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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 46: Holy Moley

A personal note, the Reactor Core is on full meltdown. My mom is in a rehab facility after a stroke. I am staying at her house to upkeep. And Chloe Cat is unbelievably co-dependant. Apologies for the downer. But I am going to be more sporadic than before, given circumstance.

I’m going to skip to one of my early attempts for a perspective design: Underdark. Just for the upper. I like the fonts in this piece. The drow’s words a easy enough to read. To translate the Mindflayer’s response, peruse the “Runic” font.

Underdark: An ambitious Illithid violates an unholy temple of Lolth. He steps through the green smog. Then quickly dispatches the lowly male guard with a Mind Blast. Now he faces the High Priestess. The Illithid will become infamous in the Underdark. Or his blood will feed the temple spiders for as long as the Priestess wants him to suffer for his umbrage.