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The Atomic Punk

Thanks, Lightningsword.

Okay, so I have seemed to lost where I was at in my retrospect. Hopefully, I don’t repeat anything that I have already posted.

Return Of Friday Night Fights!

I am a huge fan of Friday Night Fights, though I never make it past Round Two. FNF is a showcase of what you can create with HeroMachine. This FNF was centered around character archetypes. For Round 1, we designed a “Play-In” Character. That is, whatever you wanted then go head-to-head. The winner advanced to the next round.

For my Play-In, I used one of my favorite designs knowing full well that my other characters were weaker. At the very least, my Play-In would get “face-time.” Here she is:


“Pilotin” is the German word for “female pilot.” This is a depiction of a member of the military caste from my Three Sisters saga. The story has been off-and-on, re-written, scrapped, re-written again, etc. for a long time. A personal nitpick with this character: German is the language of the military caste. The read-outs on her display are written in Hungarian, which is the common language in my saga.