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    CDC #186 ELEMENTALS 090716

    Entry #1
    Made him just for the contest, but have no backstory as of yet..

    Entry #2
    Being an air sign (Aquarius) I decided to go with air as well.
    An old time character concept, since high school in the 80s,
    Cyrus McCloud  aka London Fog
    a London PI with the super powers to make any or all of his body into

    Here London Fog is using his powers to turn his body into fog for infiltration.

    Inferno could be a victum of an accident
    and not totally in control of his powers,
    and he could be a protaganist for London Fog


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    Both great looking characters, Cliff!

    Amazing job on the floating embers around Inferno. The way you used the colors and lighting to make that effect is perfect! Which, BTW, reminds me to remind you to check in on Bolts update with the lightning effect reduced (as per your suggestion) in his background.

    Is Cyrus McCloud a character you have made somewhere in your gallery, or is this a new one for the gallery (obviously you said he is an old character)? If he is new to the gallery, are we going to get to see him in ‘solid’ form?




    Thanks for the comments!

    I have to ask before I forget this time … Where is your name from? Are you a Trekkie? or is it more like Roman Emperor? Or something else?

    On Inferno’s embers I started to do a yellow gradient circle size 5×5, then a smaller (Size 2×2) white one in the center,
    then said this is going to take TOO LONG so …
    The embers around Inferno are several (7) star feilds from Backgroud/Sky Second line/First one with the Prime color set on O (invisable), the Secondary on Bright yYllow, and the  Line color set on 9 invisable.
    You can still see some of the white on yellow on Infern’s left side at shoulder level.

    Man! I personally think the thinner lightning effect around your speedster Bolt looks much better and realer. How about you?

    London Fog starts on Cliff’s Eclectic Mayhem halfway down page 6
    on June 8, 2015 at 11:54 pm
    all of page 7

    and on Page 10 on Jan 6, 2016

    London Fog is as mentioned an old time character concept, since highscool in the 80s, although he was just a punny Hero and Secret ID name and power with no origin or background.
    Originally created on HM3 Tues. July 6,  2010 for the fun of it.
    I posted London Fog in CDC Nature  Mon Sept 20, 2010.
    Redid and entered Sept/Oct 2010 in Weather CDC.
    CDC ♯125 Two Great Tastes June 8, 2015 Entry #1 Super Hero/Noir.
    Wed. June 10, 2015 – made London Fog #1 comic cover from Super

    Hero/Noir entry.
    Winner of Pop Quiz “What A Dick” 100315.
    London Fog keyhole in CDC #186 Elementals 090716.

    And interestingly enough I had alread decided to do some more pics of Cyrus with his family as a baby and child, possibly as a kid moring his parents death, as a kid with his grandfather in Chicago, Cyrus as a Cop, on with him with his partner etc …..



    Ok, I went back and found the original post of London Fog. The first pic (the one zoomed out) is my favorite one of those. That whole character/scene is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see more of him and scenes from his past.

    The name Tiberius is something that has just stuck with me from an early age, not sure why. I originally heard it from the Roman General Tiberius. If I remember my history correct, he was one of the few Roman Generals who didn’t want to become Emperor. And then (as you have hinted at) James Tiberius Kirk is one of my favorite TV/Movie characters, so that just makes it all the better.

    Yes, I believe your suggestion to reduce the lightning effect in the background for Bolt was a good one. I just posted him on DeviantArt along with a few other characters, and made sure to mention your assistance with the lightning effect. It was much appreciated!

    You said “then said this is going to take TOO LONG so …” Thank you sir for that. I had to laugh out loud for real because I have said exactly that on most of my characters.



    Glad you like London Fog. Just wait I have more Cyrus coming, and more planned.

    Yeah Tiberius always make me think of Kirk.

    Yeah I like Bolt and thanks for the credit

    Yeah occasionally I take an easy way out. Some of Cyrus latest pcis doesn’t have all the shading I would like cause I got tired, it being a dialysis day..
    Althrough I did do FOUR Cyrus pics in one day!



    Fog Advisory Warning.

    #1 – Cyrus with his parents

    need to do one of him as a happy kid while his parents where alive.

    and a sad one with his grandfather after his parents died.

    #2 – Here Cyrus as a angsty teenager. I wanted to show some skin on him.

    #3 – Cyrus as a rookie Chicago cop in his early 20s

    I want to do one of him as a cop firing his gun

    want to do one of the museum theif/cop killer

    #4 – Cyrus as a Private Dick, errr Detective in his late 20s

    and hopefully more to come, like when he got his powers etc.

