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Back to the heroes for this next character. I finally figured out the costume for my Eleven O’ Clock character, settling on a playing card theme while keeping my original thought of a bo-master and incorporating Herr D’s ideas of an insane tech-based hero. I’m always in awe of things I can’t do, and I can’t twirl a bostaff to save my life, so I give you Mad Jack (no relation to the HM artist, and the Jack is the eleventh playing card in a suit, get it?).
 photo MadJack_zpsf5c66a75.png
Name: Jack Card
Alias: Mad Jack
Race: Human
Birthplace: Reno, Nevada
Powers: Can freeze time, Enhanced strength & reflexes, Control over Knavium, Wields twin Ferro-Knavium staffs.
Bio: Professor Jack Card was once a brilliant scientist, credited with discovering a rare Earth metal he dubbed “Knavium.” As Card would soon learn, Knavium is highly toxic in its purest form. When melded with iron, however, the result is a perfectly safe, nearly indestructible alloy.
Little is known of the effects of exposure to Knavium gas, but his prolonged experimentation with the element left Jack Card horribly disfigured, insane and blind in one eye. Unexpectedly the Knavium poisoning also gifted him with the ability to stop time. This little trick would come in handy later on, as he fought crime under the alias “Mad Jack,” although like himself, the talent would prove to be unpredictable at first, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours.
Mad Jack’s costume gives him enhanced strength and reflexes, as well as the ability to manipulate any object(s) in his vicinity that contain Knavium.
Mad Jack Card would later enter into a tenuous romance with the exiled princess Prima of Unaria, their relationship constantly tested by his reluctance to let her see his mutilated face, and by her inherent desire for rare metals. Mad Jack eventually joined Clockwork to be closer to Prima, in hopes that they could salvage their failing romance.