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I just added a profile picture to my account, which comes from an early, pre-forum character of mine. IntroSpectre is kind of the “me as a superhero” character, although he is a much better computer programmer than I am. And psychic, too. So I re-made him as my first entry into the Psychics contest.
IntroSpectre photo Timedrop23-Introspectre_zps7480dcd5.png
Name: Albert Wilson
Alias: The IntroSpectre
Race: Human (but maybe not entirely)
Birthplace: La Mesa, California
Powers: Immunity from mind control, mind-hacking through eye contact (can also hack his own mind, opening up other power possibilities such as immunity from pain, enhanced strength, memory, senses, or anything else the human brain has an effect on).
Bio: Albert Wilson was once a shy Computer Science student working his way through college by bagging groceries at the local supermarket, where he also awkwardly pursued a relationship with his co-worker, Faith.
But everything changed when a single Decay walked through the front door, ultimately infecting everyone in the store except Faith (who later went missing), Albert (who survived an infection attempt by burning his own arm with lighter fluid), and their manager Jaime, who called the authorities but chose to make a final stand in his office, knowing full well that a desperate Albert was going to use the store’s propane reserves to blow up the building as a last resort against the rapidly spreading Plague.
Albert had earlier emerged victorious in a battle of wits against the mind-controlling organism. In the exchange, he put his theory into practice that the human brain was merely a sophisticated computer, and so forever firewalled his mind against the Plague’s influence.
But following his escape from the infected supermarket and subsequent evasion of the approaching authorities, it became evident that his contact with the Plague had instilled in him powers beyond his control. For instance, Albert discovered that by making eye contact with any given person (or animal, unfortunately), he could do what he called “introspection,” linking mind-to-mind and effectively hacking that individual’s brain for good or ill.
Like a surgeon however, Albert quickly learned that he had to tread lightly with whatever mind he found himself in; that he could literally become lost in thought, or if he failed to approach an introspection with finesse, he might risk destroying a person’s psyche or killing them altogether.
As Albert’s accidental victims began to pile up and word began to spread of more incidents like the grocery store explosion, a special police task force, led by Detective Rick Mitchell, were closing in on their prime suspect: Albert Wilson, a.k.a. “The IntroSpectre.”
Following several important events, including Albert’s five-year sentence in a mental institution (for arson, assault, the unexplained brain-deaths of over twenty people, and the disappearance of his “girlfriend” Faith Heller), his release into the custody of Detective Mitchell to assist in the Faith case, the global spread and horrifying evolution of what the CDC was calling the Hydra Virus, and the arrival of another parasitic race known as the Vax, an optometrist friend of Detective Mitchell’s would fashion a pair of glasses whose lenses were infused with Vax blood to dampen the effects of Albert’s IntroSpectre powers.