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    enjoyed the elemental s  may have to steal..,, aaahhh borrow  the Inferno effect for a design of mine called Charcoal



    So much epic stuff i didn’t commented… Brain… Can’t process… them all AGHH!!!

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    Lull not found

    automatic (+2) for the 4-5 pages of great creations



    POP QUIZ – HAPPY 50TH Sept10, 2016


    During Highschool I started an acrylic painting using a gymnast for the model. It took me 9 years to finally finish it when I went back to college and needed a last project in a Painting class. The instructor said I could finish a painting I had started. So I finally finished it.
    When I got married my wife loved my painting “Joie de Vivre ”
    and she turned the painting into the inspiration for a character in a Star Trek story she was writing for a contest.
    Unfortunately the computer loved her story … with relish … it ate it.
    But we had the story in our head. She had named the planet of underwater aliens Caron V after her boss where she worked at a movie theater.
    The planet of mer-people we called Galatians,
    The leader was the Kyree.
    A sketch I did of another female was the sister of the Kyree, which was the inspiration for this HM3.
    Sadly we don’t remember their names.

    Mood Music:
    SOUNDS of WHALE SONG for 2 Hours – For Meditation, Concentration, Relaxation and Sleep.


    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to bring the Kyree’s sister to life via HM3 🙂

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    @Vengence. By all means use the floating cinders. I can’t wait to see Charcoal 🙂

    . Awwwww LOL You are too sweet and funny. Thanks for checking me out and the kind words. and the (+2). I’m glad you enjoyed yourself



    Woohoo! Cyrus background stuff!

    The family photo is awesome! You totally nailed that entire picture, Cliff. All their expressions are wonderful. You made the entire baby look like a baby. Every time I look at the baby I laugh because it’s just so well done and the entire picture is just ‘happy’. Way to go on that one!

    The Teenager pic- I feel bad for him in a way as it looks like he’s waking up from a really rough night of.. I’m not sure what.

    Cop and Detective pic- Good overall pictures here. Great colors and outfit. I like the McCloud name tag (looks possibly stitched on), glad you have that in there. I like how he is clean shaven/cut in this pic and then in the Detective one he has grown the facial hair and the head of hair is longer.  Great pose and outfit on the detective pic. It shows an attitude and a confidence about him. Great pictures, my friend! Keep them coming. I’m hoping to see a pic of the Museum thief/cop killer.

    Nice picture of the Galatian. The underwater scene is amazing, Cliff.. as is expected of your backgrounds. Just so much depth (no pun intended) in that scene, awesome job!



    Im happy your like the McCloud family photo and it makes you laugh.
    Yeah baby cyrus has Dad’s curl, Mom’s rosey cheeks and Granddad Cyrus; fat LOL.

    “The Teenager pic- I feel bad for him in a way as it looks like he’s waking up from a really rough night of.. I’m not sure what.”

    You are right. his parents were murdered, the person was never caught, he had to leave his home and he lives with his Chicago cop grandfather, who he dearly loves, but the guy is more rigid, rule heavy than what young Cyrus was used to with his parents.

    Cop and Detective pic. I’m glad the difference between the two comes across.

    I still have the Galatian sketch, but she is bare breasted so I don’t thinkk I can post her here, even on my page.
    Might need to get a Deviant Art page (if I don’t already have one, if I do I haven’t used it in two forevers) and post her there.

    As requested …
    here is the Museum Theif/Cop Killer
    where Cyrus loses his partner..
    You can see the guy running to his VW rustbucket (not blood stainded) get-a-way car
    And you find out everything Cyrus knows about him.

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    As usual, an amazing scene! The way the buildings and people are situated is just great! That alone is a cool pic, but then you add in the violence and intensity of the shooting and it’s amazing.

    I have 2 things to add here, one is a question.

    1. What exactly is the thief stealing? I’m wondering if there is a whole story behind that object as well. Forgive me if this is already listed somewhere (I’m running on fumes here, pretty tired).

    2. It looks like the mask on the thief is layered over his gun/hand. Other than that, it’s another amazing work of art my friend!



    1. GO LAY DOWN,

    1.5 – That is for us to find out. Muah ha ha ha ha

    2: You are ,d@**!t.

    2.5 Well you WERE right. I had to pick Companion with gun and mask the hand to a square and bury the square. But it’s fixed now.


    Thanks for keeping me straight. WAIT. NEVER Straight. GAYLY Correct.





    Herr D

    [licks own beak] Stor-rrreeeey. So the relic probably empowers London Fog’s eventual archenemy, if it’s not the cause of his own power by injustice transference. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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