as she got into a dizzy fighting stance.
    The Raven stepped over to her and she threw a punch. She missed and fell over. She couldn’t lose, but it was hard to collect herself in this situation. Picking her up, the Raven punched her in the face and she landed on the sofa.
    “I don’t like hitting women, but this can end if you just come quietly.” He said walking over to her.
    She saw the needle with the remaining morphing in it and quickly stuck it in his leg. The morphine staggered him but he resisted enough to kick her across the room. He staggered around trying to get a hold of himself.
    “It s hard to concentrate yourself isn’t it?” Mary said as she smashed a jug over his head and knocked him out.
    “I’m never able to relax in this Damn city, can I!!?” Mary said as she opened up the chemicals case and grabbed the dyeing chemicals and her costume.
    Looking at herself in the mirror she put on her mask and took off her clothes so she could get into her costume. She watched in the mirror and Mary Crane turned into Ice. Still under the effects of the drugs she sat down and waited for Crow boy to wake up. She started thinking of an alibi for where Mary Crane is and what had happened? She then thought of all the things that made her who she was. She was born to a drug addict mother and a farther that was close to death. Being orphaned was hard enough for her, but the Nun’s were worse than any of the bullies she would experience in later life. They didn’t like that she was an atheist and when she started showing interest in women instead of men that was when they really made her pay. She went to college and studied journalism as well as gymnastics on the side, but during her degree she became addicted to certain narcotics. She was out one night a few years ago and was offered some kind of experimental treatment with a new narcotic. Being adventurous and needing money she decided she would take it. She took several needles and survived without any visible consequences, but a few months later when she got a job at a newspaper she began feeling strange. She then moved to this city a year ago as her body got colder to touch and she got more nervous about what was happening to her. She discovered she had the power to freeze things and control her body temperature. She then decided it was time to be a protector and not someone who was found dead with cold hands. She saw him move and it was show time.
    “The hell are you doing Birdie?” Ice said as she stared at the Raven
    “What happened? Where’s Ms. Crane? Ice, where is she?!How did you find me? ” The Raven said as he looked around.
    “A big black bird isn’t hard to find, let alone follow, especially when he breaks into someone who I have shown interest in.” Ice said as he stood up.
    “Why have you shown interest in her? Are you involved in the murder Last night too?” The Raven said in suspicion
    “Murder? What murder she wasn’t here last night?” Ice said curious about what the hell he was talking about.
    “Mary Crane apparently murdered someone last night. The cops couldn’t interrogate her because she was at work but I know it was her.Now where is she?” The Raven said.
    “I sent her to my secret lair where she can be safe from morons like you.” Ice said as she got more curious.
    “So where did you hear about this?” She said as she helped Bird boy up.



    Cool! I like where this is going! Cool
    It’s interesting how you started with someone other than the main character. It’s a good way to get a first impression of Ice.
    Looking forward to the next installment.



    Running across the rooftops wasn’t how Ice wanted this night to go. She was hoping to get mellow with morphine and fall into a drunken sleep due to her vodka. What ruined her night? It wasn’t the visit from the feather brain, no she could handle that. It was that she was now the suspect in a murder and had to stay as Ice until she found out who was killed and why was she a suspect? With the Raven close behind her, she felt like she was being babysat by some guy whose more interested in the messages on his phone rather than the kid. They had some travelling to do so she had to go to the storage sheds a few blocks from her apartment to pick up her transport, the only thing in her life that she refuses to throw away.
    “So where are we going Ice?” The Raven said as they grew closer to the storage sheds.
    “We are headed to some storage sheds on Red Oak Street.” Ice said as she slid down a fire escapes ladder.
    “But we are there now?” The Raven said confused
    “Nothing gets by you does it Rooster?” Ice said as she looked at the dead apartments and condemned buildings.
    “Are you always this bitchy or have I caught you on a bad day?” the Raven said as he landed on the ground next to the cold Heroine.
    Feeling offended she kneed the bird in the groin and punched him in the face. Letting out a large groan he fell to his knees and started breathing heavy. Ice smiled as she stepped close to the storage sheds. Lifting the shutters up she saw her bike. Her blue Kawasaki Z1000 was there still as beautiful as when she bought it. She checked the fuel gauge to see if she had enough fuel to make this dumb journey.
    “Was that really necessary? Are you just gonna continue being a bitch to me?”The Raven said from the outside as he walked towards the opened shutters holding his groin. As he stared at the Cold Heroine putting on her helmet, he pulled himself togeter and stood up straight.
    “Nice Bike Ice. Are we ready to roll?” The Raven said catching his breath.
    The engine made an intimidating rev as Ice nodded to the beakless wonder. The raven flew up into the air and waited for Ice as she came around the corner on her bike.
    “Follow me” The Raven said as he flew ahead of her at a speed equal to a car.
    Ice followed him close on her bike, dodging traffic as it came towards her and concentrating on the road ahead. What the hell was going on in Wraith City?

    The Raven watched as Ice followed close behind him. Was she in league with Mary Crane? He didn’t know. Why was Ice so interested in Mary Crane? Could she hold some sort of purpose in each other’s lives? He pondered these questions as they reached the entrance to the hideout. He stopped in mid-air and began to descend to the ground as the Cold Hearted She Witch stopped and got off her bike.
    “This is the Hideout?” Ice said in disbelief at the old run down toy factory.
    “Walk inside Snow White and shut up” The Raven said.
    “Where am I suppose to park this?” she said as she realised what he just said.
    “The hell did you just call me!?!?” She asked as she was about to kick seven different shades into him.
    “Follow me and I will show you.” Raven said as he glided into the building
    As they entered the old decaying structure The Raven watched as Ice Parked her bike and threw a tarp over it. He then landed at control panel that to anyone besides himself and Tech Seemed like a normal leaver to an abandoned machine. As he pulled the switch the ground began to shake and sink into the lower levels. Ice looked around as they came to a stop.
    “Ok so are we gonna get down to business or are you just gonna keep bringing little innocent me into deep dark places” Ice said sounding like a sarcastic schoolgirl.
    “Sarcasm is unbefitting to you” Said a voice from the shadows.

    As Ice stared at the figure in the shadows approached the light. Tech stepped out and looked strangely at Ice. Raven had not told Tech he was bringing anyone back, let alone a stranger. Tech didn’t like Strangers since he wasn’t very social at all and as a result talked to people unless he was getting something out of it. Tech was a rare breed of hero, not seen much at all. He had the power to manipulate machinery and make anything he set his mind to. A genius intellect, a strong body and weapons the military would kill for. What made him different was that he hated being in the public eye and even being seen? He was a private hero and saved people not for any personal gain but due to the fact that he loved a mystery and a challenge. And that was what Wraith City was, a challenge.
    “You must be Ice, I am Tech Pleased to meet you” Tech said as he shook Ice’s hand.
    “I’m Ice. Beak over there your Side Kick?” Ice said as she looked at Tech.
    “We are under a partnership Ice. And I’m The Raven!!!” The Raven said as he began to get frustrated.
    “So why do you want to arrest Mary Crane?” Ice said as she looked at Tech with cold eyes.
    “She apparently murdered her ex lover Sam…” as Tech was about to finish his sentence Ice cut in.
    “WHAT!?! She’s….dead?” Ice said as a knot of sadness formed in her stomach.
    This was awful. Mary had only seen Sam the other day. Now she was dead and Mary was the prime suspect. Whoever did this was going to pay. She would freeze the liquid in their eyes and shatter them. She would make them have to smash thier own frozen arm off so they could survive, only to have to do the same to thier other appendages. She would be the cold grasp of death and make them feel her cold vengeance.
    Sam and she had agreed to be friends, that was a first even for Mary. All she could think of was vengeance and how sweet it would taste. Her thoughts of Vengeance where broken when Tech opened his mouth.
    “So I take it you didn’t know about this Ice?” Tech said as his voice sounded more and more curious
    “No I wasn’t aware of the death of Sam but I do know Ms. Crane is innocent of this. She was…” Ice stopped as she had to think of an alibi for herself.
    “She was what? Ice is there something you’re not telling us? Because we need any information we can get” Tech said as he stepped closer to Ice.
    Breathing heavy, Ice looked at her options. She had to act fast of her identity would be blown and she would be in jail for the rest of her life. She could only take one of these dorks on at a time and raven could fly so he had an upper hand there.
    “We are waiting” The Raven said impatiently
    ” SHE WAS ON MORPHINE AT THE TIME!!!” Ice said as she looked at the two heroes.
    “She does morphine to get away from her problems and relax. She was using it last night and slept till the morning. If you don’t believe me ask Feather brain over there. When I came to her house she said she used some of it to knock him out.” Ice explained as she was sure this would work.
    Tech looked at the embarrassed Raven and started walking towards his computer. He sat down and started typing. Ice and Raven both came over to him as he sent a message from it.
    “While there is not enough evidence to say whether you are right or wrong, I think this does seem like a little too fishy for it to be Ms. Crane.” Tech said as he looked at Ice.
    “Who was the message to?” Ice said as tech seemed to ignore their existence.
    “A friend who can help us” Tech simply said.



