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    I’ve had a multi gold medal olympic gymnast of Soviet decent who became a hero.
    Dmitry Blitzerchev became Gyros
    He fought crime in New Edinburgh, Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward, Ottawa, Canada

    the first 2 pics are early no frills attempts

    I wanted to make a sidekick for Gyros

    So Dimitry was coaching gymnastics to a new Olympic hopeful
    He is also dressed in gymnast floor exorcise togs and is called Tumbler

    yes he needs a different name.

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    POP QUIZ TWIST  August 7, 2016

    Well crap! i missed the deadline. We had company all morning.

    Congrats Herr D!

    Here was my entry anyway since I did this just for the Pop Quiz. Hope

    ya enjoy.

    the whole spy fi thing was huge in the 60s: Avengers, Bond, Flint, Get Smart, I Spy,, Man from Uncle, Girl from Uncle, Matt Helm, Mission Impossble, Prisoner, Secret Agent Man, etc etc

    He is a superhero with 60s cool spy motif. A mix between superhero and spy. a super spy.

    Spy superpowers:
    Heightened Strength
    Heightened Dexterity
    Heightened Endurance
    Night Vision,
    X ray Vision,
    Super Hearing,

    breather/air filter
    glass cutter
    wire cutter

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    CDC #182 – WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN August 10, 2016
    (I KNEW I should have entered earlier, 3 cats, 2 of them Bast.:) but great entries so far)
    Entry #1
    This super hero incarnation of Bast was born to 2 mortals
    Leon, an Egyptiantologist
    Abigale, Abbie, Feline Zoologist
    The two met flying to Egypt. They talked on the flight and immediately bonded.They continued to see one another and fell in love,which led to marriaage and eventually a child who they named Eleanor.
    Alias(es): Leanor, Lea, Elean, Ellie, Elle, El, E (depending on who is talking to her)
    Ellie modeled through college and got a buisness and communication degree, with that and her charm, looks, poise and fashion sense she is the PR person: the face and voice for her parents endeavers.
    Elle was sent Egyptian artifacts by her father from Bubastis city and temple of Bast
    Being reunited with the artifacts gave Ellie amazing energy, taking effect as to give her the ability to call on the power of Feline Mimicry: ability to use a feline’s keen senses, or see and hear through any cat’s eyes and ears, to have catlike agility, running, leaping, climbing, claws, teeth, a lion’s strength, a cheetah’s speed, feline communication, feline summoning as well as others.
    She heals herself or others quickly, with a few licks of her tongue
    She apparently has 9 lives
    Her family, being in danger, she goes to find them, and free them
    Fortunately or unfortunatly during the 3 days of the full moon she changes into a were-panther, wether she wants to or not.
    Here she is fulfilling her aspects of Protector of Family and Cats,with a deep abiding love for both
    * IF you wish to listen, Appropriate music:

    (I admit I named Abigale and Eleanor, from two cats we have lived with. Ellie was a tiny thing with matted eyes that was walking right for a lawn mower, but was seen luckily. Our friends thought she was a chipmunk or something. Since our friends had a dog they brought her to us. We cleaned her up and fed her by bottle and hand, which ever she would take. Now Ellie is is still with us and 11 years old now … and demanding very LOUDLY to be fed right now.)

    WINNER CDC #182- Walk Like An Egyptian (Aug14, 2016) – Bast
    This was a tough decision, but I think what put Cliff on top this week was the way he mirrored details of her jewelry / accessories in both her transformed, and non-transformed self. The character’s story was clearly evident even without the the accompanying description.
    Well done you!


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    CDC #183 IT’S IN THE CARDS – August 15, 2016
    card XV The Devil (from the Vampire Tarot, that I made up)

    The card represents: Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures; lust for and an obsession with money and power.

    Also: Living in fear, domination and bondage; being caged by an overabundance of luxury; discretion should be used in personal and business matters.
    The Devil is not a good thing to get this card in your reading, with the exception that it may be the confirmation you need to end a dysfunctional relationship.
    The core of this card is a negative relationship that you have with someone or something. It might be a lover or a boss. It might be marijuana or alcohol. It might be a friend who you knew was a bad influence and yet you deepened the relationship. This card carries all of the negativity surrounding the twin terrors of addiction and codependency. Toxic substances, toxic relationships and our deep denial about the depth of our situation conspire against us. The Devil card says your only hope is to abandon the current state of hopelessness.indicates prisoners of a lifestyle of their own choosing.

