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No shading on this one, but the Cat-Woman character gave me an idea to amalgamate her sidekick. Kit Weston (a.k.a. Black Kitten, Black Cat’s sidekick) crosses with Katie Conn (a.k.a. Kitten, Cat-Man’s sidekick) to make Katie Weston, who I got the idea to do a character progression shot of.
 photo Timedrop23-ThreeFacesofKatieWeston_zpsf795c53a.png
Center in the shot, we have Katie Weston as the amalgamated Kitten, Cat-Woman’s young sidekick, in a costume more inspired by the Black Kitten half of the amalgamation.
As we know from the Cat-Man and Kitten wiki pages, Katie Conn aged quite quickly in the course of Cat-Man’s run. So I did a more adult, more modern age (but still keeping the sexualizing to a minimum) look for Katie Weston that leaned more to Cat-Man and Kitten’s costume style. Thinking herself a bit more grown up, Katie now goes by the name Cat-Girl, in honor of her mentor and crime-fighting partner.
I also thought about what might happen to Katie Weston after Cat-Man’s ninth death, and where the guardian tigress spirit might go after her services are no longer required. So I elected to make Katie the host body for the Tigress, which Katie also adopts as her third superhero identity. Whereas Cat-Woman had developed her cat-like powers over a period of years, the newly mantled Tigress could channel her powers at will directly from her guardian spirit by touching the tiger symbol on her forehead. Her speed, strength, and agility while in a channeled state were many times greater than those of the late Cat-Woman. Unlike Cat-Woman, however, Tigress must theoretically be in her channeled state in order to survive a fatal wound (which she can do up to nine times). When not in the heat of battle–or when she’s just plain civilian Katie Weston–she presumably does not have access to her resurrection power. But with benevolent spirits, you just never know….