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@Herr D said:

I expected the ‘magic 8-ball’ approach–a hero that makes useless predictions. Eight in billiards could reference his aim, his ability to bank shots, or the finality with which he acts. Or you could always go with the comic mistake–

“It’s NOT an EIGHT #$%^&*!. It’s an infinity on edge! It reflects my immortality and inability to relax.”
“It looks like an eight.”

Actually, I considered a more tech-savvy, omniscient take on the Magic 8-Ball, but am going to reserve those powers for my Ten O’Clock character, Deus X (he’ll be the Oracle-type character on the team). I’m also considering a next-generation Clockwork team featuring X’s daughter as 8-Ball. I need suggestions for 9 and 11, and then my original team will be complete.

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