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Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve really gone on the forums! I’ve upgraded computers, so that will be my excuse for not finishing the previously posted pieces, but I have a bunch more in various states of completion. :) This one started as a test to see if I could make a dress like one I saw in a picture with the straps falling off the shoulders. I’m pretty happy with it even though I had to make several alterations. She was originally crouched down, but I couldn’t mask her dress well enough with her legs bent. She also originally had her right hand outstretched and I was planning on having it resting on a small dragon, with a spear in her other hand. I need to re-do the bloodstain that used to be around her cut dress and finish up the shading, but other than that I think it’s mostly done. Suggestions/critiques?Blinded-12-2.jpg