    Tech was not your average hero. Sure he had the fighting skill, intelligence, and connections to other heroes that almost every hero had, but he stayed out of the lime-light. Why did he do this? Because he didn’t want to be another logo, an image people relied on to save them every time they were in trouble. It was physically impossible. He only wanted to help people, but didn’t want to let them down. So he stayed in the shadows and only got involved when he was needed, and that was very rare. Tech researched every hero that ever made the papers and make contact with them in small ways. However, he chooses to stay in contact and even meet the Raven because he needed some sort of hero to be public. He couldn’t let the public not have someone to look up to and remind them that there’s people who are out there to help. So while Raven was out there, Tech would stay in the shadows and collect information. He had all the information he would need to track down any criminal at any time. But the recent Mary Crane incident intrigued him. In fact there was no sign of entry or exit at all. As for her body it was cut with some sort of knife after it had received a number of bruises by her attacker. It was easy to blame the “close friend”, as the papers put it, of Samantha Jenkins, who had been seen arguing with her on so many occasions and the fact that her ID was on the ground when the body was found. Something about this made sense, but at the same time made no sense what so ever. On the one hand they had the proof that Mary Crane had been there and had motive, as she was seen arguing with ms Jenkins the day in question about something. So it was very possible that their argument had continued and things got rough between them. Tech had a belief that half the population had the instinct to kill, one third of the world would admit to having this instinct, and one 5th of the world would kill someone in murder, war or manslaughter. But from both Ice’s and Raven’s description Mary didn’t seem to have any knowledge of the crime and only fought to stop the Raven from bringing her to prison. Ms. Crane was a smart woman and if she had done it she would have escaped instead of going to a job she clearly hated. So there still stood the question:
    Who murdered Samantha Jenkins?

    Ice woke up in on the ground she decided to sleep on the previous night. She didn’t get much sleep the previous night and for good reason. She didn’t trust these guys and couldn’t believe that Sam was dead and she was the prime suspect!! She wondered how Alice was taking this information. Alice was probably sitting working right now and hearing the news. Sure she would never be found out because of the care they both took towards contact with each other. While in College the met each other and became the best of friends. When Mary came out about her sexuality, Alice fully understood and accepted her. Alice would help Mary when she was down on her luck or needed some help. When Mary started feeling weird and cold, Alice was the first person there for her and took care of her. When she found out about her powers, Alice offered to help her out any way she could. If they weren’t as close as family they were pretty damn close. If Alice beloved the news then it would destroy their whole relationship. Now she was on the run and had to find out who the hell did the crime, so they would pay for what they did. To do this, she needed the help of the Black Bird and Techie. With this knowledge she got up and walked out the door into the computer room.
    “Good morning boys. Get enough sleep?” Ice said as she entered the room.
    “I rarely sleep” Tech said not looking away from the computer screen.
    “I usually work nights so I sleep during the day” Raven said as he pulled down his mask.
    “Do you guys have a shower? Girls gotta look good.” Ice said feeling relived that she remembered the chemicals in her hair was waterproof.
    “Over there to your left” The Raven said as he carefully disconnected his wings from his spine.
    “Is that dangerous?” Ice said as he watched the Raven as he painfully removed the wings.
    “Only if I do something wrong.” Raven said as he looked at Ice.
    “Why? Do you suddenly care?” Raven said as he smirked over at Ice.
    “Shut the hell up. We are heroes we should trust each other, if we hope to solve this crime.” Ice said as she walked to the shower room.
    Turning on the Shower she let the water wash her of any feeling that she should not go down this path of vengeance.

    Officer Nolan didn’t know what to expect when he heard about somebody finding a woman screaming in an alleyway. There is always some crazy woman, who misses her cats or off her medication or something like that. He stepped down the alleyway and felt like a cop from one of those old time TV shows. He started playing out the scene in his head as if it was a radio drama.
    “Officer Nolan, best cop on his beat, stepped down the alleyway. Nobody was going to mess with his beat, especially while he was on duty. All this dame needed was to be calmed down and shown that none would…”
    At that moment his mind stopped thinking of childish things and suddenly realised how serious things were. This wasn’t an ordinary disturbance it was something that was, in short sick. The woman was screaming, but it was for help and with good reason. The woman was on the ground, wrapped in a grey cloth, had scars on her body, her left hand had a set of hand cuffs on it and she was wearing a mask. She was clearly in a lot of pain and was reaching out for his help.She was saying something to him but at first he couldn’t make it out. He leaned down to her and listened carefully. In a weak and horse voice she said:
    Help me!
    He quickly got to his feet and called headquarters.
    “Headquarters we have an injured woman. Send an ambulance to the alley on Gold Street between the Apartment complex and O Malays Irish Pub. “He said over his radio in a panic.
    Within 3 minutes the woman was taken away into an ambulance and the situation was already making the news. Officer Nolan didn’t like this at all and wished for once he hadn’t become a cop. Finding the broken girl was bad enough, but hearing the mask was burnt and would be stuck to her face without extreme facial surgery was worse. He almost got sick when he found out she was subject to surgery and could feel everything being cut and pulled. How was she still alive?

    Ice came out of the shower and stepped out to see that the two other heroes were standing in front of the computer watching a newscast. Something was wrong. She stepped closer to the monitor and looked up at the screen. Listening to the news and seeing the pictures of the victim she vomited on the floor.
    “No way did a woman do that.” Raven said
    “What the hell is going on in this city?” Ice said as she regained control.