    The Devil is simply a metaphor for the thing to which they have surrendered themselves: addiction, anger, lust, interpersonal emotional games disguised as love, etc.
    The Devil appears to be beconing to come to him, indicating that most people willingly go into serving the thing that enslaves them and build a loyalty to this vice. this indicates the severity of servitude and the ruin caused by surrendering love to materialist and sensualist pursuits at the expense of all else.
    Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions
    When your Tarot reading begins, cards are placed in locations that have specific meaning. Your past, present and future are signified.

    Some cards are stronger in different positions than others.When The Devil card is in the past position, your dealings with a domineering person or situation are over and done with. The foundation on which your life operates has the experience of this intense relationship at its core, but you have new structures in your life from which to operate and excel. It is good news to have The Devil in the past position. The chains have been broken.
    In the present position, this card’s appearance is your wake up call. You are hooked into something and may not even realize it. It could be the mindset of being a victim, or it could be the need to have a buzz before facing the day. You are being held back by something that you willingly embraced, at least initially. Perhaps your once great lover has become an embittered hater who takes out his resentments on you with verbal abuse. Whatever the case, The Devil card here acknowledges that a terrible connection in your life right now is chaining you down from being whom you truly are.
    In the future position, this card is a warning. You are setting up structures in your life that are attracting people who are users, takers and not good for what you hope to accomplish. The Devil in the future position looms as something that can be minimized or avoided if you work hard to spot the areas in your life in which you lie to yourself in order to just get by or get along. A rigorous self-examination is needed in order to move forward with confidence in the beauty and value oflife.
    Card Combinations
    Cards that join together to make your reading also influence each other. They can change each other’s meaning ever so slightly. This combining of energies is what makes your reading unique.The card with the closest relationship to The Devil is actually its opposite: The Hierophant. This card represents surrendering to the greater good and to the established order. When these two are in a reading together, the tension will be whether chaos or order reins supreme in your life.
    Most other cards of the deck add a better definition of who The Devil in your life may be.
    The Lovers card combined with The Devil indicates an affair. The Chariot indicates your pursuit of victory will destroyeverything in your life – this combination is particularly terrible to receive if you are in litigation.
    Combined with The Empress, The Devil card indicates that someone to whom you are attracted is too closely associated with bad people to ever really trust.
    One card that minimizes The Devil is The Fool. This card puts you in a safety bubble as you move through life interacting with people whose agenda is destructive. Even the Tarot has insurance cards!

    August 17, 2016
    (Keeping the entries short this time. Sorry about the first one’s length)
    Entry #2 THE MAGICIAN
    Honorable Mention!
    Marcus was born with occult power being a homo magi. He studied history, legends & lore, world religions, antiquities, ancient languages, and occultsm to become even more powerful and become the hero



    Entry #3 STRENGTH
    Leon the Lionheart
    the personification of strength, his flowing mane, golden eyes, pointed ears and golden tanned muscles hint at a leonine power in him.

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    POP QUiZ TRIPLE PLAY August 21, 2016

    Before today gets too busy. I don’t want to miss another one, when I already had the entry done.

    Zombie Hunt

    (I was wanting a name for the Zombie, but didn’t like the stuff I was coming up with: Jack-O-Copper, Copper Lantern, Copper Mask, Copper Skull etc. bleck! So he’s namless)

    My friend John  suggested the name Copperhead

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    Since high school I’ve had ranch cowboy tunred Vampire hunter

    Justin Case

    John said he looked too clean originally
    so I mussed him up and blood spattered him

    John mentioned red plaid was too lumberjack to him
    so made it solid blue

    he also objected to the open shirt
    and said if I wanted to show skin make it ripped
    I thought was was contrived as the other but ….

    it took 4 different style hats to get what I wanted.
    I love the “fangs” in the hatband

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    SHOCKING CDC #184- August 28, 2016
    Honerable Mention
    August 22, 2016
    Thor (Fox)

    First Appearance Weird Comics #1(1940)
    Original Publisher Fox
    Created by Pierce Rice
    Believing that the world needed a defender, Thor, son of Odin and supreme ruler of Valhalla, bestowed upon the human Grant Farrel his own powers, which Grant used to become a crime fighter. When he transformed into Thor, Farrel could fly, throw lightning bolts, and generate storms. He wielded Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, which could be thrown hard enough to smash through multiple tanks but, like a boomerang, would return to his hand.

