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Thanks, Atomic Punk (I think)! I don’t know why my work comes off as creepy, but if people like it, I’m OK with that.
This next character in my “Bound” collection is based off of a fear of mine. I’m botanophobic, mainly regarding carnivorous plants and certain kinds of weeds. It all started with Super Mario Bros. I was okay with the first game because they just went up and down in pipes. Then SMB3 came along and they started spitting fire and walking and jumping, and I became extremely thankful for the Warp Whistles that let me skip World 4 (where they got enormous) and World 7 (which was dedicated to the damned things). After that they just got bigger and thornier and more heads and petals and tongues and…. *breathes into paper bag* And don’t get me started on the sunflowers in the Kirby games or the carnivorous plants in Turok and Resident Evil or the giant dandelions in Metal Slug 3 or the walking flytraps in Metal Slug 3 or the plant in Little Shop of Horrors or the singing vines in The Ruins or the man-eating fern that attacked Garfield the Cat. Actually, don’t get me started on anything resembling a plant with teeth and a mind of its own. I avoid sunflowers because they’re two feet taller than I am and I have the irrational fear that one will bend down and suck off the top of my head. I once saw a dandelion that was four feet tall, as thick as a pencil, and had a fluffball as big as my fist. If not for the fence and the distance between me and it, I would have been momentarily terrified at some impossible assault on my person.
So without further wuss-itude, I present a third Bound incarnation,

The Trapper
Bound Trapper photo BoundTrapper_zpsd2fed2d2.png