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For today’s entry into the Opposites Attract Contest, my submission was based on War and Peace, with my usual brand of wordplay. For the Peace character, I created Serene, using a technique I borrowed from one of last month’s COtW selections (sideways anime nose for closed eyes). There is a purpose behind her mask, that being evident in the War-based character Siren.
Serene & Siren photo Timedrop23-SereneampSiren_zpsef4e2b68.png
Serene is a white witch who shares her mind and body with a Shrike (a banshee spirit) named Siren, who escaped her war-torn dimension and came to Earth looking for a better life. Although a violent race by nature, Siren’s people believe that names are power, and in turn Siren believes that because of their similar names, she and Serene are soulmates.
Unfortunately, Siren’s time on Earth has shown her that many humans are just as quick to battle as the Shrikes, and frequently takes over Serene’s body in her haste to suppress conflict (which she does to the extreme, often killing her opponents and causing massive property damage before Serene can regain control).
So to keep her “soulmate” and herself calm, Serene engages in almost constant meditation. One day it may come to pass that Siren herself takes up meditation. Then perhaps the two can live as one in a state of perfect balance?