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Glad to see feedback happening once again. Here are the two characters I entered into the Color Coordination contest:

First, we have Black Marble, alias Queen Rivelle of the planet Mord’r.
Black Marble photo Timedrop23-BlackMarble_zpsfa24c3c2.png
As queen of an alien elven race, Rivelle inherited a pair of bracelets that allow the wearer to encase their body in an orb of dark light that, though it expands and contracts like rubber, is virtually impervious to non-magical weaponry.
While the orb is active, it allows the wearer of the bracelets to fly at high speeds and can convert the dark matter of space into a breathable atmosphere of their choosing. Theoretically, interplanetary travel can be achieved (perhaps even at warp speeds), but this is not recommended for those with low spiritual energy, as they could become stranded out in space with nothing to breathe.
Queen Rivelle had her threshold put to the test when a diplomacy mission to another planet left her homeworld vulnerable to attack. With no home to return to, Rivelle followed the spirit energy contrail of the attacking vessel to Earth, where she enlisted the aid of several of the planet’s finest heroes in turning back the invasion.
Queen no more, Rivelle must struggle with her new place in the Universe while defending her adoptive homeworld as the Black Marble.

Second, we have an action shot and an origin story straight from the mask-covered mouth of marooned meteorologist White Lightning (a.k.a. Janet Striker).
White Lightning photo Timedrop23-WhiteLightning_zpsf124e9d8.png
“Welcome to the jungle, baby. Ain’t no fun ‘n’ games here. Just erupting volcanoes and a giant black octopus that wants to suck the flesh off my bones. Unfortunately, so does everything else in this Godforsaken place. I mean, come on! Dinosaurs? Really? I thought those things were extinct. I guess even a badass scientist like myself can be wrong once in awhile.
My name is Dr. Janet Striker, and I’m a meteorologist. I was on a private jet from LA to Tokyo with my portable weather machine when the blasted thing went off, sending my plane crashing to this little speck of dirt in the middle of what I hope is still the Pacific Ocean.
Using the lightning generators I salvaged from my wrecked invention, I fashioned a pair of wrist-mounted shock blasters that, along with my wilderness training and insane gymnastic skills, have gotten me through just about every scrape I could possibly get into out here.
If I survive long enough to make my way back to civilization, I’m giving fair warning to whoever sabotaged my invention and crashed my plane: You’d better make yourself hard to find, because you never know where White Lightning will Strike next….”