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The Atomic Punk

Character Design Contest ♯41- Fashion Show

Some may know already that yours truly is a mech pilot. I won’t lie. It’s a rush. However, not all decisions are made on the front lines. Decades ago, Haus Moßburg entered an alliance with Tatsu Kabushiki Gaisha (TKG, the Tatsu Corporation). Under the treaty’s merger clause, the first born of both the Kaiser and the CEO enter into a union. That would be me, Captain of the 8th Advance Squadron, representing Haus Moßburg and my counterpart Ambassador Taiho.

Aside from defending our interests, I have to put up with one cold witch and all the pageantry and ritual. Taiho made a power play at the most recent Moßburg Exposition and Review. We had chosen our presentation months before the event. At the last minute, Taiho insists that I wear a dress with no compromise. To make my displeasure known to all, I refused to re-dye my hair.

Controversy ensued. Director Ryu even threatened to cancel our order for the Tatsu-maki heavy mech. The Kaiser countered by signalling a withdrawal from the Himlen System. Taiho and I reconciled publicly. If this were a domestic contract not a political alliance, I would have it nullified. Instead, I’m trying to make this union work. Plus, I can’t wait to test that Tatsu-maki.

Our original presentation


Taiho’s proposal



My act of defiance