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One last entrant for the Public Domain Comics Contest (I was smart enough to do the comment post first this time)….
I noticed three heroes on the list this week that bore more than a passing resemblance to Marvel’s Captain America. So in my upgrade tradition of “Streamline and Kick More Ass,” I combined them as best I could into the patriotically paletted Three-Star General.
Three-Star General photo Timedrop23-Three-StarGeneral_zps4365fa44.png
Like TV Cap and Major Triumph, he has a symbol of his name on his forehead, and like Major Triumph and Rusty Ryan, he has three stars on his chest. The sectioning of the costume is mainly Cap-inspired, and (although you can’t really see it through the clone on the left) he has a wrist-mounted shield similar to Major Triumph (remember, TV Cap didn’t use a shield). The main difference is that unlike these World War copycats (and TV Cap as an unpowered city crimefighter), the Three-Star General is a high-tech war hero. I replaced Captain America’s silly ear wings with a dual Bluetooth headset that 3SG uses to coordinate the actions of his two holographic clones, which he projects from the discs embedded in his suit’s elbow pads. The throwing shield has been upgraded to a miniature UAV (or drone, if you prefer) that he can pilot at long distances through a virtual reality haptic rig built into the lining of his suit.
He is a decorated soldier with a shining history of hands-on field work, but before becoming the Three-Star General, Robert “Bob” Buchanan gained a quiet degree of fame as an ace drone pilot. He did his own drone maintenance, even on the software level, and used his spare time to perfect the tech that would become his Three-Star General costume.