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Ah… very cool.

K. Here is my next in the parade of “work in progress” files. I’ve really been focusing on getting more dynamic poses and lighting lately. This is one of the better-looking ones so far. The pose took *forever* to get down. So much trial and error on this one… I want to make the picture a lot darker overall, but have the light cutting through the trees very bright; going for lots of contrast. I’m also hoping I can make the forest look a lot more dense with foliage, lichen, flowers, etc. As always, suggestions welcome!

Edit: I’m wondering about the neck/head placement. I was trying to make it look as if she is peeking around the branch of the tree. Is the neck too thick? Should the entire head/neck be shifted to the right side of the image? I know something is off, but can’t quite put my finger on it…

Edit #2: I adjusted the neck a bit. Tried playing around with some foliage to add some depth of field and color. Not sure I can justify the flowers at the far bottom of the image, but I do think they create some depth of field. I like the bromeliad-looking plants in the split of the tree. I’ve been told they tend to grow in grooves up in trees can catch the rainwater as it falls from the tree branches. I wanted create something exotic-looking. I’ll have to play around with the colors… I also wanted to see what it would look like if I made an umbilicus for the character.