    Ice couldn’t believe what she had just seen on the news; it wasn’t normal or even fair. The woman was left alive and her mind was completely shattered of any normal thought or useful information about her attacker. Ice had seen killings, torture, women being taken advantage of, and girls only recently in their teens selling themselves, but this wasn’t right on any level. The bastard could have least killed her and not let her suffer any more when they had finished with their games. Why? What reason did this person have to put this woman through so much pain and suffering? Suddenly her thought was broken by the voice of Tech.
    “This is not your average killer. Their either sloppy with their work to let the girl get away or…..”
    The room grew silent as Tech paused. Ice knew that she was not the only one focusing on him at that moment. The Raven had not said a word or looked away from Tech since the news was turned on.
    “Or?” Ice said as she stared at the hero
    “Or they wanted us to find the woman. To show off their work.” Tech said as he got up off his chair.
    “So what do we do then?!” Ice said as she heard no bit of pity or disgust in Techs Voice, it was interest she heard.
    “You Suit up Ice.”
    “You’re taking the day shift, while I investigate this psycho. Who knows, maybe it has something to do with Ms. Jenkins.” Tech said as he took off his goggles and rubbed his eyes.
    Feeling like she had no other options she went to her room to get changed. She stepped out ready to go, when Tech came up to her holding something in his hand.
    “Here this is a communication device. Wear it at all times. I’ll be monitoring the crime waves in the city and report them to you.” Tech said as he handed her the earpiece.
    “Well I hope you can dig something up on this sick bastard” Ice Said as she put it in her ear.
    “Get going” Tech said as he sat back down in his seat in front of the monitor.
    Walking over to the elevator, she went up to the floor above. She pulled the tarp off the bike and got on it. Today was going to be a rough twenty four hours

    It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. The robbery was supposed to be just the normal guys, nothing out of the ordinary bank job, but this wasn’t the case. The big problem that occurred to Otis Lumpkin was why were there supers robbing the bank and why was he on the ground with his hands on his head? Then he remembered. The huge man and his bouncing buddy. He didn’t know who they were or what they were doing here, but what he did know was that he was screwed if they saw him move. He slowly was crawling towards the door in the hopes of getting away from these freaks. All of a sudden a there was feet in front of him.
    “Oi Cannon! We got a runner!” Said the Australian, masked man.
    “What? Bring him over here!” the towering man said.
    Otis was dragged across the bank to the man called Cannon. Otis knew if he struggled they would kill him, so he just let his captor drag him. He was dropped in front of the monster of a man and Otis started praying to God to save him. It was funny Otis was begging to God to save him and that he was sorry for attempting to rob the bank.
    “Ricoshay? What’s he doing?” Cannon said to his small friend, whose name was apparently Ricoshay.
    “Mate I think he’s praying?” the little man said as both men started laughing at Otis.
    Suddenly Otis was lifted up by the neck by Cannon and was slowly chocking as cannon tightened his grip. He began choking and gasping for air and started losing control of his body as it shook and tried to fight back against the behemoth. He reached down and pulled out his gun and shot the giant in his head. The grip around his neck loosened and he felt like he killed the giant. All of a sudden the giants head shot up and his grip tightened harder than before.
    “Christ! You ok Cannon?” Ricoshay said to his partner.
    “I’m tougher than I look ya jumping bean.” Cannon said as he gripped Otis’s neck tighter.
    “Ladies and gentlemen! I and my associate here would like to show all of ya, what happens when you try to play the hero.” Ricoshay announced as Cannon looked at Otis
    Otis asked god for forgiveness and the last thing everyone heard from him was his neck snapping.

    Ice got closer to the bank that was apparently being robbed. Her bike would need some gas after this drive. She was thinking about how she was going to stop them and how many were there? It wasn’t easy to think with the annoying nerd reminding her that the robbery was still in progress and telling her how important it was to save these people. She saw the bank and heard Techs voice again.
    “There is no way the cops are going to let you in there. You’re going to have to find your own way in.” Tech’s voice said in her ear.
    “Does it matter how I get in?” Ice said wondering if she could get in ninja style.
    “No. Just get in there fast” Tech said as if ordering her.
    Climbing the fire escape she leapt to the closest ledge and looked down at the policemen and spectators. She saw an opening in the window overlooking the robbery. She put her hand on the glass and froze it. Kicking the glass, it shattered and she jumped down. Landing in the centre of the room she saw the men she was dealing with and the dead body at her feet.
    “Looks like I got my work cut out for me with you two boys.” Ice said as she saw the men.
    “Wow! Look at the legs on that one Cannon!!” the small one said as he stared at her.
    “She is a looker for sure Ricoshay. But she’s probably here to stop us so we gotta bruise that pretty face.” The big guy said.
    “So it’s Cannon and Ricoshay? So you’re the idiots that are robbing this place. And apparently you like to hit girls. I’m gonna put you two in your place. Bring it on!” Ice said to the two dummies.
    Cannon ran towards her with great speed. Ice slid under his legs and was kicked in the face by Ricoshay. Her body hit the ground and Cannon walked over to her.
    “See you have to play nice little girl” Cannon said as he picked her up from the ground and bashed her against the wall.
    When he picked her up again she kicked him in his face, forcing him to let her go. Leaping over him she ran to the other side of the room. As cannon ran towards her she froze his path forcing him to slip and hit the wall. She leapt up on top of him and quickly froze his suit. He began struggling in the ice but was getting nowhere by doing so.
    “Move all you like I froze you solid. I hope the cops can unthaw you in time” Ice said as she looked towards Ricoshay.
    “You’re a dead bitch!!” Ricoshay said as he pointed towards Ice, this time she wasn’t going easy on him.
    Ricoshay ran towards her and unlike the last time he didn’t get the jump on him she got it on him. She gripped his groin and smiled at him.
    “You have seen what I can do. Imagine what I can do to this?” Ice said as she gripped tighter.
    “Now your gonna be a good little boy and surrender aren’t you?”She said.
    As soon as she finished her sentence she was head butted and let go of him. He jumped against the wall and bounced out the window. It was clear now why his name was Ricoshay. He could propel against the walls at a high speed. The people were safe and he wasn’t going to hide for long.



    Walking over to the canon, he reminded her of a turtle that had fallen on its back. She almost felt sorry for him as she heard the cops come in the door. She didn’t move as she looked at him and wondered how he got so big and if he got lose what the hell would he do.
    “Don’t move lady!” A voice from behind Ice said.
    Ignoring the voice she stepped closer to him and put both her hands on his helmet. She began freezing the helmet until it was about to break. Standing back up ,she lifted her foot off the ground and planted it on his head shattering the helmet. The bank echoed with the sound of his violent screams. One of the officers fired a warning shot at the wall.
    “I said don’t move!” The cop said.
    “Oh my God, are you serious? I just saved all those peoples butts!” She said as she turned around to the swat team.
    “ON THE GROUND LADY!!” he shouted as he came closer.
    Ice thinking fast put her hands on the ground and used her powers. The officers were frozen in their place. Looking at them in anger, she knew she would get the blame for this. Walking out of the bank she was greeted with more angry cops looking for someone to blame. It was times like this she wished she could fly. She looked at them and raised her hands. It would take some sort of miracle to save her now. Then as if someone was doing her a favour it began to rain. With that she slammed her hands on the ground and formed a huge ice shield around her body. Running through the storm of bullets flying at her, she had to think of her feet about how she was gonna get away. She quickly turned around and faced the cops running towards her. The armour she had made now falling off of her, she used the rain to make a wall of ice between her and the cops. Sighing in relief she ran to her bike and tried to start it. It wouldn’t start, there was a first time for everything but now wasn’t the damn time!! The loud sirens were getting closer and closer. She turned the key hard and it started. Putting on her helmet she sped off. She felt adrenaline rush through her body combined with the feel of wind pushing against her, gave her a feeling that was only level with the morphine she had last night. She sped to the hideout to see if Tech had made any headway in the murderer’s identity.

    When she arrived at the hideout, she saw Tech was waiting for her. She walked towards him and saw a look of curiosity on his face. She wondered had he found out something about the killer or worse had he found out about her identity.
    “Congrats. You just froze five officers and let the other criminal get away” Tech said coldly
    “Well I was being blamed for the damn robbery and furthermore I’m not in the mood for this sh…” Ice said but was interrupted by Tech
    “Who’s blaming? I am applauding you. You didn’t kill anyone, you got away and at least you caught one of the guys.” Tech said, though it was hard to know if he was being sincere or sarcastic.
    Ice watched as the strange hero walked away, down the elevator to his computer screen. Ice sighed as she watched the sun in the sky, thinking if her body could melt would she let it? How can she be able to continue knowing there is some sick son of a bitch is out there torturing women. She just wanted to know what was going through this maniacs mind.

