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This is my first attempt at making an insectoid character out of human parts, and I kind of like the results, although I’m looking for feedback and technique suggestions to improve the overall impression of the character. I decided to make Locust (representing the eighth plague of Egypt of the same name) a female insect demon because female insects are known to be more dangerous than the males, and Locust just looked better in development using female body parts.
Locust photo 8-Locust_zps2fabaf73.png
Name: Locust
Race: Insect Demon
Birthplace: Hell
Powers: Flight, Able to leap great distances/heights, Secretes a pheromonal poison that attracts locusts, giving her power over them (can also be used on human victims), can use her wings to fire sonic/concussive blasts while hovering.
Bio: Locust is an insect demon, and sister to the demon inhabiting the body of Aaron. Where he is a parasytic demon bent on destruction, Locust prefers to conquer and force her subjects to do her dirty work. She is immune to Lena Black’s second sight, rendering her invisible to the heroine. But she cannot fight while flying, so her swarm acts as her greatest offensive and defensive weapon. Both Aaron’s lice demon and Locust were pulled from the third circle of Hell by their Lord, who allowed them to unleash their gluttony (his for human flesh, hers for agriculture) upon the Earth, but encountered resistance from the remaining contingent of Clockwork heroes.
For various reasons, most of the heroes were able to withstand the consuming swarm unleashed by the two demons (Silver is a robot, Mad Jack is immune to toxins and can freeze time, Lady Icarus is an Angel, Shield uses dark anti-matter shields, and Rush can literally run circles around the swarm, disrupting their flight). But none was able to keep Locust from injecting her poison into Tetra. Locust had exercised her influence over human puppets before, but had never tried to infect a Ka’Lian, and now she knew why. The infected Tetra grew exponentially in size and power, becoming an uncontrollable and unstoppable force of rage that was too much for even Locust and Aaron. Tetra mercilessly ground her would-be masters into an unrecognizable pulp before turning on her friends.
Lady Icarus and Rush were able to get the rest of the team a safe distance from Tetra, and using her working knowledge of Hemotec (the term humans have coined for Angelic blood alchemy–the true name of the practice has been unpronounceable by the human tongue since the fall of Babel), Lady Icarus was able to fashion a seal from her and her teammates’ blood, and was able to survive against Tetra long enough to apply the seal and quell her rage. It’s unclear what the being’s endgame is to be, but I’m fairly certain He didn’t foresee having to deal with a Ka’Lian who has demon venom and Angel blood running through her veins.
Stay tuned as we get closer and closer to the epic conclusion of this Clockwork event.