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Character Contest 42: Another Brick in the Wall

Final entry for CC 42: Molly B Denum. Molybdenum, Element 42, is a soft, silver-colored metal used in the manufacture of ink, rubber, and plastic. What better element for a model turned cyborg? She is a villain from my GURPS Supers campaign but was a wholly different character. I gave her a reboot – new origin, new look.

Also, I introduced another Dr. Menudo. She started as an original character whom I created as a one-shot for CC 42 but have since expanded her role. More on Dr. Menudo when I get to Character Contest 53: Bad Guy. Hope you guys stick around for her. (And thanks for viewing my gallery thus far!)

Molly and Menudo are major characters in my meta-verse. Plus a pop reference to “Right Said Fred” in Molly’s origin. In my admitted laziness, I used flashlight items as floorlights.

Molly B Denum


Vain Molly “Mo” Beatrice Drozdoski wanted to be the next supermodel. She was dating a socialite who sent her career soaring. He was always secretive about what he did for a living. It didn’t matter to Mo. She was in demand. Fashion shows in Milan, New York, and Japan. Meeting the rich, famous, and powerful. Weekends in Paris. Mo was living the life.

Her boyfriend was none other than Alex Giancanni, son of Don Alessandro. Being the heir apparent of the infamous Philadelphia Giancanni crime family was dangerous enough, but Alex had ran up considerable debt. Rather than paying what he owed, he decided to take out his creditors.

After several “unsanctioned” murders, even Don Alessandro wanted Alex stopped. It was decided to settle Alex’s debts. Which was unfortunate for Mo, who knew nothing of her beau’s evil ways.

The car bomb destroyed the Lamborghini and killed Alex instantly. Mo survived. The Giancanni Family had bribed the ambulance crew to ensure that Alex was dead. They didn’t say what to do about passengers. The EMTs knew of a surgeon who paid good money for recently deceased patients.

Disgraced Dr. Tina Mendoza was that surgeon. She had a felony record, even spending a few years in Federal prison for her bizarre experiments. Dr. Mendoza was known as “Dr. Menudo” because most of her operations involved mixes of body parts and exotic materials.

Dr. Menudo was able to save Molly. She was delighted with her success. So much so, that she promised Molly a whole new body in exchange for certain services. Molly, still in shock and her mind warped by various experimental drugs, agreed. If nothing, she wanted revenge on those who took her career and her lover.

Now she is Molly B Denum (molybdenum), or simply “MO.” Mo has become amoral and indifferent. Due largely to the various drugs and experiments that Dr. Menudo continues to administer. However, she is angry not just for the loss of her life, but her looks.

Her cybernetic parts enhance her strength and durability. Though not as powerful as some “bricks”, she is able to punch through concrete walls, lift cars, and ruin anyone’s day. Dr. Menudo often contracts Mo to supervillains who are in need of no-questions-asked muscle.

Dr. Menudo is actually trying to grow a clone of Mo. Not to make good on her promise, but to conduct other experiments. The enhancements that she ocassionally gives Mo are cosmetic. Trading the metal exterior for biomechanical improvements, giving the illusion that she is restoring Mo’s humanity. Dr. Menudo controls Mo through drugs and microchips. She has not decided whether she will let Mo leave after she is no longer useful.