    “Now, Now, Now, My dear don’t scream so much. After all what’s the point we are in a sound proof room” Slicer said as he took his syringe in his hand.
    It always made him feels good to see them wiggle and twist while obviously restrained to the table. The syringe filled up with his special serum. It would paralyze the body but not the nerves. She would feel everything he did to her. Every slice and dice he made into her supple skin would be felt. Her body would remain alive unless he made a fatal mistake, but of course that rarely happened. What the “normal” people out there didn’t understand was he was making art. Why seek perfection in modelling, acting, singing, or even in sleazy movies, when he could take the perfect parts of each woman and choose a healthy woman to bare these beautiful gifts. He had the T.V on so he could let his new patient see his latest experiment. But the news was playing a different story. What was more important than his victim? Just at the moment when he was about to turn off the T.V he saw her. A beautiful white haired woman, who had super powers, was on the T.V. She had little to no flaws; she was something of an angel if nothing else! He had found his Venus. She was going to gain the gifts he took off these women. He was going to make her his own soon, but first he would need the parts and her name. What was his angel’s name? Oh he felt wonderful. Today this victim would be cut up so well he would show his angel how much she meant to him. He smashed the porcelain face bust on the table and picked up its head. Oh how he enjoyed this part.

    Ice felt a chill go down her back. Something evil was happening at that moment. When she got down below she saw there was a third member of our little party talking to Tech. Curious she wondered who had gotten tech out of his chair long enough to strike up a conversation that he seemed to be enjoying.



    As she stepped closer to Tech and his mysterious companion, she felt a sudden uneasy feeling come over her. As if taking any further steps would result in some sort of disaster. Tech didn’t seem the type of person to ever smile. He always acted so anti-social, staring at his computer screen for hours and never moving even to get a glass of water. She had only known him for less than a day, but from the moment she saw him sit in front of the screen she knew he wasn’t the social type. She came to the conclusion the fact he was smiling to this stranger meant that they either knew each other very well, or he had said something that Tech had found so idiotic it was amusing. Ice had known people like Tech her whole life, Intellectuals who had little time for people who didn’t have time for those of lesser intelligence than their own. They didn’t like society as it was and kept to themselves and on occasions decided to come down from their clouds for a moment and mingle with the common folk. Ice was surprised to see Raven wasn’t around to ridicule her on the job she did that day. She knew he would compare her fluke to his triumph when he finally did show his face, so she enjoyed the calm before the tool either woke up or came home. She stretched her arms out and smiled as she walked towards her room.
    “Where are you going?”She heard a voice from behind her ask.
    Tech’s friend has asked her and began walking towards her. His interest in Ice made her feel a little awkward. He was talking about her as if she was a toy, or something.
    “So is this the new one Tech?” He said in a surprised yet questioning tone.
    Tech didn’t answer. Ice could feel the man’s gaze go up and down her body, and it made her uncomfortable.
    “Let me look at you.” he said staring at her in a way that made he feel like a lab rat.
    “Ok I am officially weirded the Hell out. Tech whose the Geek that’s checking my ass out and is about to get a broken nose?” Ice said to Tech.
    “That is Jerry Robinson, He’s my tech guy and occasionally Techs support.” A voice from the shadows said as a beautiful woman stepped out.
    “I’m Fox, pleasure to meet you” She said as she stepped closer to Ice.
    “I’m Ice. And it’s great to see Tech isn’t only interested in male heroes.” Ice said as she looked the woman up and down.
    “Oh honey I’m no hero. I’m a thief.” She said in a calm manner.
    “The hero game is kinda a rare thing for me to be involved in. But I just can’t say no when Tech-y Pie, over there, needs my or Jerry’s help with something. It’s so cute to hear him say please” She said in a mocking manner towards Tech.
    “Techy Pie?” Ice said smiling towards the already at work Tech.
    “I don’t want the nickname…I didn’t ask for it…and I won’t respond to it” Tech said as cold as ever.
    Ice suddenly felt relaxed around this woman, it was nice not being the only woman in the base and she was some eye candy ice could stare at while Tech talked.
    “Any other visitors I should know about?” Ice said to Tech.
    “A few more should be arriving sometime later, but don’t expect the best of the best yet.” Tech said to Ice as he started typing on to his screen.
    “While the boys are playing their games why don’t we get to know one another hmm?” She said as she walked towards the empty quarters and gestured towards Ice to follow.

    Baxter Hall drove down the street fast as his car could take him. His partner messed up, if he didn’t act like such a hot shot he wouldn’t have gotten that slug in his brain now would he? It was a simple order. Don’t let him out of your sight. But nooooooooo, he had to go commando on the clerk’s ass. That was why he was dead and Baxter was still alive with all the money. It worked out for the best. Baxter now had enough money to get his fix for months and none could stop him. It was as if Santa Clause had come early and decided to give it all to him. All of a sudden he lost control of his car and hit the lamppost. He shouted as he stepped out of the car. He saw the rubber on the wheels had been melted at the front and ripped apart at the back. Two men dropped down in front of him and started walking towards him. He quickly drew his gun and fired, it hit one of them and they flew back to the ground. The other one, however, did not slow done or speed up his advance. The death of his friend apparently did not faze him what so ever. Baxter was just about ready to shoot the advancing survivor when he saw the other one get up. He got up as if he’d just been tripped by his friend. Before he had time to think about it, he was thrown across the street by one of the strangers.
    “What the Hell are you sons of Bi-*LACK*” his sentence was soon cut short by the boot planted on his Bulbous stomach.
    “Omega is it really necessary to cut him off?” One of the men said to the one whose boot had found a new home in Baxter’s stomach.
    “Why not? He’s a damn criminal. He doesn’t deserve the right to speak. In fact I could break his jaw if I wanted to.” The man said as it finally hit Baxter who these men were.
    “ALPHA AND OMEGA!” Baxter said trying to lift Omegas Foot off him.
    “Oh he knows our names. Cute.” Omega said as he punched Baxter in the face.
    Baxter’s last thought was how much that fist flying towards his face would hurt.



