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Glad to see my “Southern Victorian” dress made the Fashion Show poll this week. I feel unworthy, guys.
*Wayne’s World bow* to Trekkie for the shading and awesome face detail–so realistic!
*Wayne’s World bow* also to djuby for his creative use of items on the dress and that awesome face make-up. I’m almost tired of seeing you win contests, but this image shows all the reasons why you should.

Also noticed Six L’Orange, my Clockwork cabaret entry made honorable mention. The hair gap was somewhat intentional in that I was inspired by the strangeness of Clockwork Orange, but gave no thought to the physics of hair growth. As for the right hand, it’s a pose thing where she’s supposed to be (with some degree of sexual suggestiveness) pointing to her Clockwork number. Maybe a different sized hand? I tried having her hold various knives and polearms in that hand but nothing looked right with the tie and other elements in play.