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I’m skipping ahead a little in the Faith Heller story to bring you a new character. I created her with Zyp’s face tutorial in mind, and I’ve known what power I wanted her to have for a long time now, so I incorporated the portal tutorial as well, and tried my hand at shading for the first time. The result is Angel, a dimensional traveler on the run from the plague-like monsters who have overrun her world and turned it into a crimson-tinged wasteland.
Angel photo Angel_zps65200670.png
In her care is an ancient dagger of unknown origin that seems to be the only weapon left in her dimension capable of destroying the walking nightmares that are the dominant species on her Earth.
She may not look like it, but Angel is a warrior in the making. Exposed to the viral entity that turned her entire universe into a freakish menagerie, Angel was instead blessed and cursed with a quantum understanding of reality. When not being pursued by the Decay, the Mare, or other Bound humans like her, Angel uses her powers to peer into other dimensions in search of a reality the Plague hasn’t touched.
Ambushed by a group of Mare, Angel is left with no choice but to flee into our world, unfortunately bringing the Plague with her.