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Apparently you have to read the rules before entering a contest. I was all hyped up to create this character so I could include it in FNF, but she doesn’t fit any of the categories. I suppose as a vampire-like creature she could fit the Undead Monster scenario, but she’s technically an alien bat and so not undead. I’ll just settle for sharing her with you guys and forget about the contest.
 photo Ekko_zpsd1a60b1b.png
Name: Ekko
Team Affiliation: Bodak Corps
Race: Nocterran
Birthplace: Desmodon
Powers: Bracelets that give her similar energy-manipulation abilities to those of Black Marble/Rivelle D’Mor. Nocterran abilities include preternatural hearing, flight, night vision, and a sonic scream.
Bio: Ekko’s home planet of Desmodon is a cavernous asteroid, the largest in its sunless system. Rejected by her family because they feared her pale skin (a rare Nocterran genetic abnormality that manifests at puberty) would draw the attention of Demodon’s native predators, Ekko was left to survive on her own and became a fierce warrior. She was recruited as J’Kal’s second-in-command when circumstances led him to investigate a plot by Desmodon’s religious leaders to free the then-alive Shadow King (whom they worshipped as a god) from his prison realm.
Ekko now accompanies J’Kal on his mission to Earth, where sunlight burns her flesh and renders her blind. She constantly wears a thin layer of dark energy over her skin, calibrated to also reduce the effects of sunlight on her night vision. But she is still relatively blind, and so must rely on echolocation and her advanced hearing as an alternate form of sight.