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Character Contest 42: Another Brick in the Wall

With Golem, I wanted to create the illusion of bullets that had smashed into the creature’s body. One oversight is the dog’s all-white eyes. Golem was created by a mystic. Maybe the dog is enchanted, too. The silent movie Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920) inspired this design.



Rabbi Antal was a peaceful man until the Nazis tried to shut down his Warsaw bakery. He collected special red clay under their noses. When he amassed enough, the Rabbi called upon ancient arts to give the statue life.

Antal is now a resistance leader with a golem at his command. The golem is mute. He only obeys his master. He neither feels pain nor bleeds. His body merely absorbs bullets. Rabbi Antal has enough red clay to repair any serious damage.

Golem’s clay body is malleable. Because he is not sentient, he cannot truly shape-shift. However, Golem is a singular creature. He is able to contort his body to fit through larger pipes and slide down chimneys. Which makes him a rather effective assassin.