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Sorry, I’m a little behind (words you’ll never hear from J-Lo or Kim Kardashian) on my character posts. First, I’ll round out the Amalgam submissions by crossing Daredevil (Bart Hill) and Red Panther, two characters who have been ret-conned by their respective companies. Both have had white costumes originally (which I may use in the future to create a sidekick for the amalgam character), but I felt slightly more inspired by the newer red costumes, creating Red Devil as my ultimate amalgamation.
Red Devil photo Timedrop23-RedDevil_zpsbd3b22e8.png
He can teleport short distances, appearing and disappearing in a flash of red light, and has superior marksmanship skills with both the bow and arrow and the boomerang. Red Devil’s bow is actually made to transform into a boomerang at the push of a button.