    As Ice got up from her bed she looked at the now sleeping fox. Last night was a great form of stress relief for Ice, considering the events that had transpired over the last few days. She had been framed for a crime she didn’t commit, forced to team up with an all knowing nerd and a guy who has a thing for Edgar Allen poi, thrashed around a bank by a huge dumb jackass and his bouncing friend, and chased down by cops. As she picked up her cloths and started to get dressed, she smiled as she pulled up her underwear and stretched. As she was about to put on cloths the door opened and someone walked in.
    “Holy Crap!” Said the masked man as he stepped in opened the door.
    “GET THE HELL OUT!!” Ice screamed as he closed the door at great speed.
    As she turned around she saw that Fox was sitting up looking at her and smiling. Not saying a word to each other, Ice continued getting dressed. Then as the final article of clothing was put on the silence was broken by Fox.
    “So last night was fun” Fox said as she smiled from under the sheets.
    “Yeah. It was.” Ice said as coldly as her name would suggest while still trying to sound sincere.
    “So shall we see what the hell the wakeup call was about?” Fox said as she got up and began getting dressed.
    As Fox finished getting dressed both Ice and Fox walked out of the room into what seemed like an entirely different building. The lights were bright for the first time since Ice had arrived and there were some new faces or masks in the room. The masked man, who had barged into her room earlier, was having a discussion with another man in a mask with big red eyes. As she stepped out into the now bright room she saw Tech, Jerry and a guy who looked like he was from the desert. Ice walked over towards Tech to discover what the hell was going on here.
    “Hey dumbass! I wanna talk to you” Ice said to Tech in a failed attempt to get his attention.
    “Have a good night’s rest Ice?” Tech said without even looking Ices way.
    “I thought we were going after that psychopath who cut up those women! Why do we need reinforcements?”Ice said frustrated at the genius hero
    “There is more to this Ice. We aren’t exactly fighting just one guy.” Tech said still refusing to look at her.
    “What do you mean?” Ice said, Tech finally catching her attention.
    “There is someone who is helping this man. That person is someone powerful and someone dangerous. I wanted some back up in case things get difficult.” Tech said not changing the emotionless tone of his voice.
    “And as a result Tech summoned us” The desert punk said, his mask making it difficult to understand him.
    “So who are all these guys?” Ice said looking at all the masked men in the room.
    “Oh Yes. Because introductions are the most important thing to do at this very moment!” Tech said sarcastically with agitation in his voice.
    “I think you need sleep brother” The desert punk said.
    “Brother?” Jerry said in confusion looking at Tech and “Lawrence of Arabia”
    “We are all brothers here Jeremy” He said as he looked at Jerry.
    “I can’t sleep! There’s too much work to be done” Tech said as he looked at the masked man.
    “It s not debatable” The masked man said as he gripped Techs neck and Tech fell unconscious.
    Tech dropped on the table and seemed to be asleep. Thinking about it, Ice didn’t see Tech sleep or even eat since she was introduced to him. Tech was a lot of things, but he was still human and could only take so much.
    “Alpha and Omega, take Tech to a bed” The masked man ordered two other men.
    “For God’s Sake!” The one in white said to him, as the smaller one looked at Ice.
    “Hi! I’m Alpha. This big lug is Omega” he said presenting his hand in a sign of friendship.
    “She doesn’t care!” Omega said to his brother.
    “I’m Ice. What kind of names are Alpha and Omega?” She said with an air of suspicion.
    “I suppose the name Ice is to correspond with you warm and welcoming bitchy attitude” Omega said flinging Tech over his shoulder.
    “No it’s because I can freeze you to the ground. The attitude is just a nice touch” Ice said in a confident yet aggressive tone making it clear she was ready to take him on one to one.
    “You don’t scare me little girl!” Omega said smiling in a condescending manner.
    “The feeling is mutual, you pompous tool” Ice said returning his smile

    Alpha blushed as he felt embarrassed for his brother’s actions. Ice didn’t seem like such a bad person, plus she was really pretty. Taking a deep breath he decided he would interact with her again.
    “Um Ice?” He said to her
    “Ya what is it Alpha?” She said turning to him.
    “Sorry about Omegas actions. He’s kinda headstrong and over confident in his abilities, so since he won’t do it I thought I would.” Alpha said feeling a little nervous about talking to her.
    “It’s fine. I’m used to people like him. But unlike all the other ones he stood his ground. That I respect.” Ice said looking around the room.
    “So I guess you’re kind of curious about these guys huh?” Alpha said to her.
    “No I’m checking out the “talent” here” she said sarcastically.
    “Good one” Alpha said.
    “Well the guy over there…” he said as he pointed towards the man in the gas mask and cloak.
    “He’s the Marauder. He is a mysterious guy, seems to be colder than Tech but apparently the two have known each other longer than anyone else here. And the guy with the big Red eyes calls himself Fly Man. He’s a skilled infiltrator and likes to it when things get unpredictable.” Alpha said now holding Ices full attention.
    “He sounds like he could be a liability to us” she said looking at him.
    “He won’t be. He is as professional as the rest of us.” Alpha said trying to calm her.
    “Then there’s you and your brother, who is that guy?” She asked as she looked at the guy who walked in on her getting changed.
    “That’s Electro man a real good guy. Kind of a dope at times though.” Alpha said.
    “He almost saw me naked this morning” Ice said as if it was nothing at all.
    “Everyone gather around at once!” The Marauder ordered to every hero in the room.

    As she walked close to the table Ice thought about Alphas words. They were all professionals. She was just a writer for some crummy magazine that got powers. She wasn’t use to fighting crooks with super powers. The odd murderer, yeah she was set for. But she mostly fought crooks with nothing but guns or knives. She never saw herself as a professional. Did she even belong here with these guys?
    “There are massive attacks in the city centre and on Capitol Hill, seems like they have powers. Omega, Ice, Electro man and Fly Man, you guys go sort this out. Alpha, Raven, and Fox you guys deal with the capitol hill crowd.” The marauder ordered as he looked at the computer screen.
    “Understand?” he barked
    “Yeah we understand!” Omega said talking for his team
    Ice walked with her group up to the service and got on her bike. She looked at her team and wondered how they would get there. Electro man floated up to the telephone wires and in a flash disappeared. Fly man leapt up on top of a building, to Ices shock, as if it was nothing. Then with shot a grappling hook at a taller building and swung out of sight.
    “He thinks he’s batman” Omega said to Ice as she put on her helmet.
    “How are you gonna get there Smart guy?” Ice said to the cocky hero
    “I’m going to run sweetheart” He said stretching his calves as if to show off
    “Really!” Ice scoffed at him
    “I’m not faster than a speeding bullet but I do alright” Omega said as he flashed down the road
    Ice felt fear. If these bad guys were stronger than Canon and Ricoshay could she survive?




    Ice was the last to arrive at the scene. Her comrades were busy fighting off the villains, while civilians ran in fear and panic. The civilians had their reasons to be scared. The villains that they were up against were not only intimidating but had superpowers. One was flying in around and looked like something from Greek mythology. She was flying around and fighting the Fly, who despite being a capable fighter seemed to be having trouble. She saw another one fighting Omega, who like Fly-boy, was having trouble with a guy who was teleporting around him. It took everything in her not to turn and run from this. After all this wasn’t her fight. She didn’t have any obligation to these people. But she couldn’t run. These guys needed help and there was something big happening in this city. Her train of thought was broken by Electro Man who was shouting towards her.
    “Hey ICE! You got a brother?!” He said as he shot blasts of electricity towards his opponent
    “No why?” Ice said as she saw Electro Mans opponent.
    He was using ice powers much stronger than her own. He was standing on a pillar of ice shooting Electro man with spikes of ice. She felt fear grip her body again. She was out of her league and she knew it. These guys were on a totally different level to Ricoshay and Canon. The thought came to her that she could die here. What would happen then? Her death would be mourned by nearly none. Alice and her co-workers would show up but besides that who really cared if she lived or died? Suddenly a car came flying towards her. She dodged it by the skin of her teeth. She looked towards her attacker and felt the blood run from her pale face. He was a huge man who scorched the earth that he walked on. His body looked like it was made of volcanic rock. Then he spoke.
    “I guess I’m left with the runt of the group huh?” His voice was warped and sounded like he was talking into a speaker.
    Ice felt her gut twist and turn in fear as he came closer. She saw Omega on the ground bleeding from his mouth, Electro man’s legs were frozen to the ground, and Fly was lying on the ground. Seeing this she snapped out of her paralyzed state just in time to dodge his attack.
    “You move fast for a weakling. Let’s see if you burn just as fast!” He said shooting a fireball at her.
    Dodging, Ice stood up and took off her jacket.
    “I hate fighting dumb pieces of crap like you” She said as she looked at her opponent.
    “So what do they call you hot head?” She said looking her opponent over
    “The Names Golem. And it’s the last name you will ever hear!” He shouted as he shot a fire ball at her for the second time.
    Forming an ice shield she blocked the worst of his attack but still took some damage from the big lug. She dodged as he came running towards her. She realised the only thing that could beat this big idiot was her freezing his whole body. Jumping up on a demolished car she waited for him to turn around.
    “Hey Gravel Mouth over here!!” She shouted at him.
    “You’re gonna burn up real nice bitch!” he said charging towards her.
    “This is gonna hurt” Ice thought as he got close to her.
    She leapt up in the air over him and landed on his back. The rock burned her body and caused her to scream in pain. She was on the verge of tears as her body burned.
    “The hell are you doing!!” He shouted as he tried to knock her off.
    “Time to chill out Mongo!” She shouted as she froze his entire body.
    His whole body was covered by ice, freezing him in place. Her ice trailing down his body cooled down her wounds a little but the pain was still there.
    “YOU CANT DO TH-” his words were silenced as his head was encased in ice.
    Pain taking over, she fell of his body and into unconsciousness.

