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So to complete my Clockwork team, I got a little creative with the inspirations behind my Nine O’ Clock character: the zodiac and the periodic table. If any of you are familiar with either of these, you’ll know that atomic number 9 on the periodic table of the elements is Fluorine, and the ninth sign in the zodiac is Sagittarius. Fluorine is a poisonous, pale yellow gas that, when added to metallic ore, lowers its melting point and thereby makes it easier to use in alloys. It just so happens that the Greek name for Sagittarius is Toxotes, and with Sagittarius being a centaur (an “alloy” of man and horse), it all seemed to fit together nicely. Plus my team didn’t have an archer yet. I also decided to place him in the same dimension as my Four O’Clock character, Tetra. Before I get into the new character, here’s a reminder of Tetra:

Tetra photo Timedrop23-4OClock_zpsd5e40ec0.png

Name: Tetra Ka’Li
Alias: Tetra
Race: Ka’Lian
Birthplace: The Vedanga Dimension
Powers: Four arms, Super-strength, High-density skin, Superior jumping ability, Skilled & ruthless fighter.
Bio: The Vedanga Dimension is no place for the average human. It is a land of savage mythical beasts and even more savage beauty. It is a place where demons and gods shed each other’s blood for sport, and what we call magic or fantasy can turn the most harmless of objects into a deadly weapon. It is also where the woman named Tetra Ka’Li grew into a powerful and ruthless warrior-queen whose legend spread even to our world, where our Hindu priests worship her as a goddess of destruction and rebirth. But in the last few days, Tetra has had to single-handedly (so to speak) defend her realm against unprescedented numbers of attacks by skeleton demons, whose very presence on her land has reduced its fields to rot and ruin, and cost the lives of hundreds of her people, who wither and die at the demons’ touch only to rise again and join the growing army of Pestilence.
Tetra recently received word from the Earth realm that the Horseman’s dark influence has reached our planet, that he had been summoned by a being of greater power than himself to wreak havoc upon the Earth. With the help of Dhanusha, the ruler of a nearby Vedangan kingdom, Tetra is able to reach Earth and ally with the Clockwork team against Pestilence and his growing army of darkness.

And with that, we move on to Dhanusha:
 photo Dhanusha_zps3d6709de.png
Name: Dhanusha
Alias: Sagittarius
Race: Sagittarian
Birthplace: The Vedanga Dimension
Powers: Amalgam Touch (can fuse with or adopt the attributes of any substance or creature by touch), Expert marksmanship with archery weapons (chiefly the crossbow), Alchemy, Skilled and ruthless fighter.
Bio: Another child of the savage Vedanga dimension, Dhanusha clawed and clamored his way to a position of monarchy in a ruthless land, uniting his people against foreign incursion and establishing a shaky alliance with the nearby Ka’Lian empire. But like Ka’Lia, Sagittaria soon fell to Pestillence and his skeleton army, leaving the two champions to stand alone against the horde of ruin incarnate, until an Earth realm priest sent word that Pestillence was no longer in Vedanga. As a master alchemist, Dhanusha was able to open the gateway between Vedanga and Earth, where he and Tetra would align with our planet’s greatest heroes against the Pestillence invasion and whatever higher power had summoned him.