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I decided to expand Black Marble’s universe a bit, introduce what could be a new team, and create a character for the OS Energy Blaster contest. Meet J’Kal:
Name: J’Kal
Team Affiliation: Bodak Corps
Race: Anubian
Birthplace: Anubis Five
Powers: Bracelets that give him similar energy-manipulation abilities to those of Black Marble/Rivelle D’Mor. Anubian abilities include being able to sense danger and to make his body intangible.
Bio: J’Kal was chosen by the creators of the Bracelets to be the protector of his home planet, the asteroid known as Anubis Five, and its encompassing star system. He is an original member and commanding officer of the intergalactic federation known as the Bodak Corps. J’Kal was recently informed by his superiors that a pair of Bracelets that had been active in a nearby system (namely, ours) suddenly went dark. Accompanied by a small team of his most trusted Corpsmen, J’Kal made his way to Earth on a mission to ultimately apprehend Black Marble and return her to the Bodak homeworld for judgement and the subsequent removal of the Bracelet energy from her body by any means necessary. Before the Apocalypse comes, as Cerberus gears up for its personal endgame, before the time of Meridian arrives, Black Marble and the other Soul Survivors must face the Event Horizon….