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I decided to keep the Clockwork coming with my One O’Clock character.

Name: Prima
Titles Held: Princess of Unaria, Captain of the Alpha Centauri
Race: Alien
Birthplace: The planet Unaria)
Powers: Adaptive muscle memory, superior marksmanship, ability to sense precious metals. Also carries twin energy blades and a variety of small arms and conventional bladed weaponry.
Bio: Prima was born to King Priam of Unaria, a planet-kingdom on the outskirts of our solar system. As silicon-based life forms, Unarians feast on precious metals, and can perceive these metals psychically in much the same way that we can smell cooked meat or rotten vegetables. Though both of our genders present in Unarian society, they reproduce asexually, giving birth to a single offspring at a time. As a result there is little genetic variation among them; all Unarians have yellow skin and blue hair and eyes, developing their individuality only through their style of dress (though as a desert planet similar to Mars, the only pigment available for dyeing cloth is red). As a consequence of their evolution into an efficient, self-sustaining monarchy, Unarians are born with an instinctive and adaptive muscle memory that allows them to perform even the most complex of behaviors after only a single observation.
But as you may guess, even the most perfect utopia is bound to collapse eventually. The chink in Unaria’s armor proved to be Princess Prima herself. From a young age, the future ruler of her homeworld was a restless soul. Not content to live a life of pampered seclusion that rested on the backs of a mindlessly indentured horde, Prima would one day use her coming-of-age ceremony as an opportunity to escape in her father’s personal cruiser–the only one on the entire planet–and live out her dream of traveling the galaxy.
As she was later hijacked by the pirate crew of the Alpha Centauri, the wayward princess had no idea of the repercussions of her actions. With a new cruiser at his command (not to mention a military force consisting of the entire Unarian populace), a furious King Priam would cut a swath of destruction throughout the known universe, causing the destruction of many inhabited planets, including Black Marble’s home planet of Mord’r.
Using her innate muscle memory, Prima was able to memorize and counter the fighting styles of everyone on board the Alpha Centauri, thereby earning her place as captain of the ship. Oblivious of the destruction happening in her wake, the newly appointed Captain Prima steered her crew throughout the galaxy, plundering the planets’ precious metals, until her extrasensory system led the Alpha Centauri to Earth, where her father had arrived in advance of her expedition and invoked a state of martial law to force her surrender.
The Alpha Centauri would be lost in the ensuing battle, but Black Marble and a legion of Earth’s greatest heroes eventually turned back the invasion.
The King would permit his (now disowned) daughter and the former crew of the Centauri to remain on Earth as ambassadors of peace between Earth and their respective planets.
Given their personal history, Prima and Black Marble would clash repeatedly over the years, until Prima was approached by Six L’Orange with an offer to join her Clockwork team.