    Omega saw Ice fall off the big guy and knew this wasn’t a good. She wasn’t moving and appeared to have been burned severely. He didn’t get to think about her condition much, because he was soon kicked in the face by the teleporting dick. Omega didn’t like to be toyed with or made a fool of, especially by a guy that used a belt buckle to teleport. This really began to piss him off and he couldn’t take this idiots babbling anymore.
    “So you’re the great Omega? Damn it I was hoping for some kind of a challenge!” The ass said to Omega mocking him.
    “You know I don’t know what pisses me off more. Your voice or your confidence!” Omega said sweeping his legs.
    Teleporting behind Omega, he stomped on his Omegas back and started talking again.
    “Oh I know you’re such the tough guy. But look how the mighty has fallen.” He said stomping on Omegas back.
    “I want the last thing you hear to be the name of the man who broke your neck! My name is Warp!” He said griping Omegas Neck.
    “Thanks for the info” Omega said to the tool.
    Just as Omega expected it to all end a bolt of electricity shot Warps belt buckle disabling it.
    “Thanks Sparky!” Omega shouted to Electro man who was now taking cover.
    Warp frantically tried to activate the belt as Omega got up and walked towards him.Ripping the belt off and throwing it over the edge. Warps face, though masked, showed a sense of fear.
    “Now let’s get down to business shall we?” Omega said as he began work on Warp.
    Gripping his mask he punched him in the face, and then kneed him in the stomach. Omega was enjoying this too much and he knew it, but he didn’t care. He beat down Warp and let the cocky idiot fall to the ground.

    Now that Omega was safe Electro man had to worry about the animal he was facing.
    “This City belongs to Freezing Point!!” Freezing point said as Electro man crouched behind a wrecked car.
    It wasn’t easy but Electro man had to find a way to take this guy down. It would be so much easier if he could get him off that huge ice pillar. He now had a spike in his shoulder and was pinned down behind a busted car. Freezing Point was freezing everything in sight to try to flush him out.
    “Come out Lightning man! Come out and face me!!” His mask making his voice sound intimidating but hard to pick up.
    A thought quickly came to Electro mans mind. The Telephone wires could give a big enough charge to take Freezing point out. As he gripped the wound Omega came to his side.
    “The hell are you doing Omega?” Electro man said as blood poured down his body.
    “Saving Ice’s and your ass!” Omega said looking at Freezing point.
    “I don’t need your help!” As Electro man said this The Fly hit the ground after being dropped from the sky.
    “Holy Sh-” Omega was interrupted by vicious sonic scream by the flying bird woman.
    Omega dashed over and picked up the Fly. Omega came back and laid the injured hero down. Then the man sat up and looked at the men surrounding him.
    “I feel like a big Ole bag of crap!” The Fly said in a thick southern accent.
    “Hey you got the easy one. I’ve been pinned down here bleeding out!” Electro man said to the Fly.
    “Then let’s swap dancing partners?” The Fly said.
    Electro man smiled and nodded in agreement. Flying up to the bird lady Electro man smiled as he looked her over.
    “See something you like shock jock? Names Harpy. Where’s the bug?” Harpy said looking at Electro man.
    “I thought you might want a little change in partners!” He said blasting electricity at Harpy.
    Dodging it she flew towards him with her claws ready for him. As she hit him he shot her with electricity and sent her screaming and hurdling towards the ground.

    Fly man leapt towards Freezing Point and punched him off the pillar. As he fell the Fly leapt down and planted his feet into the stomach of Freezing Point. Freezing Points armour shattered when they both hit the ground and their mission was done.
    “Anyone dead?” The Fly shouted towards his teammates.
    “No I don’t think so!” Omega said as he limped towards the Fly.
    “Let’s get back to base before we end that way” Electro man said to his team mates.
    “I feel like hell!” Ice said lifting her body off the ground.
    She had done it. She was now officially a super hero. And she felt like crap. She almost died taking down that big idiot and saved god knows how many people. Sure her body was weak but her will was strong and she was sure that her burns would heal over time. Ice was now a Hero and for some reason she hoped the other team would be as successful as she was.



    Good news to People who enjoy this story Ice Shall return sometime over Christmas. The story will pick up a few days after the end of the last story. People are still looking for Mary Crane and some of the Heros who helped Ice have left and gone back to their respective cities.Murder is still happening in the city and Ice is getting over her burns and trying to hunt down her former lovers killer.
    We will be introduced to Mary’s surrogate sister.
    We will find out more about Tech and his abilities.
    Ravens backstory(hopefully)
    And the reaction of the public towards the huge fight.



