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The Atomic Punk

Character Design Contest #20 “Hero Machine 2.5″

The Jade and her archenemy Totenkopf. This is an early version of The Jade from my Champions days. Champions is why I sought a program like HeroMachine in the first place.

She has gone through several re-writes. Originally, she was simply powersuit with no explanation as to how she acquired such advanced technology. As she developed, she became a middle-age angel of justice. The Jade is one of my most ambitious creations and core to my meta-verse.

Totenkopf is still evolving. I had created him as a sort of “Red Skull with wings”. Then he morphed into the flight suit of a mercenary clan in my mecha-verse. As the time of this post, his role is still undecided. Whether he remains as The Jade’s archenemy has yet to be decided.

The Jade