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@JR19759 said:

I must say I laughed when I first read that description. Nice and unusual method of flying, I like it.

Glad you like my slapdash bio (and the Whirlybird that goes with it), JR. I tried to put a circular wind effect (using the bullseye aura) on her to show more motion, but wasn’t sure how to go about making it not look like a bullseye so I left it off. I’m still very pleased with the results.

Continuing my New Olympians team, here’s Jeffrey MacAbee, chosen mortal of Hephaestus:
Hephaestus photo Hephaestus-JeffreyMacAbee_zpsd1ec6d2d.png
Jeffrey was born deformed, an unfortunate side-effect of being marked with Hephaestus’ hammer. In addition to his facial deformity, as Jeffrey aged, his birthmarked left arm grew at a faster rate than the rest of his body, giving him superhuman strength and impressive alchemic abilities. Outcast like Scarlett and Trent because of his appearance, Jeffrey eventually came under the care of Era Zayas at the Mount Olympia school and learned to use his strength and alchemy for the betterment of society. Scarlett and Jeffrey would forge a lasting friendship (and more in later years) based on their kinship as social outcasts. Their son, Eric, would become a second generation New Olympian as the chosen mortal of Eros.