    (I used the same pose essentially, and background, but YES I actually DID cover him up more than in the origin pic. Taking my temperature now)

    Entry 2 August 22, 2016 at 6:45 pm | Shock Gibson (Hero)
    Real Name Robert Gibson
    First Appearance Speed Comics # 1 (1939)
    Original Publisher Harvey
    Created by Maurice Scott
    Robert Charles Gibson, a wealthy scientist, was experimenting with electricity and chemicals when a lighting struck his lab. The electric shock caused the lab to expode, but Gibson emerged from the wreckege with a body that could conduct and generate electricity. His friend and a fellow scientist, Dr. Blitzen, pointed out that this power gave him an opportunity to change the world for the better. Swearing to use the power to for the good of humanity, he decided to fight crime as Shock Gibson, the Human Dynamo.
    The first time he used his powers was at the gym which was full of rich patrons who were being robbed. Gibson stopped the theives as he was wearing his gym clothes which became his uniform plus a lightning mask.
    In spite of using his surname in his codename, nobody can figure out who he is under the mask.
    He can generate enough electricity to shock an entire river, weld metal, and even blast through metal walls. He also can fly, has super-strength, and can generate electro-magnetism. Early on, he needed to recharge periodically, but that became less and less necessary later.

    (YES! I had to show more skin, and since two of the pics did …..)

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    POP QUIZ – BEST FOOT FORWARD August 28, 2016

    Here is my entry

    and a little theme music for walking down the runway:


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    CDC #185 – OUT ON A LIMB August 29, 2016
    Mood Music: Forest Elves – Tree of Life

    Entry 1:

    Entry 2 August 31, 2016

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    Cliff, I’m amazed at how good you can make everything and do so much of it. Your pictures are so full of art between the characters and backgrounds it’s awesome to look at.

    1. I really like how you did the fire/propulsion under the rocketship Luna, it looks great!

    2. ‘Two wheels no waiting’ has an amazing background. Very well done!

    3. Justin McKinney- Pride week. Just looking at his face and pose makes you happier which in my opinion is always good art! This is one of my favorites.

    4. The Vampire looks better without fangs, I think you could get the effect you wanted if you could pull off something like his mouth being barely open enough to see his incisors.

    Great work on all the characters and backgrounds, keep it going! They are great fun to look at, Cliff!



    Somehow I missed a few pictures when I made the last post. So let me quickly add this…

    1. Great job on the Justin Case character (great name as well). I’m not sure I’ve seen torn clothing before, but I am fairly new here.

    2. Thor looks great as well. I’m not used to seeing that style from you and at first I actually thought someone else posted a picture in your thread, haha. Completely caught me off guard there. Again, a great picture of the might Thor!



    Wow making up for lost time?? really enjoyed Spyman both design and bio, Justin Case coloring super awesome



    POP QUIZ Skull Duggery

    Fabergé Sugar Skull
    a sugar skull (also called a calavera) made in honor of Peter Carl Fabergé

    For your enjoyment Mood Music:
    Gothic Music – Old Music Box



    I didn’t get to start on this till today 3PM my time
    It took me 2 hours to make.
    I made the Pop Quiz deadline by 4 minutes. WHEW!!

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    I showed my Faberge Sugar Skull to Bre
    and told her how I made the scroll work look 3-D by having one of them mid tone, another all yellow behind it 1 picel up for highlights
    and another one all black or brown behind that  and 1 piwel lower that the mid tone for shadow …
    She said “you are a pixel pixie”

    I LVOE IT. I wish it was my screen name insted of uninspired cliff!
    LOL 😀



    Thanks again for your gracious comments, I am honored.
    1. Thank, Rocketship Luna was fun.
    2. ‘That Asian background is in Background/Cityscapes, a retangle gradiant for the sky, and some clouds
    3. Knowing Justin McKinney  made you happier and being you favorite is probably the best compliment you could give me and him. 😀
    4. I honestly like him best without fangs. I think the glowing eyes and bloody mouth gets the point across. LOL
    –Yeah I love Justin Case character. Torn clothing is in Tops/Zombie
    –Yeah, metal and armor are not my faves. I havent got down metal shading yet, Better with flesh. But I was please with Thor. glad you were too.


    “Wow making up for lost time??”
    Yes actually 🙂

    Glad you liked Spyman, so even though he didn’t make it to the Pop Quiz he wasn’t totally useless.

    Thanks. Justin Case is a fave of mine.
    Which shirt did you like best?
    Open red plaid or torn blue?

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