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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 43: Laborer

Design a blue collar superhero. I tried a lot of wordplay with this contest as well as more pop culture references.

“Demolition Man” is a tribute to the song by Grace Jones.

A Sandhog is an underground engineer or construction worker The term refers almost exclusively to those who work the networks beneath Boston. Most of you will recognize the “Looney Tunes” reference.

A more serious entry was The Wichita Lineman. Though he is inspired by the Glen Campbell song of same name.

  • Insulated suit protects from electricity, fire, and is near bulletproof
  • Insulated suit also amplifies electricity, using the Lineman’s own bio-electric charge for power
  • Copper wire bola voltage is modulated. It can mildly shock or punch a hole in a concrete wall
  • Grappling hook allows for access to high places, quick exits, and grabbing at a distance