    Ice woke up in the uncomfortable medical bay of Techs lab. The nano-machine therapy was working on her burnt body, but it was still a pain in the ass. She wasn’t over excited about getting back into action, after all that guy Golem left nearly fifty percent of her body burned. If it wasn’t for Techs nano-machines she wouldn’t be looking as good as she does now, but she had a problem with a million little spider like machines all over her naked body. Luckily Tech never let anyone besides himself and Ice in the room when they were using the nano-machines and Tech assured Ice that he would not try any funny business.
    Ice looked over to Tech and in curiosity decided to ask him something that had been on her mind since she started helping him and the Bird out.
    “Tech mind if I ask you something?” Ice asked as she weakly rose from the table.
    “You can ask me anything but depending on if it interests me I may or may not answer you” Tech said as calculated and cold as always.
    “Do you have any Superpowers?” Ice asked as Tech suddenly stopped typing.
    “Really? Of all the questions you could ask me you choose the one you already know the answer to?” Tech said almost mockingly.
    “I think you aren’t showing us everything you can do. I think you have a secret that none else knows.” Ice said confidently towards the cocky man
    “Well trust me my abilities are by no means as interesting as that of CryoKinesis” Tech said now confusing Ice
    “What’s Cryokinesis?” Ice asked curiously
    “Cryokinesis is the ability to cause temperature decline in matter through touch. While this is occurring however, the trigger itself remains comfortable at normal body temperature.” Tech explained in a fashion that made Ices head spin.
    “In English please?” Ice said slightly irritated
    “Your ability to control ice interests me. That is Cryokinesis.” Tech said sounding like a college lecturer.
    “Well couldn’t you have said that in the first place?” Ice barked at Tech
    “I refuse to dumb down my vocabulary just because you refuse to pick up a book and expand yours.” Tech said as he looked at his screen
    “So that’s your super power…being a compulsive dick and a know it all” Ice said smirking at him
    “I do enjoy knowing it all” he said as he walked out of the room leaving Ice frustrated and alone in the medical bay.
    She walked out of the room putting on her clothing. She turned on the T.V and the first thing that appeared on the small box was the news reporting on the battle that she was involved in only a few days ago. The destruction of the city centre was clear but it wasn’t anything that wouldn’t be fixed within a few months. The people on the other hand were the most affected. Every resident of the area had some sort of comment towards the event. The most striking comment was from a middle aged mother
    “Those damn Supers think they can do as they like. Supers showing up and taking the law into their own hands result in these super “villains” being created by the common folk whose lives these supers ruin. My family have to stay in a hotel because of those freaks! And that’s all they are FREAKS!!”
    What that woman said struck a nerve with Ice. She wasn’t a freak was she? She thought she was helping the community by working with those other heroes, but it turns out she was causing more trouble. Was what she was doing right? She was so used to taking out petty crooks and killers with no powers. She never considered that she maybe wasn’t helping at all, but causing more trouble. This thought plagued her mind as she walked into the main chamber, where the bird was looking towards the computer that Tech was currently using.
    “I’m going on patrol now Ice Tech says you should be fine by tomorrow.” Raven said as he attached his wings to his back.
    “Great. I am really looking forward to getting back to protecting the city that hates me.” Ice said sarcastically.
    “Welcome to being a hero. The second most thankless job in the world next to politicians, and politicians hate us.” Raven said as he took the elevator up to the surface.
    Ice walked closer to Tech as he was typing reading over some data on the computer. Ice had noticed her hair was starting to go darker, the chemicals were wearing off. She would need to get in contact with Alice and ask her for some of her chemicals.
    “Um…is there anywhere I can make a private call to someone?” Ice asked hoping to not get monitored by Tech.
    “Yeah. Whets it about?” Tech asked
    “I…need some feminine stuff” Ice said confident he wouldn’t ask any other questions.
    “What kind?” Tech surprisingly asked
    “DO I GET NO PRIVACY!?” Ice said her whole body turning a bright blue.
    “Well that’s new….Here type in the name of the person and you can video chat with her provided she has a laptop” Tech said as he got up and walked out of the room.
    “Thank you” Ice said her body returning to its normal colour.
    Ice typed Alice’s email into the computer and just as tech said an invitation to video chat came up. Alice accepted and suddenly her face was on the screen. Her face appeared on the screen. She was still the same. Blonde curly hair tied back, freckles; pretty face, black framed glasses and wearing something that made her look unemployed.
    “MARY! What the hell have you been doing?!” Alice barked as she looked at her sister.
    “I’m innocent. Look long story short I am working with some guys to track down Sam’s killer and clear my name but I’m running low on chemicals and…” Ice explained.
    “You need me to drop some off somewhere you can pick them up. You do know I am not impressed at your city square rumble right?” Alice said in her usual judgemental tone.
    “When have I ever impressed you with my actions honey?” Mary said with a smirk on her face.
    “May I suggest a new outfit by the way? That one’s a little biker fetish for my liking, plus your running with the big boys now right?” Alice asked
    “What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? I think it suits me.” Mary asked as she looked at her burnt outfit.
    “Besides looking like you just ran through a fire?” Alice said jokingly
    “Better than what you’re wearing my dear” Mary said as they began to laugh, but soon that laughter disappeared and the reality of their situation hit.
    “Am I safe?” Alice said with a hint of fear in her voice.
    “I don’t know. I hope so. But carry some protection just in case ok?” Ice said as concerned as Alice was.
    “Ok. Love you” Alice said and signed off.
    Ice thought to herself. Wondering about her outfit and how could she improve on it? Was Alice in danger? Was Ice even safe here with Tech and Raven? There were so many ifs and buts that she had to consider.



    Ice decided she would need some of her old cloths before she could pick up the chemicals. Due to the fact she was now being considered a vigilante by the people she couldn’t go out in the open in the cloths she had on now. She also really needed to wash her cloths. She walked towards her motorcycle and picked up her helmet. Just as she was about to put it on Tech contacted Ice over her earpiece.
    “Ice where are you? I wasn’t finished with your tests.” Tech said not sounding concerned about her well being but rather concern about his tests.
    “I got some things to do, I’ll be back later.” Ice said trying to end the conversation before Tech decided it was time to give her a speech.
    “What things? Whatever they are I am sure they can wait! Now get back down here and rest!” Tech ordered Ice as if he had some authority over her.
    “I’m sorry…Are you implying that you have authority over me?” Ice asked in an irritated fashion.
    “I have authority over you, Raven and anybody else who I decide to work with! You don’t realise that there are certain side effects to the Nano therapy that can be dangerous if you don’t get proper treatment. Now get back down here before I call Raven to pick you up and force you back here!” Tech said sounding only slightly concerned but Ice didn’t believe it was her he was curious but rather the tiny machines currently fixing up her body.
    “Bye bye Techie” Ice said as she pulled out her earpiece, put on her helmet and started her bike.
    Her bikes engine roared as she drove to her old apartment hoping that there wouldn’t be any problems when she arrived.

    She stopped in the alleyway across from her building and took off her helmet. She picked up the empty bag that she brought to carry her cloths and put her helmet inside of it. She went into the building through the back entrance and started climbing the stairs to the third floor. The first floor would be full of people looking to get a room in the building or checking out and the second floor would be crowded with the maids and cleaning staff this hour of the day. She slowly crept towards the elevator and saw it was on the same floor. This granted her some relief; she wanted to get in and out of this place as fast as she could hopefully with nobody knowing she was even there. Pressing the button the doors slid open and she stepped in. She pressed the button to the tenth floor and waited. The elevator ride seemed to be the longest one she had ever experienced. She was terrified at the thought that the elevator would stop at any of the floors before she had the chance to get her cloths. This was a dangerous place to be, especially for her of all people. If Tech heard that she was in the building it wouldn’t take long before he realised that she and Mary Crane were one and the same. Of course if she didn’t get some of her cloths then she couldn’t pick up the chemicals and he would find out sooner or later because her hair would return to its normal colour. She held her breath as she reached the last few floors before the tenth floor. She started to subconsciously say the numbers as she past them.
    “7…8….9” Ice said as she watched the light on the ninth floor pause. Her breath quickened as she felt like she was about to be seen. Just then the light turned to the tenth floor and her nerves were put at ease. She started to feel a little sick, but blamed it on the tense atmosphere.
    She pulled down her goggles to see if there were any heat signatures in her room. Luckily there were no signatures in her room and she slowly walked towards her old room. She put her key into the door and prayed that the locks wouldn’t have been changed. Luckily the key worked like a charm and she got back into her old place.
    It took about an hour to pack everything she needed including clothes, money and a few things she felt she would need. Suddenly she started to feel sick and off balance. She hit the ground hard and began throwing up.
    “Techs damn machines!” She said as she vomited again.
    Her body felt like someone was trying to crawl out of her body slowly. Her vision started to blur and she could only hear herself breathing.
    Suddenly she heard something. A noise of some kind. Wait it wasn’t a noise it was a voice. She lost consciousness shortly after.

