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The Atomic Punk

Experimenting with Harlekin’s anime / manga tutorial.

Rebecka: Apróra Vágott
Rebecka: Chopped

“We see that you have been attending court regularly, Erzsé. Have you been reviewing the war’s progress with the Generäle? And what did the Agriculture Minister project for the harvest?”

“Yes, Mommy… I mean, my Empress. The Generäle report a victory on Anu. Your army located and razed a settlement of nuppa on the southern continent. They captured 745 females and collected 2,037 potential reproductive samples. The Minister expects an excellent yield. She credits the revised planting season.”

“You are on the correct path, Princess. For fulfilling your obligations, we return your nuppa.”

“Thank you, most generous and wise Császárné. No… what did you do to her, Mommy?!?”

“Just a reminder that the Empress holds the power of life and death.”

“Poor Cica…”