    Waking up in Techs medical bay, Ice was disorientated and felt sick. She was greeted by Tech in his usual caring manner.
    “Still think you’re smarter than me?” Tech said looking at what she could assume was her chart.
    “Are you really this petty? I mean seriously!” Ice said as she didn’t care for Techs tone.
    “You tell me? From all the time you have known me, am I this petty?” Tech asked.
    “Where’s my bike? Where’s my bag? Where’s all my stuff?” Ice said getting increasingly nervous about his expressionless face.
    “Raven picked up your stuff when he found you at the apartment. He brought them back and put them in your quarters. He was actually worried about you for some odd reason.” Tech said putting the chart down.
    “As for your bike I heard Omega was still in town so he decided to drive it back for you.” Tech explained as he walked to the end of the room and closed the door.
    “What happened to me?” Ice asked as Tech walked back towards her.
    “The Nanites can’t go out into the sun. They grow as sunlight hits them and it sends them into a frenzy. If they get into a frenzy they start tearing up the body they are currently in seeking a way out. Hence why I told you to NOT leave the compound until your treatment was finished.” Tech explained to Ice as he sat down in his chair.
    “What do you want Tech?” Ice asked feeling embarrassed that something as small as the things that are healing her also were the reason she was so sick now.
    “You know I don’t often acknowledge in Occam’s razor due to my belief that a situation isn’t always that simple. Of course some situations do require me to put this belief aside and acknowledge that it was that simple.” Tech said as if Ice was on his level of intelligence.
    “I have a question. What’s Occam’s Razor?” Ice asked confused.
    “It’s a belief that states that in situations that have many different solutions the obvious answer is usually the correct one.” Tech said as he looked towards Ice.
    “What’s that got to do with anything?” Ice said terrified of his next question.
    “Why were you at that apartment?” Tech said looking at Ice.
    “I…I was looking for some clothes and things to wear… and since Im…” Ice tried to explain knowing she was going to fail
    “You’re Mary Crane aren’t you?” Tech said coldly.



    The room had no sound in it except for the breathing of the two individuals sitting across from each other. Ice felt her stomach twist and turn in fear as Tech repeated his words to her.
    “You are Mary Crane, aren’t you?” He said coldly.
    Ice felt her body tense up. What could she possibly say to save her in this situation? Was this the end of her career as a superhero? What was the point in telling him a lie. Knowing how Tech thought he probably had an army of his little superhero squad waiting for her outside to make some kind arrest on her person if she tried anything. Sighing heavily she looked him in the eye and confessed.
    “Yes I am” Ice said taking off her mask which she had worn since the night The Raven brought her to their base.
    Techs expression didn’t change. It looked as cold and emotionless as it always had. It was as if he was still awaiting an answer to his question and was listening carefully for it. Then he suddenly let out a sigh.
    “I hate being made a fool of..” He said in a defeated tone.
    “What are you going to do? Turn me in? Tell the others?” Ice asked not looking away from Tech even for a moment.
    “Why would I turn you in?Your secret is safe. I don’t think Raven would care to know your Mary Crane just when he has started to like Ice. Your innocent right?” Tech asked looking towards Mary.
    “Of course I am…But how are you so sure I’m not just lying?” Ice asked hoping she hadn’t shot herself in the foot with this question.
    “You didn’t have to help on any of our operations Ms.Crane, but you chose to. You even put yourself in harms way twice just to protect other people. I would be extremely surprised if you were responsible for the deaths of those people.” Tech said handing her some clothes that he must have taken from the bag she had earlier.
    “Why would you be surprised?” Ice asked now curious.
    “Because it wouldn’t be something i could predict..” Tech said now sounding like his old self.
    “What makes you so sure of your theory?” Ice asked now interested in Tech.
    “Its my..” he looked at Ice for a moment before finishing his sentence.
    “Superpower.” He answered.
    “What?” Ice said confused.
    “While most people can access one to ten percent of their brain..I can access one hundred percent of my own.” Tech said to Mary as she dressed herself.
    “Are you kidding me?” Ice asked in disbelief of his statement.
    “I rarely joke Ms. Crane. I have access to one hundred percent of my cranium and possess more knowledge than that of any living being on the planet.” Tech said as if he was discussing something trivial.
    “So wait…what do you do when your not working…I mean isn’t there anything that doesn’t bore you?” Ice said knowing that this was to be her last question to Tech.
    “Puzzles..” he said in a low tone.
    “Puzzles?” Ice said in an extremely confused tone.
    ” I can solve any equation made up of any set of numbers known to man…But I cant get two sides to match on a rubix cube” He said blushing for the first time in Ice’s company.
    Ice let out a loud shriek of laughter as Tech left the room. She slowly got up off the bed and put on her mask. She realised just because Tech knew who she was didn’t mean everyone had to know. She walked out of the room still giggling at the thought of Tech trying to solve a rubix cube.

    Ice walked towards the command room as she noticed a new face. He was not wearing a mask and had an abnormal amount of satchels and pockets. She approached him catously unsure if he was freind or foe. Suddenly she felt something on her shoulder.
    “Capsule this is who I was talking about…Ice meet Capsule” Raven said his hand on Ice’s shoulder.
    Capsule turned around and looked Ice up and down. He smiled perversly as if trying to picture her naked.
    “I’ll let you two get to know one another…” Raven said smiling as he left them alone.
    For some odd reason Ice would have prefered the company of Omega to this guy who had not stopped staring at her breasts since Raven introduced them.
    “Well Hello there ” Capsule said as if saying that to her would make her want to jump into his arms.
    “Whats your story? What can you do?” Ice said trying to hide her already grave dislike of him.
    “Well they call me capsule because any substance i take can give me a random power based on the combination. Thats what all these satchels are for. All of them contain different capsules and give me different powers. Impressed?” He said winking at her.
    “So can you remember any of the combinations?” Ice asked as his hand started to reach around her.
    “I can remember the combination that allows me to heal or grow back any part of my body, excluding my head of course.”He laughed and looked at her.
    ” Really? Got that combination with you?” She felt her blood boil as he ran his hand across her breast.
    “Yup.” He said smiling and leaning in to kiss her.
    “Good!” Ice said and grabbed his groin.
    His smile suddenly turned to shock as Ice started to use her ability. His groin begin to freeze and pain covered his face.
    “SWEET JESUS!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” he screamed as she let go.
    “You better take those pills out now dickhead!” she said as suddenly with all her might she kicked him in the groin.
    Ice was not sure if she broke his whole manhood or just his jewels, but what she did know is that it hurt. He fell to the floor almost out of breath and swallowed two of his capsules. Smiling she walked away from him feeling like she won.
    “Don’t touch me again!”
    “YOU LITTLE BITCH!” She surprisingly heard as she turned to face the now enraged Capsule.
    He punched her in the face and she hit the ground hard. He had obviously taken some capsule to increase his strength. He continued to hit her before someone else stopped his assault.
    “STOP!”Omega said as he punched Capsule across the room.
    Capsule hit the wall and got up slowly and screamed towards his attacker.
    “Do you know what she did!” Capsule screamed in anger as Ice walked towards her room.
    “I don’t care! Your better now! Leave her alone!” Omega said as Ice walked into her room.
    Closing the door,she fell to the floor in pain and satisfaction. She wasn’t proud of what she did to Capsule,but it put him in his place. That was a lie. Of course she was proud of it. The one thing that plagued her mind was Why did Omega help her?

    (Sorry to cut it short but I am busy doing four things at once for the moment so more will be added later on this weekend.)



    As Ice sat on her bed, feeling a train had just ran into her jaw, she thought back to Omega saving her. Was there a reason he would stand up to the man named Capsule for her? She also wondered why her heart suddenly felt like she was on fire. Sweat was pouring from her head and her body,but she didn’t know why? Could it be the nanomachine’s acting up again? She began taking off some of her clothing due to her rising temperature.
    “Oh God its so damn hot in here!!” She screamed as she felt he body become warm.
    Ice tried to think of a reason why she would be feeling so warm, but her mind couldn’t think straight. Her body felt like it was boiling the beads of sweat on her arms and she could feel them pop. This wasn’t the nanomachine’s it was something else that was doing this to her. Her body suddenly snapped up in reflex as she heard the door open. Her eyes met the bruised eyes of a man whose name she knew well by now.
    “Omega?” She asked calmly.
    “Wanna put something on sweet cheeks?” He said in his smug manner forcing Ice to realise that she was in fact topless.

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